The Politician that Rejected the Devil


Archetype: Commander
Alignment: Scrupulous (Good)
Motivation: To lead Lemuria to prosperity and enlightenment
Disposition: Outwardly Gobi is extemely confident, always believing he knows best in any given situation. On the inside, he has doubts but will refuse to let anyone witness them, believing that his example will help others find their own inner strengths. He is willing to sacrifice himself in any way for the sake of the people he cares about, or Lemuria as a whole.
Race: Lemurian
Sex: Male
Age: 20 (Physically 19, Gobi lives beneath the Ziggurats in an effort to extend his life as close to as infinity as possible)
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 210 lbs
Appearance: Extremely pale skin with long, pure white hair that he wears in a top-knot. Slender and chiseled, Gobi does whatever he can to present himself well, wearing traditional accessories in his pants/shirtless combo that the average Lemurian would overlook.
Home Dimension: Rifts Earth
O.C.C.: Politician
Level of Experience: 7
Current Experience: 32,425/41,200
Affiliations/Factions: Council of Mu, Children of Iméra
Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 23, M.A. 27, P.S. 29 (Supernatural 30 in armor, 20 with Octo-arm, 51 while super, 7 after burnout), P.P. 19 (22 while super, 16 after burnout), P.E. 20 (23 while super, 17 after burnout), P.B. 24 (25 when dressed to impress), Spd. 35 (67 while super, 30mph in armor) (Double Swimming) (29.2/21.9 meters per action with/without octo-arm equipped)
Attribute Bonuses: Skill Bonus + 7%, Save vs Psionics + 4, Save vs Insanity + 6, Trust/Intimidate + 92%. Damage Bonus + 14, Strike/Parry/Dodge Bonus + 2, Save vs Coma/Death + 10%, Save vs Poison/Magic + 3, Charm Impress + 75%
Hit Points: 70
S.D.C.: 65
M.D.C.: None; 357 via armor (Regens 3D6/hour), 1550 via super transformation (Regens 2D6+12/hour)
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 34 (180 while super)
I.S.P.: 72
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 6 (+ 2 in armor, + 2 with Octo-Arm, + 1 while super)
Combat Bonuses: Initiative + 2 (+ 6 Sixth Sense, – 1 after burnout), Strike + 4 (+ 3 with Trident + 4 with Sword, + 1 in armor, + 2 while super, – 1 after burnout), Damage + 14 ( + 1D6 with Sword, + 22 while super, – 14 after burnout), Entangle + 2 (+ 4 with Octo-Arm, + 2 with Trident, + 1 while super, – 1 after burnout), Parry + 8 (+ 2 in armor, + 1 with Octo-Arm, + 1 Swimming, + 3 with Trident, + 4 with Sword, + 2 Sixth Sense, + 1 while super, – 1 after burnout), Dodge + 8 (+ 3 Sixth Sense, + 1 Swimming, + 1 while super, – 2 after burnout), Disarm + 4 (+ 2 in armor, + 1 with Octo-Arm, + 1 while super, – 1 after burnout), Pull Punch + 5, (+ 3 in armor, + 1 while super, – 1 after burnout), Roll with Punch + 6 ( + 1 while super, – 1 after burnout), Critical Strike on a natural 18-20
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: Perception + 1 ( + 2 involving nature, + 2 while underwater and in armor, + 1 while super, – 1 after burnout), Save vs Psionics + 4, Save vs Magic + 3 ( + 1 Dark Seed Amulet, + 1 while super, – 2 after burnout), Save vs Insanity + 6, Save Vs Poisons/Toxins + 5 ( + 1 when fully covered in Armour + 1 with Octo-Arm, + 4 while super, – 2 after burnout), Save vs Disease + 2 ( + 1 when fully covered in Armour, + 1 with Octo-Arm, + 7 while super, – 2 after burnout), Save vs Possession + 4 ( + 2 Amulet, + 1 while super, + 3 vs the Spirits of Envy), Save vs Horror + 0 ( + 2 Amulet, + 1 while super), Save Vs Coma/Death + 10% ( + 5% with Octo-Arm, + 16% while super, – 5% after burnout), Charm: 90%, Impress: 106% (100; + 15% Vs the residents of Lemuria), Trust/Intimidate: 92% ( + 15% Vs Lemurian Nobles) and Resistance to Cold.
