The Machine Protector


Archetype: The Adventurer
Alignment: Principled
Motivation: To find his rasion d’etre and to prove to humanity that him and his race are just like them and don’t need to be feared.
Disposition: Usually very calm and compassionate to all good people, but tends to get very pitiful of those who are too ignorant to realize that he is a living creature just like they are; even if he is made of metal. Hates those who prey on the weak and innocent with the fiery passion of a thousand supernovas.
R.C.C.: Machine Person
Sex: Male
Age: 11
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 308lbs (140kg)
Appearance: In his normal form, he takes the appearance of a tall, hairless humanoid with iridescent blue metallic skin. His eyes glow faintly with a cool cobalt blue hue. His body is perfectly toned but is remarkably lacking genitals of any type. To infrared scanners he shares a similar heat signature to his surroundings, often blending into his environment.
Level of Experience: 01
Current Experience: 0000
Attributes: I.Q. 19, M.E. 20, M.A. 18, P.S. 25, P.P. 20, P.E. N/A, P.B. 21, Spd. 26 (19 base)
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: P.S. and P.E. are considered Robotic; full strength punch does 1D4 M.D., + 5% to all skills, trust/intimidate 50%, charm and impress 55%, + 3 to strike, parry and dodge.
M.D.C.: 363 + 1D6 per level of experience.
Horror Factor: 10.
P.P.E.: None. Has no sign of life except for his sentience and a machine spirit.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 05
Combat Bonuses: + 1 to initiative, + 3 to strike, + 3 to parry, + 3 to dodge, + 3 to pull punch, + 3 to roll with impact.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 3 to save vs horror factor, + 3 to save vs insanity, + 4 to save vs magic, + 6 to save vs psionic attack.
Natural Abilities:
Metalmorph: Requires metal compounds to initiate. Takes 1D6 melee rounds to activate or deactivate.
Armour-Up: Can reinforce his body with additional metal plating, giving the Machine Person an additional 1D4*100 M.D.C. Adds 2D6 inches to their max height and add an additional 1D6*100lbs to their weight.
Buff-Up: Strengthens the Machine Person’s structure with interwoven nanite mesh. Adds + 10 to P.S.
Body Modification: Can lengthen and contract body parts including torso, from half its dimensions to up to 3 times it’s normal length. Horror Factor 12 for people who aren’t used to this process.
Weapon Integration: Melds with a hand weapon such as a sword. Weapons that are integrated are at + 1 to strike and parry.
Machine Melding: Can interface with machines and computers. Gains pilot skill at + 15% and if it is a power armour or robot gains Combat BASIC and Combat ELITE in the unit interfaced with. Can splice into machines and once the Machine Person is interfaced with it, no other force can re-establish control from the Machine Person while he remains connected. Also gains a + 15% to all computer rolls.
Power Weaponry: Any weapon can be powered from his body’s fusion reaction.
Regeneration and Repair: Can regenerate 1D6 M.D.C. per minute up to 20 times per 24 hours. A Machine Person requires to eat 1kg of metal per week for general repairs plus 1kg for every repair action used. A fed and healthy Machine Person can use a full regeneration cycle without more metal immediately but will require the consumption of more metal soon. If M.D.C. is reduced to zero, then the robot falls into a coma while it activates emergency repair procedures. 10 M.D.C.
can be repaired per 20 minute period until it reaches a positive value. If the Machine Person falls below – 100 M.D.C. it is utterly destroyed.
R.C.C. Skills
Language (Native): Trade 4 (American) at 98%
Language (Other): 75% + 3%
Language (Other): Techno-can 75% + 3%
Computer Operation 65% + 5%
Literacy (Native): Trade 4 (American) 45% + 5%
Computer Programming 45% + 5%
Maths: Basic 65% + 5%
Maths: Advanced 65% + 5%
Mechanical: Robot 35% + 5%
Electrical: Engineer 40% + 5%
Mechanical: Engineer 30% + 5%
Radio: Basic 65% + 5%
W.P. Energy Pistol
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
R.C.C. Related Skills:
Computer Hacking 35% + 5%
Computer Repair 45% + 5%
Demolitions: Disposal 65% + 3%
Jury-Rig 55% + 5%
Locksmith 45% + 5%
Paramedic 45% + 5%
Prowl 30% + 5%
Ropeworks 50% + 5%
Salvage 55% + 5%
Sensory Equipment 40% + 5%
Secondary Skills:
Astronomy and Navigation 35% + 5%
Climbing 45%/35% + 5%
Excavation 40% + 5%
Fire Fighting 30% + 5%
W.P. Sword
Magical Knowledge: None, but is highly resistant to magic.
Psionic Powers: None, but is highly resistant to psionics.
Invulnerabilities: Machine People are impervious to vaccums, poisonous/toxic atmospheres, toxins, drugs and radiation.
Armor: RAIKO R-1001 Battle Suit (remodelled Old-Style Dead Boy; 80 M.D.C.)
Weapons: Ranged: Wilks 237 ‘Backup’ Laser Pistol (Custom), 4 tear gas grenades, 2 Flashbang grenades.
Melee: Neural mace, Vibro-Saber, Silver-Plated commando survival knife, Wilks Laser Sword.
Ammo: 9 spare E-clips.
Equipment: 10 1kg iron bars (for food), two red flares, double-barrelled flare gun with 6 green phosphorous flare rounds, silver cross, six wooden stakes and a small mallet, demolitions multi-tool, first-aid kit, can of quik-clot, RMK robot medical kit, pocket laser distancer, portable language translator, two walkie talkies, two sets of handcuffs, battle harness, air filter & gas mask, combat uniform, double breasted suit, backpack, knapsack.
Money: 1070 credits.


