Bronson Duck

The Ugliest Duckling


Archetype: Trickster although insists on taking the duties of a mentor
Alignment: Anarchist (Selfish)
Motivation: Get somewhere to put his shit
Disposition: Is extremely confident in his own abilities and self-worth. He dedicates an extreme amount of passion towards the task at hand, regardless of what that task may be. It is a shame that 90% of the time, his energy is devoted to mentally tormenting others.
Race/R.C.C.: Mutant Duck
Sex: Male
Age: 5
Height: 4’11"
Weight: 369 lbs.
Appearance: A bipedal duck with no tail nor wings. Both his arms and legs have been replaced with Bionic versions. His is covered with yellow feathers, dulled with dust and dirt. His eyes are incredibly intimidating although not by intention. Unlike your average duck, Bronson’s beak is lined with dozens of large teeth, reminiscent of a horse and his top half of his beak is bent upwards.
Home Dimension: Rifts Earth
O.C.C.: Partial Cyborg Soldier
Level of Experience: 1
Current Experience: 0
Attributes: I.Q. 11, M.E. 18, M.A. 21, P.S. 26 (Augmented), P.P. 26, P.E. 26, P.B. 2, Spd. 70 (49 mph, 58 m/action; Double leaping)
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 2 save vs psionics/insanity, 65% trust, 65% intimidate, + 11 damage, + 6 strike/parry/dodge, + 22% save vs coma/death, + 6 save vs poison/magic
Hit Points: 28
S.D.C.: 51
M.D.C.: None for the main body, limbs are listed below. 310 for armor with an additional 20 via Telekinetic Force Field
Horror Factor: None.
P.P.E.: 5
I.S.P.: 46
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 6 ( + 1 with Energy Rifle)
Combat Bonuses: + 7 to Initiative ( + 3 with Energy Rifle), + 6 to Strike, + 1 to Ranged Strike ( + 2 with Heavy M.D. Weapons, + 1 with Rifle, – 2 while driving, + 6 aimed and + 5 called shots), + 9 to Parry, + 13 to Dodge ( + 2 while driving), + 11 to Damage, + 9 to Disarm, + 8 to Pull Punch, + 9 to Roll with Punch, Knockout on a natural 20
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 1 to Perception, + 3 to Save vs Psionics, + 7 to Save vs Magic, + 6 to Save vs Poison, + 4 to Save vs Insanity, + 4 to Save vs Possession, + 9 to Save vs Horror, + 22% to Save vs Coma/Death
Natural Abilities:
1. Float: Effortlessly floats on water, even while sleeping
2. Water Repellent: Resists cold, rain and snow
Special O.C.C. Abilities
1. Immunities: Telemechanics and Mind Control
2. Vital Points: By spending one extra attack on any action, any one of the following bonuses may be provided. + 3 to strike on a called shot, + 3 to disarm, + 4 to pin/incapacitate, knockout on a 16-20 or critical strike on 18-20
1. High Technology.
O.C.C. Skills
Language: American at 68%
Language: Euro at 50%
Literacy: Euro at 30%
Math: Basic at 45%
Radio: Basic at 45%
Sensory Equipment at 30%
Computer Operation at 40%
Find Contraband at 31%
Military Etiquette at 35%
Pilot: Motorcycles at 70%
Pilot: Tanks and APCs at 46%
Weapon Systems at 35%
Climbing at 40%
Swimming at 50%
S.C.U.B.A. at 50%
Vital Points: Organic
Combat Driving
Resist Torture
W.P.: Paired
W.P.: Rifles
W.P.: Energy Rifle
W.P.: Heavy M.D. Weapons
W.P. Sharpshooting; Energy Rifles: Dodge and come up shooting
Hand to Hand: Commando
O.C.C. Related Skills:
W.P. Trick Shooting: Fire a two-handed weapon one-handed without penalty
Steady Nerves
Secondary Skills:
Magical Knowledge: Depends on the situation. Technically nothing but he will make something up on the spot.
Spell Strength: None
Psionic Powers: Animal Control, Animal Speech, Hypnotic Suggestion, Natural Mechanical Genius, Techno-Mind, Telepathic Listening, Telepathic Transmission, See Aura (6), Electromagnetic Energy Blast (6 or 40) TK Force Field Auto Defense (20)
Insanities/Side Effects:
Mania: The character is highly motivated, positive about himself and admires his abilities and capabilities. He is endlessly energetic (hyperactive), but ignores his own limits and makes rash, impulsive decisions. Becomes perturbed by criticism or any suggestion of inadequacy and blames others for his mistakes and shortfalls. Penalties: -1 on Perception Rolls and -10% on skill performance (both because he cannot stay focused on any one thing, and is easily distracted and bored), but is +1 on initiative and +1 to dodge.
Compulsive Liar/Cannot Tell the Truth: Lies about big and little things, even if of a good alignment. Can’t help himself. Most lies are harmless, but they can be annoying and can get the character and his teammates into trouble.
Brain damage: Reduce I.Q. by 25%, but the character is impervious to all forms of mind control, + 4 to save vs magic illusions and + 4 to save vs horror factor.
1. MI-B2 Medium Infantry Armor: 310 M.D.C., -15% prowl (Currently worn)
2. LE-B1 Light Espionage Armor: 135 M.D.C., no prowl penalty
1. Two TX-46 Particle Beam Rifles: 1D4x10 + 8 M.D., double damage on a natural 19 or 20, 1400’ range, 24 shot payload, + 1 strike on aimed shots.
2. Two TX-75 Grenade Launchers: 2D6 + 2 M.D. to a 12’ radius, 2000’ range, 30 shot payload, + 1 to strike on aimed shots.
3. Tx-17 Assault Rifle: 4D6 M.D. single round or 1D4x10 + 4 per 3-round burst, 1200’ range, 105 round payload.
4. TXD-01 Deep-Sea Sonic Beam Rifle: 5D6 M.D. underwater, 2D6 on land. 300’ range underwater, 80’ on land, 40 shot payload. 1/3 of the damage is additionally inflicted the the occupants of any light or small-sized ‘bots, power armor, body armor, and small vehicles.
Equipment: 4 spare ammo drums, each with 30 Fragmentation RPGs; 4 spare ammo drums, each with 105 pump shells; 12 spare E-clips, Survival Knife, 6 flares, cloak, tinted goggles, air filter, flashlight, cigarette lighter, pocket magnifying glass, pocket mirror, 100’ of heavy cable, small portable tool kit, two utility belts, knapsack, backpack, 4 small sacks, 2 large sacks, 2 canteens, 36 sticks of gum, personal items
Money: 4,000 credits + 39,500 for repairs/upgrades

