Jaqen Inaw'o

Cosmic Avenger


Pronounced: Ja-Kin In-Na-Woe
Archetype: The Champion
Alignment: Principled (Good)
Motivation: To serve the Megaverse; To protect its residents and teach them to protect one another.
Disposition: A Philosophical Warrior. Although he is ready to act on impulse if the situation calls for it, he prefers to spend an inordinate amount of time studying any situation to ensure that not only is he doing the right thing but that he is doing the right thing right.
R.C.C.: Altess (Human)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (was 17 before becoming a Cosmo-Knight)
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 244 lbs.
Appearance: Out of his armor, he is a chiseled man with tanned skin and long dark brown hair. He usually prefers to wear his armor at all times, hoping to act as a symbol for inspiration. His armor is of a very fanciful design made seemingly of gold, with blue trimmings.
Home Dimension: Anvil Galaxy
O.C.C.: Cosmo-Knight
Level of Experience: 3rd level Cosmo Knight
Current Experience:5,650/10,800
Affiliations/Factions: The Cosmic Forge
Attributes: I.Q. 13, M.E. 22, M.A. 18, P.S. 52 (supernatural), P.P. 24, P.E. 22, P.B. 11, Spd. 62 (43 mph; 62 meters per action) running; 2,283 mph (3,291 meters per action) flying
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 4 Save vs psionics, + 5 save vs insanity, 50% trust/intimidate, + 37 damage bonus, + 5 strike/parry/dodge bonus, + 14% save vs coma/death, + 4 save vs poison/magic, + 120’ throwing range, carry: 5720 lbs., lift: 11440 lbs.
Hit Points: 116
S.D.C.: 107 (A.R. 15)
M.D.C.: 306. Bio-Regeneration: 1D4 × 10 per minute
Horror Factor: 12; 15 to evil beings
P.P.E.: 250
I.S.P.: None
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 5 (+ 1 in Zero Gravity)
Combat Bonuses: + 6 Initiative (+ 1 Cosmic Blast, + 1 in Zero Gravity), + 9 Strike (+ 3 Cosmic Blast, + 2 in Zero Gravity, + 2 with Shield, + 1 with Knife, + 4 with thrown Knife), + 13 Parry (+ 2 in Zero Gravity, + 2 with Shield, + 2 with Knife), + 13 Dodge (+ 2 in Zero Gravity), + 5 Disarm (+ 2 in Zero Gravity), + 14 Pull Punch (+ 2 in Zero Gravity), + 10 Roll with Punch
Saving Throw Bonuses: + 4 Save vs Psionics, + 4 Save vs Magic, + 5 Save vs Insanity, + 8 Save vs Poison, + 6 Save vs Horror, + 14% Save vs Coma & Death. Resistances: Impervious to affixation/suffocation, airborne toxins, disease, drugs, sleep, hunger, fire, poison (S.D.C. only), and radiation. Can travel through space without harm and walk on the surface of a sun.
Natural Abilities: None.
Special O.C.C. Abilities – Cosmo Knight
1. Bio-Regeneration. Heals 1D4 × 10 per minute
2. Cosmic Resistance. Impervious to Fire, Radiation, Airborn Toxins, S.D.C. Poisons, Drugs and Disease
3. Resistance to Energy. 1/100th normal damage excluding magic
4. Cosmic Being. Does not breathe, eat or sleep (only requires 1 hour meditation a day to be in top form and can go weeks before showing any signs of fatigue)
4. Subluminal Flight. Can fly at supersonic speeds equal to his level times the speed of sound.
5. Superluminal Flight. For the cost of 30 P.P.E. and 30 M.D.C. (Or 90 M.D.C.), after 10 minutes meditation he can fly a speed of 1 light year per hour, per level.
6. M.D.C. Conversion. Can use his M.D.C. as P.P.E. at a 2:1 conversion rate.
7. Cosmic Blasts. 4600’ range in an atmosphere, 5 miles in space. 2D6 × 10 MD, damage and range can be doubled at the cost of 50 P.P.E. in space or damage multiplied by 5 and range doubled in space at the cost of 100 P.P.E. The multiplier casts one melee. Blasts are + 1 initiative and + 3 to strike in addition to hand to hand bonuses.
O.C.C. Skills
Language: Trade 1 at 86%
Language: Trade 3 at 76%
Language: Trade 4/English at 110% (98)
Language: Demongogian at 76%
Literacy: Trade 4/English at 65%
Radio: Basic at 60%
Lore Demons and Monsters at 45%
Movement: Zero Gravity at 138% (98)
Land Navigation at 92%
Navigation: Space at 89%
Basic Math at 70%
Advanced Math 70%
Computer Operation 65%
W.P.: Shield
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Detect Ambush at 45%
Detect Concealment at 40%
Intelligence at 45%
Tailing at 45%
Prowl at 40%
Lore: Galactic at 45%
Etiquette at 45%
Tracking (Humans) at 40%
Zero Gravity Combat: Elite
Secondary Skills:
Sign Language at 35%
Excavation at 40%
W.P.: Targeting
W.P.: Knife
W.P.: Blunt
W.P.: Quick Draw
Magical Knowledge: None
Spell Strength: Not applicable
Psionic Powers: None
Vulnerabilities: None
Armor: Cosmic Armor: 500 M.D.C., 1D4 × 10 per minute min regeneration, shares the Knight’s immunities/resistances can be summoned at will.
Cosmic Shield: An indestructible but basic looking Riot Shield with a glass panel to see through, inflicts 1D4x10 M.D. or punch damage and has a bonus of + 1 strike and + 3 parry, can be thrown 1000’ (4000’ in space) and return. Acts as a focusing lens for Energy Blasts, doubling their range, increasing damage by 10 and giving a further bonus of + 1 to strike. Totals: 1D6x10 M.D. (2D6x10+10 Energy Blast), + 12 Strike ( + 14 in low gravity), + 15 Strike with Energy Blast ( + 17 low gravity), + 18 Parry ( + 20 in low gravity)
Cosmic Throwing Knives: An indestructible pair of small Throwing Knives. Inflict 2D4x10 M.D. each, with a bonus of + 1 strike and + 1 parry, can be thrown 1120’ (4480’ in space) and return. Totals: 2D4x10 M.D., + 11 Strike ( + 13 Low Gravity) + 14 Strike when thrown ( + 16 low Gravity), + 16 Parry ( + 18 Low Gravity)
Equipment: Clothes