Being a member of the mysterious Machine People, Delta was always fear but respected wherever he went; even in his hometown of XXXXX. Never truly understood or accepted in the small town where he ‘grew up’ he was tolerated due to his usefulness as a defender and as an engineer for the small town who only needed to pay him scrap metal for his services.

Although to many this type of life may have seemed a massive waste of the potential that a Machine Person has, Delta was aware of his race’s past and knew that a peaceful life was a rare thing for one of his kind to have so he cherished it and everything about it. Even though he was feared by the people around him, he held love and compassion for the humans there for he knew that they only feared him because they feared what they couldn’t understand. He would be their guardian and protector until such time as his power core faded and he became one with the machine spirits once more.

But alas as if destined to occur this way, the life of a machine person can never be so simple. As time went on behind his back there was a movement against his benevolent gaze as the idea of tolerance gave way to misguided human supremacy. They moved on him during the night in when he was out patrolling the town border. Armed with all the weaponry that the small town could muster, the radical human supremacists threatened to destroy him if he did not leave and never return.

This betrayal struck Delta more than words could ever truly describe; how could s many people who loved and protected hold such grievous hate for him? Had he not been good enough for them? Was there something that he didn’t realise? These questioned burned into his cybernetic core as he was faced with the prospect of either exile or the utter destruction of those who wounded him so cripplingly. He knew that he could kill them all, they did not stand a chance against him, even in the large numbers they surrounded him with. But he could not raise a finger for even though they betrayed him and his benevolent love he could not kill his kin. With a devastated heart he took his final steps out of the town, never to return to the place where he was banished from. This would be his parting gift to the people he once called friends.

Now with nowhere to go back to, Delta searches for a reason to exist. He knows that there is evil out there and people that need to be saved and protected from it; maybe that is his true calling. Regardless of what it is, he will not stop until he finds it or dies trying. The machine spirits will guide his mechanical soul to the place where he truly belongs.

Personal Quirks and Secrets:
Delta will only purchase Wilks laser weaponry and will either sell or give away other brands that he finds because Wilks weapons remind him of the weapons that his parents use to wield. Although this may seem like a pointless sentiment; to Delta this is the only way he knows of to keep his parents memories alive.
Much like his parents and many other ‘free’ machine people; Delta fears the return of the Machinists (if they even still exist in exile), and will do anything in order to stop their return. These monsters created his race for the sole purpose of the genocide of others. This cannot be allowed at any cost.


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