Natural Abilities – Lemurian:
1. Life Sense: 55’ radius, 57% success rate (+ 5% underwater), adds + 5% Tracking, hunting and Identify plants/fruits. Requires one melee preparation.
2. Animal Empathy
3. Ultrasonic Communication: 2000’ range underwater, 400’ on land
4. Regenerates HP/SDC and PPE twice as fast on a ley line
5. Swims 25% faster on a Ley Line
6. Nightvision 100’
7. Keen Sense of Hearing
8. Resistant to Cold
9. Depth Tolerance: 1 mile
10. Breathe Underwater
11. Heals Twice as Fast as humans
12. Fatigues at half the usual rate
1. Superpowers: Super-Powerful. Seven minute duration, becomes an MDC being with increased bonuses and attributes (above), with the following physical bonuses: keen hearing, exceptional vision, nightvision 200’, can read a street sign from one mile away, Lift/Carry twice as much as normal, fatigues at 10% normal rate, Impervious to disease, heat and fire. Cost: For seven hours after the transformation, Gobi cannot recover I.S.P. or P.P.E. and he suffers a “burnout” effect, reducing his attributes and bonuses as above.
2. Noble Blood: The character was born into nobility or is otherwise descended from someone who makes them important in court or in local politics. The character himself may or may not have any sway in how a kingdom is run and by no means are they next in line for the throne (for that see the First Born birthright). However, they are significant within their own right. Bonuses: + 15% to invoke Impress among those who recognise the character’s social standing. Penalties: The character is a valuable hostage and may find their life sometimes burdened by their responsibilities.
O.C.C. Abilities:
1. Friends in High Places: Has 9 well positioned friends in society that owe him a favour.
2. Glibness: 81%
3. Influential
4. Suave and Debonair: The character comes across as charming, smooth, confident, likeable and a gentleman with manners.
5. Taunt: 75%
O.C.C. Skills:
Language: Lemurian at 110% (98)
Language: Oceania at 110% (98)
Language: American at 111% (98)
Language: Dragonese/Elvin at 95%
Literacy: American at 92%
Literacy: Lemurian at 98%
Mathematics: Basic at 139% (98)
Swimming at 97%
Management at 77%
Link with Psychic Knowledge Banks at 98%
Dance at 82%
Play Musical Instrument (Violin) at 87%
Heraldry at 92%
Horsemanship: Aquatic Animals at 71%
Military Etiquette at 92%
Puzzle & Strategy Games: Chess, Go, Shogi, Backgammon at 67%
Wardrobe & Grooming at 116% (98)
Business & Finance at 102% (98)
W.P. Sword
W.P.: Trident
Hand to Hand: Expert
Glibness at 81%
Taunt at 75%
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Etiquette at 87%
Public Speaking at 117% (98)
Boxing (3)
Secondary Skills:
Lore Demons at 67%
Lore Faeries at 62%
Sign Language at 62%
Research at 77%
Performance at 74%
Mythology (2) at 62%
Athletics (4)
Magical Knowledge: None
Spell Strength: N/A
Psionic Powers: Major Psychic (Save vs Psionics; 12 or higher). Psi-Powers: Speed Reading (2), Total Recall (2), Telepathy (4), Sixth Sense (2), Summon Inner Strength (4), Empathy (4), Mind Block (4)
Vulnerabilities: None
1. Bone Trident: 3D6MD, 400’ range, double ended, returns when thrown, retracts to only 2’ long when not in use.
2. Tentacle Sword: 2D6+1 MD, + 3 disarm, + 3 entangle, – 3 to be disarmed by an opponent