Bionics: All with hardened circuits

Left Arm: Hand: 25 M.D.C., Forearm: 25 M.D.C., Upper Arm: 35 M.D.C.
Pneumatic Punching Jackhammer Arm with Hydraulic Hammer Hand: 2D6 + 3 ( + 2D4 with Knuckle Blades) M.D. Punch damage, 50% chance of knocking down human-sized opponents
Retractable Knuckle Blades: Adds 2D4 M.D. to punch damage
Weapon Rod: Neural Mace: Extends from wrist, inflicts 1D6 + 3 M.D. when used with Jackhammer Arm. 6 attacks per hour

Right Arm: Hand: 25 M.D.C., Forearm: 25 M.D.C., Upper Arm: 35 M.D.C.
Cyber-Shield: A buckler that clamps onto his forearm. 40 M.D.C.
Mekanikal Vibro-Blade Multi-Weapon Arm:
3D6 M.D. underarm Vibro sword, + 1 strike and parry, + 2 disarm
2D6 M.D. laser, 1600’ range, unlimited payload, + 1 to strike on an aimed or called shot

Legs: Foot: 10 M.D.C., Leg: 45 M.D.C.
Legs of Leaping with Cyber Jet Nodes: Leaps 150’ high (195’ with a running start), 300’ across (390’ with a running start), can hover up to 100’ in the air for 1D4 minutes, doubles speed when leaping.
Medium-Sized secret compartment: one in each leg

Cosmetic/Sensory/Body Bionics:
Combat Computer: Allows two firearms to be fired at the same target without penalty
Toxic Filter: Renders the Cyborg immune to gases
Oxygen Storage Cell: Can hold breath for 30 minutes
Gills: Breathe Underwater
Amplified Hearing:
Recognize specific sounds and voices at a base skill of 35% plus 5% per level of experience.
At 75 feet (22.9 m), sounds as quiet as one decibel, softer than a whisper, can be heard.
At 150 feet (45.7 m), sounds as quiet as 10 decibels, a whisper, can be heard clearly.
At 360 feet (110 m), sounds in the normal conversation range of 30 decibels can be heard as if the character was standing only a few feet (one meter) away.
At 1000 feet (305m), sounds in the range of 70 decibels (heavy traffic) can be heard as if a few feet away.
Language Translator: 98.7% accuracy with only two speakers, 70% accuracy up to 6 speakers, only 22% accuracy if 7 or more people are speaking. Languages include: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Dragonese/Elvin, Gobblely/Faerie Speak, Demongogian, Russian, Mongolian, Egyptian, Oceanic, Greek, Cetacean, Quechua, Pucara, Blucie, Ixion, Techno-Can and an Auto-tune function.
Multi-optic Psynetic eye:
Telescopic: 4-8×30 magnification, range: 6000 feet (1829 m).
Laser Distancing: 6000’
Macro Lens: 2x to 20x magnification, range: 3 feet (0.9 m).
Passive Nightvision: 2000 foot (610 m) range.
Thermal-Imaging: 2000 foot (610 m) range.
Light Filters: Reduces glare.
Targeting Display: Imposes cross-hairs on a target, adding a bonus of + 1 to strike with any ranged weapon.
See the Invisible: Includes entities, elementals, energy beings and those invisible via magic. Range: 120 feet (36m).
See Astral Beings: Can see Astral beings which are normally invisible to other psychics. Range: 20 feet (6m) + 5 feet (1.5m) per level of experience.
Reinforced Metal Bones: Bones are unbreakable
Spiked Tongue: Tongue has several spikes on it, reducing speech capabilities by 10%


Bronson is a mutant duck of Doctor Bastardstro’s creation, inspired on an otherwise uneventful day in which Bastardstro had enough spare time to perform his favorite hobby: torturing innocent animals. Bronson was chosen as his subject partly because he was a cute, fluffy duckling which ordinarily would be enough incentive on its own, and partly because he looked far too blissful in his animalistic ignorance of the world. Bastardstro wanted to give him the intelligence he needed to be able to realize exactly how shitty it is to be a duck.

