Dr. Elizabeth Tanner

Freelance Scientist


Archetype: The Adventurer.
Alignment: Unprincipled.
Motivation: To become CCW-wide famous scientist and get herself the financial backing to employ scientific research teams into the areas of neugenics (in regards to the genetic abnormalities that are rampant within the Thundercloud Galaxy) and the development of cutting-edge ‘space-folding’ drives which she hopes will replace the inefficient FTL-systems currently used.
Disposition: Often quite cheerful and positive, Lizzie hates when people consider her a sub-par scientist just because of her looks.
Race/R.C.C.: Human
Sex: Female.
Age: 24.
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110lbs.
Appearance: A very petite and attractive woman with bright red hair and emerald eyes and fair skin.
O.C.C.: Rogue Scientist
Level of Experience: 1st level Rogue Scientist.
Current Experience: 0,400/X,XXX.
Affiliations/Factions: Freelance researcher for the CCW’s Discovery Corps.
Attributes: I.Q. 26, M.E. 15, M.A. 12, P.S. 07, P.P. 10, P.E. 11, P.B. 20, Spd. 10.
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 12% to all skills. 50% to charm/impress.
Hit Points: 12
S.D.C.: 32
M.D.C.: None, except via armor or magic.
Horror Factor: None.
P.P.E.: 11.
I.S.P.: 20.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 04.
Combat Bonuses: + 4 to perception, + 2 to pull punch, + 2 to roll with impact.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 to save vs disease, + 2 to save vs horror factor.
Natural Abilities: All human ones.
Special O.C.C. Abilities Analyze:
Find the Exotic:
Recognise Scientific Authenticity And Quality: Base Skill: 69% + 3%
O.C.C. Skills
Language (Native): Trade 4 at 98%
Literacy (Native): Trade 4 87% + 5%
Language (Other): Trade 6 82% + 3%
Language (Other): XXXX 82% + 3%
Language (Other): XXXX 82% + 3%
Literacy (Other): Techno-can 77% + 5%
Astronomy and Navigation 62% + 5%
Computer Operation 77% + 5%
Electronics: Basic 62% + 5%
Find Contraband 48% + 4%
Math: Basic and Advanced 87% + 5%
Pilot: Automobile 82% + 2%
Radio: Basic 67% + 5%
Recycle 62% + 5%
Salvage 67% + 5%
W.P. Energy Pistol
Hand to Hand: Basic.
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Artificial Intelligence 62% + 3%
Astrophysics 62% + 5%
Biology 62% + 5%
Chemistry: Basic 62% + 5%
Computer Programming 62% + 5%
Cryptography 62% + 5%
Lore: Galactic/Alien 52% + 5%
Medical Doctor 82%/72% + 5%
Pathology 62% + 5%
Photography 62% + 5%
Navigation: Space 62% + 5%
Research 67% + 5%
Xenology 82% + 5%
Zoology 82% + 5%
Secondary Skills:
Climbing 52%/42% + 5%
Mechanics: Basic 44% + 5%
Pilot: Jetpack 54% + 4%
Wardrobe and Grooming 62% + 4%
Magical Knowledge: None.
Spell Strength: -
Psionic Powers: Minor Psychic. Machine Ghost (12), Mind Block (4).
Vulnerabilities: -
Birthrights: Exceptionally Brilliant (2), Type-O Blood (1). ONE MORE LVL 3 or lower!
Armor: C.C.W. Light Armor (80 M.D.C.: Full Environmental).
Weapons: Melee: Vibro Knife, Survival Knife, Laser Scalpel.
Ranged: HI-10 Heavy Laser Pistol.
Ammo: 2 E-clips.
Equipment: Clothing and Apparel: Lab coat, dress, spare casual clothes, exploring jumpsuit, sunglasses and polarized goggles. Backpack, knapsack, utility belt.
Communications and Sensors: Notepad with Pens, Pocket Audio Recorder, 12 spare discs, Digital Camera, Laser Distancer, Tape Measure, Multi-Optics Band, Handheld Radio. Also has a portable computer with a micro-printer.
Misc.: Pen flashlight, large flashlight, hand pick (1D4 S.D.C.), zippo lighter, bottle of perfume, electronic insect repellent.
Survival: Canteen, gas mask, air filter, deluxe first-aid kit (with palm bio-scanner, suture gun, can of quik-clot and protein healing salve), 5 M.R.E. ration packs and 20 meal bars (for exploration missions).
Vehicles: None to start. Wants a jetpack.
Money: 2000 universal credits and 11450 universal credits worth of tradable goods.


After a wave of plagues and unusual happenstances occurred amongst the outer CCW planets, the CCW realised they did not have the scientific manpower to combat things in case of a pandemic or spree of anomalous activity.

To combat this while not overspending on CAF personnel, the CCW administration thought it best that there was the creation of a splinter group of the Discovery Corps composed entirely of freelance scientists. These scientists are often hired to do explorative work on hostile worlds as well as working on non-classified research projects; often working as glorified lab assistants.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanner was one such ‘Freelance Scientific Specialist’ assigned to an outer-reaching CCW space base within the Thundercloud Galaxy. Her exceptional intellect combined with her unabashed zeal quickly made her a promising candidate for full-time employment within the CAF Discovery Corps. For many people that would be a great opportunity, however Dr. Elizabeth Tanner (‘Lizzie’ to her friends and peers) sought for something more. She seeks to prove herself and be granted CCW funding for a number of ambitious but possibly ground-breaking research. Unfortunately due to the expensive nature of these projects and the fact that she is only a freelancer, all of her project ideas to date have been rejected.

Lizzie only sees 2 solutions to her issue. The first is that she needs to prove herself to the CCW either with her actions for the CCW or by providing comprehensive and irrefutable evidence that her theories are correct and are deserving of the funding she requests. OR she can continue as a freelancer and try to get herself onto an expedition and try to amass enough personal wealth herself to fund the research projects herself.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanner

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