3. Octo-Arm: Nautilus: 36 MDC, tentacles have 12 MDC, regenerates 1D4/hour. Bonuses: + 2 Attacks per melee, + 4 Entangle, + 1 Parry, + 1 Disarm, + 10% Climbing/Rappelling, Provides a SN PS of 20 (3D6SDC on a restrained punch, 1D6MD on a full strength punch), Can change its own and the wielder’s skin colours to blend into the environment, equal to a + 15% to the Camouflage, Prowl and Tailing skills, Bio-Regeneration: The Wearer regenerates 1D6 SDC/HP per hour while worn and is + 1 save vs Poison, Toxins, Disease and + 5% Save Vs Coma/Death
Coral Bio Armor:
●Head: 120
●Hands: 90
●Arms: 180
●Arm Blades: 60
●Legs: 220
●Main Body: 357
Statistical data:
●Supernatural P.S.: 30
●Speed: 30 mph swimming or running
●Power system: Magic; requires 25 P.P.E. per day
●Dimensions: 8.5’ tall, 2.6’ wide, 3.5’ long, 600 lbs. heavy
Weapon Systems:
●Coral Burst: 1D6x10 + 6 M.D., 1000’ range, 60 shot payload (renews every hour), + 3 to strike
●Retractable Arm Blades (2): 5D6 M.D.
Hand to Hand Combat:
●Damage: 5D6 S.D.C. with a restrained punch, 3D6 M.D. with a p[unch or headbutt, 3D6+2 M.D with a kick, 3D6+2 M.D. with a body block/ram and a 60% chance of knocking an opponent up to 15’ tall down (-1 action and init)
●+ 2 attacks, + 2 perception when underwater, + 1 to strike, + 2 to parry and disarm, + 3 to pull punch.
Special Features:
●Razor Coral: Twice per hour can ripple coral protrusions along the body for a 1 minute duration. When in effect, any hand to hand attacks against the armor reflect 50% of the damage back to the source. Any attacks with melee weapons have their damage reduced by 20%
●+10% to Prowl and Camouflage skills in coral reef environments.
●Regenerates 3D6/hour, double at a ley line or coral reef, triple at a nexus or pyramid
●Can only be destroyed by bringing it to -100 MDC, otherwise retracts and heals as normal
●Depth Tolerance: 4 miles
●All Terrain Functionality: + 3 save vs Toxins/Gas/Disease when armor is sealed, + 2 when not
●One Hour Air Supply
●Climate Control
●Can Speak Clearly when on land or within water
●Concealment: Can retract to cover only 25% of the body, typically the chest and back. Takes 1 melee action to extend over the remainder.
Equipment:Dark Seed Amulet: Gives a bonus of + 1 to save vs magic and absorbs the first spell directed at Gobi every 48 hours, Protection Against the Supernatural Amulet: A heavily adorned, gold bracelet (worth 5,000 credits in its own right) that gives a bonus of + 2 to save vs horror and possession, Psycorder, traveling clothes, fine clothing, formal wear, backpack, 3 small sacks, 1 bottle of expensive wine, carton of cigarettes, cigarette lighter, personal items, 5 Carat Emerald worth 80,000, Wooden Cross, 1 lb of Salt, Datapad with Anne Rice Novels, Teleportation Belt: must hold breath to function, 120 acres of rural land (spread out/divided up however the character chooses), spacious and luxurious quarters fit for a prince within the Royal Annex of the Master Ziggurat, 5 Sea Saber War-Steeds and 2 Serpent Seahorses, all of the highest quality; residing within the royal stables
Money: 1,040,393 credits plus savings (400,000/month salary)
Account Name: Foxtail.
Account Type: Business.
Bank Name: Lemuria Trust.
Bank Location: Mu, Lemuria.
Bank Fees (per annum): 7 credits per year.
Interest Rate (per month): 0.37% (0.2035% after tax)
Interest Due: 24th of each month.
Current Savings: 12,100,000
Withdrawel Availability: Unlimited although only for business expenses.
Secondary Access: None.

