Archetype: Comrade.
Alignment: Principled.
Motivation: To return the rights of the Plebians of the Payellan lands.
Disposition: Kym-Mak-Tar is an idealist that has little in the way of a sense of self, always willing to sacrifice his own desires for those that are less fortunate. Although he is quick to take to the blade, it is rarely inspired by anger but a deep-seated drive to be a part of the perfect battle. Although he revels in the fight, he is rarely interested in the kill and is prone to showing mercy to a defeated foe.
Race/R.C.C.: Human.
Sex: Male.
Age: 17.
Height: 5’11".
Weight: 158 lbs.
Appearance: Far more comfortable in acts of finesse than strength, Kym-Mak-Tar is a naturally scrawny young man that has resisted his natural physicality through significant physical training. The result is a noticeably slim man with defined although small muscles. He has short, dark hair, dark eyes and dark features reminiscent of a greek.
Home Dimension: Helengrad.
O.C.C.: Warrior Monk.
Level of Experience: 1st.
Current Experience: 0/2,300
Affiliations/Factions: The Payella family, the Athai family.
Attributes: I.Q. 12, M.E. 13, M.A. 13, P.S. 13, P.P. 16, P.E. 16, P.B. 15, Spd. 42
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 1 to strike/parry/dodge, + 4% to save vs coma/death, + 1 to save vs poison/magic.
Hit Points: 22
S.D.C.: 68
M.D.C.: Via armor only.
Horror Factor: N/A.
P.P.E.: 48.
I.S.P.: N/A/.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 6 ( + 1 with Staff or Spear).
Combat Bonuses: + 3 to initiative ( + 1 with blunt or spear, + 3 in armor), + 1 to strike ( + 2 with blunt or spear, + 2 in armor), + 2 to disarm ( + 1 with blunt or spear, + 2 in armor), + 5 to parry ( + 2 with blunt or spear, + 4 in armor, – 2 vs arrows or thrown, – 6 vs gunfire, + 2 parrying for another, + 2 when outnumbered), + 5 to dodge ( + 4 in armor), + 4 to pull punch ( + 2 with blunt or spear), + 8 to roll with punch ( + 5 in armor). Leaps 4’ high or long ( + 10’ in armor).
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 1 to save vs magic, + 1 to save vs disease, + 1 to save vs poison, + 1 to save vs illusions, + 1 to save vs mind control, + 4 to save vs possession, + 4% to save vs coma/death. Trust: 34%, Intimidate: 30%, Charm: 30%, Impress: 34%.
Natural Abilities: None.
Birthrights: High Technology, Additional Training, Good Will to All Men.
Special O.C.C. Abilities
1. Jodo Strike: + 1D6 damage with staff or spear, the victim loses initiative, one action and there is a 50% chance of dropping their weapon. A modified 18 or higher is required to take full effect, otherwise inflicts normal damage.
2. Parry Arrows with Staff or Spear: Can parry arrows or thrown objects at only – 2 and gunfire at only – 6, can only parry the ranged attacks of two enemies at a time.
3. Spirit Strike: by spending 2D6 P.P.E., can inflict triple damage as M.D. against any Supernatural Being or Creature of Magic with any unarmed, staff or spear strike.
4. Meditation: Recovers 3x as much P.P.E. and I.S.P. while in a motionless but aware meditative state. Can be maintained for 1 hour per level of experience.
O.C.C. Skills
Language: American at 98%
Language: Euro at 70%
Language: Spanish at 70%
Language: Greek at 65%
Literacy: American at 55%
Radio: Basic at 45%
Pilot: Hovercycle at 70%
Navigation at 40%
Intelligence at 42%
Detect Ambush at 40%
Tracking (People) at 35%
Basic Math at 65%
Military Etiquette at 50%
Lore: Demons and Monsters at 40%
Lore: Ruling Families of Helengrad at 45%
Land Navigation at 51%
Wilderness Survival at 45%
Play Musical Instrument: Guitar at 55%
Swimming at 60% (50% in armor)
Climbing at 65 (75% in armor)
-Rapelling at 55% (65% in armor)
Fasting at 40%
Meditation at 20%
W.P.: Blunt
W.P.: Staff
W.P.: Spear
W.P.: Reverse Strike
W.P.: Quick Draw
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
O.C.C. Related Skills:
-Sense of Balance at 50% (40% in armor)
-Work Parallel Bars/Rings at 60% (50% in armor)
-Back Flip at 70% (60% in armor)
-Prowl at 30% (20% in armor)
-Climb Rope/Rappel at 60% (70% in armor)
Combat Expertise: Blunt
Combat Expertise: Spear
Secondary Skills:
Sing at 35%
Sensory Equipment at 30%
Magical Knowledge: None. Never even heard of the concept.