Jaqen is a native of the Altetch Star System, a race that would eventually be known as the “Altess”. Born of a time long before the genetic manipulations and extreme prosperity of the Altess today, Jaqen’s upbringing was more barbarous in nature, than cultured.

The people of the Altetch believed themselves to be the descendants of the First Race and as such, each living member contained a small fragment of the information needed to find the Cosmic Forge. Rather than unite together and puzzle out the mystery, the people of Atletch chose the path of warfare. Hoping that with each death, the knowledge that person contained would be released and absorbed by the survivors, eventually as their numbers dwindled enough the path to the Forge would become less murky and the survivors would be able to reclaim their position on top of the Megaverse.

Jaqen although raise a barbarian like the rest of his race, was always more of a thinker than a warrior; His thoughts usually lacking focus but always eventually reaching the same conclusion: War is stupid. The tribes of the Atletch had been warring for thousands of years without any sign of progress: although death was a common occurrence, the population remained stable and more importantly, no revelations had been found. Although the constant slaughter of his people with nothing to show for it weighed heavily on his mind, the true cause of Jaken’s distress were the clear parallels to “The One”. Although his people were the descendants of The First, it was clear they shared little in common with the noble race and far too much in common with the madman that managed to wipe them from existence. Jaqen could see no future but horror if his people were to ever find that which they sought.

Jaqen’s attempts at converting his people to his way of thinking were futile. The race still thousands of years too young to accept any solution that didn’t involve death, treated Jaqen’s enlightenment as synonymous with cowardice and the cultural revolution he sought was only met with more blood. Although his people were unable to respect his philosophy, the Cosmic Forge could. Jaqen now possessed two historical accolades among his people: He was the first of the Altetch to have no interest in finding the Forge and he was also the first to find it.

Although always an intellectual man by the standards of his people, it wasn’t until being empowered by the Cosmic Forge that he truly reached a state of enlightenment. Although the very essence of his being had always sought to remedy the imperfections of his people, only now did he realize the folly of his ways. They were not ready to find the Forge on their own and if he returned to show them the path, they would only revere him as a God Although only a small comfort, he was now at least sure that the bloodshed would eventually end on its own, when the Altetch are more responsive to change.

Jaqen Inaw'o

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