Jazz Hans


Archetype: The Champion
Alignment: Principled
Motivation: To help vanquish the evils that exist within the Megaverse so that evil won’t win and he can return back to his homeworld to bring peace back to his lands.
Disposition: Confident and upbeat, Jazz has a tendency to get a little carried away with whatever he is doing unless he realises that it is a life or death situation.
Race/R.C.C.: Quendali (Bandicoot-like Alien)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (16 before becoming a Cosmo Knight)
Height: 3’6” (105cm)
Weight: 38lbs (17.2kg)
Appearance: Jazz is covered in short auburn fur designed to camouflage him in the sandy plains of the deserts his nation belongs to. He appears to be remarkably humanoid despite his obvious animalistic features.
O.C.C.: Cosmo Knight
Level of Experience: 03
Current Experience: 7250
Attributes: I.Q.19, M.E. 17, M.A. 24, P.S. 41, P.P. 20, P.E. 18, P.B. 11, Spd. 40.
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: 80% to Trust and Intimidate. PE and PS are also considered Supernatural.
M.D.C.: 252 (their cosmic armour adds an additional 500 M.D.C.)
Horror Factor: None when pretending to be a Quendali. 12 when revealed to be a Cosmo-Knight and in armour (15 if the person is evil).
P.P.E.: 350
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 5 ( + 1 in Zero Gravity)
Combat Bonuses: + 4 to initiative, + 7 to strike ( + 2 in Zero Gravity), + 10 to parry ( + 2 in Zero Gravity), + 10 to dodge ( + 2 in Zero Gravity), + 2 to disarm ( + 2 in Zero Gravity), + 13 to pull punch (+ 2 in Zero Gravity), + 4 to roll with impact.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 6% to save vs coma/death, + 6 to save vs horror factor, + 1 to save vs insanity, + 6 to save vs magic, + 6 to save vs poison, + 1 to save vs psionic attack.
Natural Abilities: Advanced Hearing – gives the character the ability to hear very faint sounds (light footsteps, small animals breathing). The character can also overhear conversation at a much greater distance than is normally possible. + 1 on initiative.
Advanced Smell – allows the character to detect very faint scent traces. Tracking by smell (as a bloodhound) is possible at 50% + 5% per level. Characters can also recognize the distinct smells of individuals and can detect when people experience extremes of emotions (60% + 2% per level of experience).
Special O.C.C. Abilities Doesn’t need to eat, sleep or breathe. Only requires 1 hour of meditation per day to stay rested. Can go weeks without rest before showing signs of fatigue.
Resistance to Energy: 1/100th normal damage excluding magic
Subluminal Flight: Can fly at supersonic speeds equal to his level times the speed of sound.
Superluminal Flight: For the cost of 30 P.P.E. and 30 M.D.C. (Or 90 M.D.C.), after 10 minutes meditation he can fly a speed of 1 light year per hour, per level.
Cosmic Blasts: 4000’ range in an atmosphere, 5 miles in space. 1D6 × 10 M.D., damage and range can be doubled at the cost of 50 P.P.E. in space or damage multiplied by 5 and range doubled in space at the cost of 100 P.P.E. The multiplier casts one melee. Blasts are + 1 initiative and + 3 to strike.
Galactic Awareness: Their connection with the universe allows them to sense their position/location whenever they are. Thus, they can navigate without the use of instruments. This gives the character an effective navigation: space at 89% and navigation: land at 92%.
Bio-regeneration: Heals 1D4 × 10 per minute.
Cosmic Armour: Cosmic Armor: 500 M.D.C., 1D4 × 10 per minute min regeneration, shares the Knight’s immunities/resistances can be summoned at will.
Cosmic Resistance: Impervious to Fire, Radiation, Air-born Toxins, S.D.C. Poisons, Drugs and Disease
Cosmic Weapon: Bolas (Forcefield: 400 M.D.C.) A gold bolas that Jazz will only use in the event of someone trying to flee him or steal his boomerang after catching it. Damage: 1D4*10 M.D. Range: 4000ft (1200m) in atmosphere and 16000ft (4800m) in space. The weapon returns to Jazz’s hand after throwing it. Bonuses: + 10 to strike when thrown ( + 2 in Zero Gravity)
Cosmic Weapon: Boomerang (Improved Damage) An auburn and gold coloured boomerang which Jazz uses for both throwing and as a melee weapon. Damage: 2D4*10 M.D. Range: 4000ft (1200m) in atmosphere and 16000ft (4800m) in space. The weapon returns to Jazz’s hand after throwing it. Bonuses: + 9 to strike ( + 2 in Zero Gravity, + 1 if thrown)
M.D. Conversion: Can use his M.D.C. as P.P.E. at a 2:1 conversion rate.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: Trade 1 at 95%
Language: Trade 3 at 85%
Language: Trade 4/English at 98%
Lore: Demons and Monsters 50% + 5%
Movement: Zero Gravity 98%
Navigation: Space 94%
X Computer Operation 70% + 5%
X Literacy: Trade 4 60% + 5%
X Math: Advanced 75% + 5%
X Math: Basic 75% + 5%
Radio: Basic 65% + 5%
W.P. Boomerang: Bonuses to Strike: + 1 at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15. Bonuses to Damage: + 1 to damage at levels 2, 5, 9, 11 and 15.
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Spacecraft: Advanced 54% + 5%
Demolitions 71% + 3%
Demolitions: Disposal 71% + 3%
General Repair and Maintenance 60% + 5%
Lore: Galactic/Alien 50% + 5%
Paramedic 55% + 5%
Prowl 45% + 5%
Track: People 45% + 5%
Zero Gravity Combat: Elite
Secondary Skills:
Law: Space 45% + 5%
Lore: Magic 40% + 5%
Mythology 45% + 5%
Ropeworks 45% + 5%
W.P. Bola: Bonuses: + 1 to strike, disarm and entangle at levels 2, 5, 10
and 15.
W.P. Targetting: Bonuses: + 1 to strike at levels 1, 3, 7 and 10. Range is quadrupled (Supernatural P.S. over 31)