Spell Strength: N/A.
Psionic Powers: None.
Vulnerabilities: Naieve and prone to offering mercy to those that do not deserve it. Must make a save vs insanity of 12 or higher to resist the compulsion of mercy when requested.
HE-PA-11 Special Environmental Body Armor (Equivalent to NE-BA-26):
-M.D.C.: 90 (Main Body), 50 (Left Leg), 50 (Right Leg), 40 (Left Arm), 40 (Right Arm), 50 Head
-Forcefield: 75 M.D., regenerates 1 M.D. per melee, 8 hour duration per E-clip.
-Exoskeleton: Bestows a Robotic P.S. of 25, adds + 4 to P.P., + 20 to Speed, + 10’ to leaps, + 10% to climb and reduces fatigue by 75% (6D6+10 S.D. restrained punch, 1D4 M.D. punch, 2D4 M.D. power punch).
-Fair Mobility: – 10% to physical skills
-Optics: 3000’ Nightvision, 1 mile telescopic, 6x magnification macro lens, 2000’ thermo-imager, light polarization.
-Sensor Pod: Includes motion detector and mini-radar. Provides + 3 to initiative, + 2 to parry and dodge, + 5 to roll with punch and allows the wearer to dodge all attacks, even those from behind and/or surprise.
-Masks infrared and thermal emissions (25% chance to detect)
-Reisstant to Fire: Normal fire does 5% damage, M.D. fire inflicts 50% damage.
-Resistant to Kinetic: 50% damage form all kinetic sources but punches.
-Computer Controlled Oxygen Supply: 10 hours.
-Depth Tolerance: 2000’.
-Loudspeaker: 80 decibels.
-Medium Range Radio: 40 mile range.
-Language Translator: America, Dragonese, Euro, French, Spanish, Techo-Can, Japanese, Chinese
-Concealed Mini-Computer.
-Fore-arm Flashlight: 30’ range.
-Magnetic Clamps
Energy Staff: 4D6 M.D. (2D6 to the parrying weapon when successfully defended against), 3 hour payload per E-clip.
Vibro-Naginata: 3D6 M.D.
8 E-clips
a hatchet
A set of traveling clothes
a dark blue, hooded traveling robe with red trim
a medium-sized to large purse/satchel
four small sacks
six wooden spikes
a small mallet
30 feet (9 m) of rope
small mirror
food rations of 2D4 weeks.
Money: 660 credits.


Kym-Mak-Tar is an elite warrior of the Payela family although too inexperienced to have found the renown he deserves. Unlike the rest of his family, he never sought battle with the same single-minded tenacity although not for lack of desire, but more of practicality. On the world of Helengrad, seeking battle always seemed pointless to him for battle was never far from seeking them. The only family he ever felt in need of war were the Torstein family whom he considered reprehensible and far too nostalgic in their need to keep their hands in the affairs of the Plebians.
After the fall of the Payela family, Kym-Mak-Tar found sanctuary in the lands of the Athai. Although he knows of the survivors of his family banding together as mercenaries, he has no desire to join them, both convinced that any renown they attain will be attributed to the houses they are serving and disappointed that they don’t seem to have learned anything form their defeat at the hands of the Torstein.
Although prior to the attack, Kym-Mak-Tar was only one-hundred-and-second in the line of succession, the number of fallen Payellans is significant enough that the Athai have genuine hope that he could be the next heir to the fallen Payellan throne and have every intention of using his name to increase their own territory. To that end, the Athai have arranged a betrothal between Kym-Mak-Tar and a lower member of their own family – a young beauty named Nueco that Kym-Mak-Tar has reluctantly grown to care for much more than he would like.
Fearful of what the Torstein family’s need for control may do to the Plebians of his former lands, Kym-Mak-Tar’s own ambition lies in Athai’s next in line for the throne, the matured princess Araime whome Kym-Mak-Tar seeks to seduce and wed prior to taking his vows with the matron’s young niece. Although he has grown to care greatly for Nueco, Kym-Mak-Tar knows that unless he weds a more prominent member of the Athai family, there is very little hope of wielding the Athai army to his own end and freeing the Plebians of his land from the clutches of the Torstein.


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