Account Name: Savings.
Account Type: Personal.
Bank Name: Lemuria Trust.
Bank Location: Mu, Lemuria.
Bank Fees (per annum): 5 credits per year.
Interest Rate (per month): 0.41% (0.2255% after tax)
Interest Due: 24th of each month.
Current Savings: 541,200
Withdrawel Availability: Limited, any month a withdrawel is made comes at the expense of that month’s interest.
Secondary Access: None.

Account Name: Everyday.
Account Type: Personal.
Bank Name: Lemuria Trust.
Bank Location: Mu, Lemuria.
Bank Fees (per annum): 3 credits per year.
Interest Rate (per month): 0.1% (0.055% after tax)
Interest Due: 24th of each month.
Current Savings: 2,000,000
Withdrawel Availability: Unlimited.
Secondary Access: None.

Name: Foxtail
Type: Bar, Cutting Edge
Description: The two-story complex is a mixture of art-deco sophistication and rock-star glitz where entertainment industry insiders mingle with eager partygoers. The lower floor serves as a restaurant advertising continental European fare, while the upstairs functions as a classy lounge with a small dance area and different DJs nightly. Make an early dinner reservation, and later in the evening wind down with young starlets at the inlaid marble bar on the second floor.
M.D.C.: 1,500
Location: Mu, Entertainment District
Area: 3 acres.
Max Capacity: 140 and 800 in an open-air parking lot.
Appeal: Desirable; The location is exquisite and sports a healthy reputation. It is well advertised, well-situated, and on top of the competition (at least in the local area). Occupancy: 70% of max capacity (98 people).
Market Value: 10,806,800 credits.
Average Sales (per month): 13,200,000 credits
Operating Cost (per month): 1,100,000 credits
Yearly Costs (109 P.A.): 1,100,000 credits
Yearly Revenue (109 P.A.): 13,200,000
Currently Unclaimed: 12,100,000 credits.
Special Features: Shelter: Advanced, Security: Advanced, Landing Pad (1), Sprinklers (1; main building), Open-air Parking Lot (1), Boosted Productivity, Voice Recognition Locks.


Gobi is a perfectly normal kid… Only superior in each and every way and thanks to some great parenting techniques, he is absolutely certain of it. As am upper-class Lemurian of Mu, Gobi received a top of the line education and and even more top of the line education at home. His home schooling consisted primarily of proper etiquette and how to deal with family business. The most important lesson: If a man speaks, it is because he is right, if a woman speaks, it is because the man was wrong to let her speak.

With such a marvelous education, it was clear Gobi would one day be a man of importance in Lemuria although, that was far from his wish. Gobi had always looked on the Sentinels soaring the skies with absolute awe, for surely nothing could ever compare to the rush of traveling at such speeds, never knowing if it was your destination or death itself hiding around the corner. Gobi’s studies, nor the promise of a grand future could ever impress him in the same manner as those sentinels as they flew about without a care in the world. Being a sentinel was his dream and it was one he would obtain at the greatest expense, for joining the military in Lemuria means giving up one’s title and all claims to nobility. Regardless of Gobi’s wishes, the wishes of his parents or the wishes of society as a whole, Gobi’s future was controlled by fate, or perhaps even something much more sinister.

Gobi’s life as the perfect child was rudely interrupted during one of his yearly visits to receive medical treatment, by an unforseen temporal event. Ripped through the dimensions and perhaps time itself, Gobi found himself on a deserted island with a group of other children. After a series of trials and tribulations, Gobi successfully lead the children (some of the children) back to civilization and the loving arms of their families. Befriending many in the process, earning the lifelong trust and admiration of both friends and former enemies alike. He also earned the eternal animosity of the architect of Gobi’s fate, a rather easily offended Black Peter and his two cronies that proved more tolerant to bullshit. His encounter with the three would forever change his destiny and inspire the boyish Gobi to mature before his time was due. The frenzy of adolescence too unimportant for a man with enemies like Gobi’s, he exchanged it for research and the knowledge necessary to protect himself from further intervention.

Feeling sorry for his ostracized friends who’s parents did not welcome them back as eagerly as Gobi’s, Gobi spent the first few months back in society trying his best to keep Suri and Michael’s lives as carefree as possible. As he became more acquainted with Suri, he soon realized that she was not the monster his senses declared her to be. This made her persecution all the more frustrating. It soon became apparent that one Lemurian was not enough to keep his friends from feeling the sting of alienation. Gobi tried in vain to recruit more sympathizers to Suri’s cause by introducing both her and Michael to his other island friends: Eli and the Sarahs, whom he had recently reconnected with in order to claim the meal he was promised, offer gratitude as appropriate and express his genuine affection. It did not go well. After a few months almost entirely dedicated in his attempt (and failure) at keeping their lives as pleasant as possible, he gave up and dedicated his time to things of more importance: his fear of Black Peter’s retribution.

Believing any form of defense is impossible without complete knowledge of what he is up against, Gobi dedicated his free time to researching the three and the Old Ones that he believed them to be. Regardless of his dedication, his study did not last long. Gobi met an unexpected roadblock in his research by being accosted by the Lemurian authorities who found his research to be very alarming and even going as far as accusing him of being corrupted into Demon worship by Suri.