The mutation went fine enough but it wasn’t enough to satisfy Bastardstro’s streak of cruelty. He couldn’t have the bird enjoying the freedom of flight, so he removed his wings and replaced them with Bionic arms. Not quite finished, he also opted to replace his legs with Bionic versions, because Bastardstro was too ashamed to admit he found the duckling’s waddle endearing. Removing that waddle was a simpler solution than coming to any form of self-realization.

Sufficiently proud of his efforts, Bastardstro left the Duck to be trained by his other mutants in order to both find a practical use for him beyond satiating his own urges, and let him enjoy the gift of intelligence for a time. With his project temporarily on hold, Bastardstro left the duck to his own vices and the whims of his mutant subjects and continued his psychotic crusade.

Months later, Bastardstro overheard Bronson talking to his fellow mutants about the philosophies relating to being a duck. Although Bastardstro easily dismissed it as pure nonsense, it was still a clear indicator that Bronson was ready for phase two of his torture.

The gift of intelligence might be enough to help one understand their lowly position in life, but it is still a gift. A gift Bastardstro had always intended to take back once Bronson showed he appreciated it enough. Back on the operating table, Bastardstro renewed his passion in torturing this formerly blissful duck and did so with the use of Psynetics. Uncaring of the nature of the Psynetics, Bastardstro’s only intention was to impart the side-effects, most importantly: brain damage and insanity. The procedure now complete and his sadism now satiated, Bastardstro looked down on his victim with a look of smugness that could only be replicated by the gods… Or so he thought. The supposedly demoralized creature laying on the operating table before him looked back up with a smug look of his own, rivaling the best efforts of Bastardstro himself. Ironically, the Doctor that was trying to ruin his subject had accidentally instilled the Affective Disorder of Mania. The duck that was now supposed to be fully aware of his own failings, had become a creature with an unparalleled sense of self-worth.

Enraged by the persistent smugness exhibited on the face of Bronson, the Doctor sought to wipe it away the only way he knew how; Bronson’s stint on the operating table was far from over. Bastardstro installed some over-sized teeth within the beak of the duck, with the intention of using them to prevent that unforgiving facial expression from being possible. It may have worked, but Bastardstro came to a new realization that was perhaps even worse than the creature of pure smugness he had created: The duck now looked terribly ugly. Too ugly for even Bastardstro’s deranged mind to accept. Unwilling to spend his days staring at such an ugly creature, Bastardstro continued his operations, in the hopes of mitigating the damage he had done. The first course of action was hammering the external parts of his M.O.M. implants into Branson’s skull – although Bastardstro usually enjoyed deforming his creations, it was simply too much on this hideous beast and if the procedure was to accidentally kill the duck, that would solve the issue too. Not satisfied with that, the Doctor found a new remedy which he was proud of to the utmost of degrees, a remedy of which only a man of his supreme intelligence could ever devise. With a bit of effort, Bastardstro managed to permanently wedge Bronson’s upper beak up at an almost 90 degree angle, so that his own features could hide that disgusting thing Bronson referred to as a face. Although it helped conceal his deformities, the effect was far from positive. In fact the wrongly-angled beak just proved to be another horrifying deformity added to the mix and another aspect for the Doctor’s psyche to complain about relentlessly.

In one last ditch effort to salvage the creature he had inadvertently created, Bastardstro resorted to a technique he would normally think too far beneath his intelligence to ever consider, but his options were dwindling with every attempt. A few staples later, the procedure was complete and all of the Doctor’s issues now resolved. The brown paper bag stapled over Bronson’s face may have been crude, but it was certainly effective, at least for a moment. As quickly as Bastardstro’s familiar look of pretentiousness returned to his demeanor, it was replaced with a look of horror of equal speed and severity. The brown bag collapsed around itself, being swallowed inside the mouth of Bronson who had chosen to tear it off and eat it, using nothing but his tongue. In one final moment of spite, Bronson responded with a surprisingly eloquent but equally obnoxious “Quack”, not the sound of an animal but a perfectly pronounced and vocalized word of defiance.

Finally, Bastardstro had given up on Bronson. His inability to salvage that face which he could not stand to look upon coupled with a level of smugness which the duck seemed quite capable of conveying even with his limited expressive faculties, proved too much for the Doctor’s brilliant mind. In a moment of defeat never before experienced by the Doctor, he waved Bronson along, half-heartedly instructing the mutant duck to go out and kill some endangered species or something. After two days of hunting nothing, never sure what was endangered or not, Bronson returned to the laboratory to find the entire thing had been packed up and moved.

Bronson Duck

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