Alignment: Unprincipled
Disposition: Generally friendly towards most people unless her master or they give her a reason not to.
Race/R.C.C.: Pneuman
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’ 1"
Weight: 150lb
Appearance: Slim and fairly attractive, hair seems ethereal, A tattoo of reminiscent of a magic seal on the back of her neck as part of a choker like tattoo that goes around to the front and has a blue tear/waterdrop on the front and a tattoo of a coiled whip that appears to be made of water on the front of her left shoulder. She is always wearing simple sapphire earrings in the shape of a water drop.
O.C.C.: Adventurer
Level of Experience: 1
Current Experience: 0/2,100
Attributes: I.Q 24, M.E 18, M.A 16, P.S 13, P.P 24, P.E 24, P.B 21, SPD 30
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 10% to all skills, + 2 save vs psionics and insanity, + 4 to strike, parry and dodge, + 18% save vs coma/death + 5 save vs magic/poison, 55% Charm & Impress
Hit Points: 30
S.D.C.: 69
Horror Factor:
P.P.E.: 28
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 4
Combat Bonuses: + 4 strike parry and dodge, + 6 pull punch, + 2 roll with impact
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 8 Perception, + 6 save vs HF, + 2 save vs possession, + 7 save vs magic + 5 save vs poison, + 23% save vs coma/death
Natural Abilities:
Mantle of Water: Swims at 120mph, turn invisible in water, impervious to lasers, MD attacks inflict half damage (electricity deals double damage), can fit though keyholes and cracks. Duration 1 minute per level. combat bonuses: + 1 Initiative, + 1 strike, + 1 parry and dodge Can carry up to 500 pounds and at – 2 to strike with weapons other then elemental weapon. MDC 50 + 10/level cost: 10 PPE
Marks of Heritage: Mark of Service: Has a magical seal on back of neck.
Elemental Weapon: whip covered in water.
Elemental Kinship: Can intuitively sense the presence of elementals. by concentrating for one melee round the character can detect any Pneumen within 1,000 foot radius, but cannot pinpoint the exact position or type. Merely sense the presence. True elementals are easier to sense (instinctive and automatic) and their presence can be confirmed within one mile of the character along with their general direction. Greater elementals and elemental gods are impossible to ignore and the character suffers a – 3 on all perception rolls when within five miles of such an entity and can pinpoint their exact location and type effortlessly. This ability does not allow the character to detect mundane elements.
Speak Elemental: May concentrate for a melee round and spend 4 PPE to gain the ability to speak and understand the strange telepathic language of elementals with 98% accuracy. Furthermore, so long as an elemental shares the character’s type they may attempt to eavesdrop on an elementals “thoughts”. The elemental must make a save vs. Psionics or their “mind” becomes an open book and each round the Pneuman spends concentrating he can acquire one piece of useful information.
Swimming 98%
Dowsing 60% + 5% per level
W.P Whip
Impervious to Elemental Possession
Special O.C.C. Abilities
Castaway/Shipwreck Survival 39% + 3%/level
The Devil’s Luck:
Locate Secret Doors & Passageways: 50% + 5%/level
Recognise forged artifacts: 36% + 4%/level
Underground Direction Sense: 30% + 5%/level
O.C.C. Skills
Language: Mero 98%
Language: Atlantean 75% + 3% per level
Language: Gobbley 75% + 3% per level
Barter 55% + 4% per level
Radio: Basic 70% + 5% per level
Climbing 65%/55% + 5% per level
Pilot: Sail Boat 85% + 5% per level
Navigation 65% + 5% per level
Gemology 50% + 5% per level
General Repair 60% + 5% per level
Land Navigation 61% + 4% per level
Spelunking +15 60% + 5% per level
Wilderness Survival 55% + 5% per level
W.P Knife
W.P Rifle
HTH Expert
Literacy: Mero: 50% + 5% per level
Sensory Equipment: 40% + 5% per level
Basic Mathematics: 55% + 5% per level
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Find Contraband 36% + 4% per level
Intelligence 57% + 4% per level
Astronomy and Navigation 45% + 5% per level
Flag signalling: 28% + 6% per level
Secondary Skills:
Cryptography 39% + 5% per level
Ropeworks 40% + 5% per level
Etiquette 45% + 5% per level
Sign Language 35% + 5% per level
Research 50% + 5% per level
Magical Knowledge:
Spell Strength:
Psionic Powers:
Armor: Light alchemically treated leather armour (36 MDC)
Weapons: FA 303 ‘Defender’ Lever action Rifle + 1 strike 3D6 MD or 5D6MD against robots. 800ft range. single shots 8 shot payload reloads at 2 shells per melee action, Alchemical treated Knife + 4 strike, + 5 parry 1d6 MD, Light Whip + 4 Strike 1d6 SD cannot be used to parry
Equipment: Wardrobe of adventuring outfits, One Pneuma Prism, Sturdy leather belt, 3 small puches, a collapsible ironwood stick (6MDC), Small coin counting machine and a backpack loaded with: A mess kit, a tinderbox, ten torches, seven days of rations, pitons, boot tips, gloves, five climbing harnesses, a first aid kit, 3 large sacks and half-gallon canteen, 50 feet of rope, two daggers and a rifle strapped to the pack, 200 rifle rounds
Money: 127 gold


Tia as a young girl loved puzzles and had a knack for exploring areas, as a result she was trained how to go about exploring areas properly and safely. Part of her training was to examine items to tell which one was real and which one was fake, and how what procedures to go through to appease her master and how to defend him/her. Years past and without showing disdain or disgust she met her new master a Marduke who she started to serve using her intelligence and abilities.


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