For the first time in his life, Gobi felt betrayed by his country. Not only did they find perfect justification in persecuting an innocent young girl, but they seemingly found it quite reasonable to deny a scared young man the right to seek the knowledge he needed to stave off his own demise. Rather than let the imperfections of Lemuria challenge his patriotism, Gobi found a better solution – he would take it upon himself to eliminate those imperfections and restore Lemuria to the flawless state that it had previously been. Knowing that a humble Sentinel could never incite change, Gobi made the hardest choice of his young life: he chose to forgo his dream of flying through the air at supersonic speeds for a more influential course of action. He was going to study hard in the hopes of becoming a politician, so he could make the grandest nation on the planet, that tiny bit grander.

Gobi’s studies continued to dominate his days until his first yearly check up, when opportunity presented itself. Noticing Cygnus among the kids waiting to get serviced by the Doctor, Gobi came upon a realization: If any child had cause to share Gobi’s paranoia of Black Peter, it would be Cygnus who managed to piss him off to an equal extent. That was a realization that proved fruitful. After a short exchange, the pair agreed to assist each other in their research, sharing resources and information pertaining to the three and the Old Ones; Bonding through mutual paranoia. Cygnus proving himself not only an excellent resource for information but an invaluable ally during Gobi’s escapades on Tritonia.

Gobi’s new alliance was all-consuming. He barely even noticed the departure of Suri and Michael, their absence made even easier by Gobi now having the means to remain in constant contact. His means being via Cygnus and his ability to open a communication Rift. That was a power Gobi exploited to great extent – he actively made keeping in contact with the children from the island a high priority. Some kids he felt genuine affection for and enjoyed their conversation, others he conversed with purely for the reason of wanting to be informed should anything unnatural and which could be contributed to the three would occur in their lives.

Gobi’s tireless efforts in his studies, his research (via Cygnus) into the Old Ones and his interest in the lives of the island kids, continued for the entirety of his years, only ever halting when outside forces felt the need to intervene in his life, which sadly was a far too common occurrence for an already too committed young man.

Gobi’s normal routine of study broken by an inordinate number of Sixth Sense triggers, it was obvious something was wrong. Unsure of the identity of his assailants, all he could do was evade and hope for the best. Unusual for Gobi, his best wasn’t good enough. After several hours of ducking through Lemurian alleys, eventually he ran out of psychic energy and his Sixth Sense finally stopped functioning and his attackers were finally revealed. Embarrassingly, the group of shadowy figures managed to subdue Gobi, kidnapping him like he was some kind of child.
Awakening in a laboratory like some kind of experimental animal, Gobi’s sense of pride took over, compelling him to escape the humiliation, freeing himself and his fellow captives in the process. Escaping what was revealed to be a Tritonian hospital only revealed more depth to the Tritonian corruption and an increased level of danger only a rogue government could present.

Once again Gobi found himself imprisoned, this time it was by the very people Gobi hoped would help: The Police Force. The depraved officers kept him under lock and key, never once offering him food or any form of communication. As if single-handedly setting out to prove the theory of relativity, Gobi made the assumption that he had been locked in that cell for 19 years, 42 days, 8 hours and 11 minutes, only managing to survive without food and water due to his superior Lemurian genetics. Unwilling to spend a 20th year in the corrupt hells of Tritonia, Gobi messaged Cygnus asking for his help. The young Sorcerer complied and although reluctantly, he welcomed Gobi to his home. The facade of safety was a short one, the hells of Tritonia were not done with the innocent Lemurian.

In sheer mockery of Gobi’s resolve, the technological hell attacked him once again. Almost grateful for a target to take his frustration out on, Gobi single-handedly (with a little help) defeated the fruitless onslaught of machines, inadvertently protecting the corrupt government in the process. Sadly the attacker’s folly was the use of Dolphins in his attack, Gobi would have much preferred the weakness be in the machines which Gobi had never been fond of.

Unwilling to forgive the transgressions he suffered at the hands of Tritonia, Gobi pushed for one simple solution: an alliance between them and the Lemurians. The plan being that such an alliance would be a powerful tool for change and would make easy work of weeding out the corruption within Tritonia. Gobi’s assistance in the endeavor propelled his political career in a way that his father’s money couldn’t even begin to equal. His remaining years have been spent as a Junior councilor, learning the ropes until only recently becoming elected as a full-fledged official. Although he seems a Lemurian only concerned with the prosperity of Lemuria, thoughts of Black Peter are never far from his mind.

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