Vulnerabilities: None.
Armor: Cosmic Armour (500 M.D.C. and shares all Jazz’s resistances).
Weapons: Cosmic Bola and Boomerang (See above for details)
Equipment: A networking-capable portable computer for interfacing with other computer systems.


Jazz is a Quendali; a race of intelligent bandicoot mutants found on a remote planet. The Quendali themselves are a peace-loving race who have evolved to thrive in the hot arid environments of their homeworld.

Unfortunately for them however they did not evolve alone and there are a number of other sentient animal races which share his homeworld; many of which aren’t as peace-loving as the Quendali are. Because of this, Jazz and his race have been forced to take up arms against these violent races just for survival. Jazz was part of the Quendali Elite Militia; tasked with the defence of their nation-state from the hostile groups which co-inhabit their lands.
The battles were fierce and bloody but Jazz never lost hope or sight of what he was fighting for. He knew if he didn’t take up arms to protect the people and nation he loved that there would be one less chance for peace to come back to his species.

Perhaps it was this self-sacrificing attitude and the drive to protect those who cannot protect themselves, or maybe it was something else that no one can ever hope to fathom, but one night Jazz was troubled by strange dreams. He saw the starry sky and from it formed rivers of brilliant green light across the ocean of stars that filled the night sky. As he looked back down he saw that the world he thought he was standing on was miles below him as he ascended towards this mysterious force.

The being did not speak to him in the way that most beings did. Jazz could feel this presence in his mind and very soul. He saw countless possible futures of him as a valiant warrior of justice. He saw terrible and evil things; things that no one should have to know even exists but there they were and he saw himself fighting them. In some of these visions he won but others he lost. What were they, were they visions of what might happen in his future? Did this strange force want me to fight these monstrosities? Once again the force ‘spoke’ to Jazz; he had a choice. He could either become a Cosmo Knight; giving up his old life in order to fight the evils of this universe that no one else can, or he could say no and return back to his old life back on his planet and help his people defend their homelands. Jazz knew that his choice would change his life forever, he saw two doorways appear; one showed the possible futures for him if he became a Cosmo Knight while the other showed his life back on his planet.

It took him quite some time but he made his choice. He knew that his people needed him to help protect their lands, but after seeing what dark evils dwell within the ocean of stars he knew he couldn’t stand by and let them reign death and destruction. If he didn’t go and fight them he feared they could one day find his homeworld and bring that evil there. He couldn’t allow that… As he crossed the threshold into his new life he felt the forces’ energies wash over him, transforming him into something more than just mortal; a new Cosmo Knight was forged that night.

The next morning his home was attacked once more. Jazz took the frontlines against the invaders. As a Cosmo Knight he was able to spearhead an assault to push the invaders back and protect his home. The enemies took heavy casualties and he knew that he had bought his people time to become stronger and defend his home without him, as it was now his time to leave. He promised that one day he would return to bring peace back to this land, providing that they didn’t do it themselves first. Once all the goodbyes were said he began his mission as a Cosmo Knight.

By the time of the Vallax invasion Jazz had been a Cosmo Knight for over one year and had become confident and courageous as a Cosmo Knight. He gladly took up arms against the incoming invasion; he knew it was very dangerous and he might not survive but this was the type of evil he saw in his visions that he knew needed to be stopped.

During the attack he saw many of his allies perish but he did not lose hope and continued to fight on without a backwards step. When he heard the call to board the enemy flagship he knew that his brethren needed him and he like many others followed the order and stormed into the hull of the Vallax ship…

Jazz Hans

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