Ghostly Alien Gunfighter


Archetype: Outsider.
Alignment: Unprincipled (selfish) .
R.C.C.: Xomat.
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5 feet.
Weight: 132 pounds (60kg).
Home Dimension:
O.C.C.: Paratrooper
Level of Experience: 1st level Paratrooper
Current Experience: 3600/2,210.1875
Attributes: I.Q. 23 , M.E. 11 , M.A. 12, P.S. 19 (supernatural) , P.P. 26, P.E. 24, P.B. 10 (20 Humanoid form only), Spd. 13 when crawling, 52 when running (Humanoid form only), 87 when flying (Flying form only), 68 when swimming (Aquatic form only), or 8 when digging (Aquatic form only).
Attribute Bonuses: + 9% to skills, + 6 to strike, + 6 to dodge, + 6 to parry, + 4 to save vs pain, + 4 to save vs disease, + 4 to save vs poison, + 16% to save vs coma & death.
Armor Rating: None.
Hit Points: 30.
S.D.C.: 58.
M.D.C.: None.
Horror Factor: 11; the bizarre look of the Xomati can be disconcerting to those unfamiliar with the D-Bee.
P.P.E.: 6.
I.S.P.: None.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 6 (+ 1 with prehensile tail, + 1 with a firearm)
Combat Bonuses: + 4 on initiative, + 6 to strike (+ 1 in close combat, + 2 on Aimed/Called Shot with a firearm), + 0 to disarm (+ 1 with any long-range weapon), + 3 to entangle, + 11 to dodge (+ 4 to automatic dodge when swimming or flying), + 11 to parry, + 5 to roll with impact.
Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 on Perception Rolls, + 2 to save vs Horror Factor, + 6 to disease, + 3 to save vs insanity, + 7 to save vs magic, + 7 to save vs pain, + 3 to save vs psionics, + 11 to save vs poison, and + 4 to save vs symbiotes/parasites, and + 26% to save vs coma & death. Resistances: Impervious to mundane Horror Factor and half damage from poison.
Natural Abilities – Xomati: Can hold breath for up to 20 minutes, in humanoid/flight form can leap 10 feet (3 m) from a standing start (double with running start), half damage from drugs/poison, possess natural swimming ability at 90% and survive at depths of up to 500 feet (152.4 m), and can sense even the slightest motion underwater (radar sense) up to 60 feet (18.2 m) effectively making them impervious to surprise while submerged (even in the murkiest water).
Special Abilities – Xomati:
1. Metamorphosis. The natural form of the Xomati is like that of ghostly translucent mermaid with long eel-like tail. In this form the species can breathe water and are natural swimmers. However, when moving from one environment to another the strange mutagenic D-bees have the ability to rapidly evolve to adapt to better survive in their environment. The ability to “evolve” can only be used two times per 24 hours period, plus one for each additional level of experience, and takes five minutes (20 melees) to complete, during which time the Xomati is vulnerable to attackers; automatically lose initiative, reduce attacks per melee by half, and all combat bonuses are reduced to zero. Furthermore, once the transformation has begun it cannot be stopped. The Xomati can assume one of three different forms listed below:
• Aquatic Form: The base form of the Xomati is its aquatic form, which looks like ghostly mermaid with a thick eel-like tail and webbed hands. In this form the character can hold their breath for up to 1D4 days at a time and swim at an accelerated rate for short bursts, although most prefer to lethargically drift like corpses beneath in the water (approximately Spd. 5 is comfortable). This form cannot leave the water for more than three days or it will quickly become weak (reduce all physical skills, attacks/actions per melee, and S.D.C./Hit Points by half for every additional 12 hours out of water) and will die of dehydration in 1D4 days. However, given the Xomati’s innate shape shifting abilities, only the most young or unfortunate are ever likely to perish from dehydration. The aquatic form is limited to crawling on land, but can dig/borrow through sand, mud, and soft earth at half its normal crawling speed; movement through stone, rock, and other hard surfaces is not possible.
• Climber/Humanoid Form: The second form of the Xomati is their humanoid form, although designed for climbing it is just as suitable for walking/running on land. In this form, the character is a natural climber and can climb/rappel at 80% + 2% per level of experience and their eel-like tail morphs into two legs sheathed in cascading flaps of skin in the style of robes or a dress. In this form the character no longer dehydrates and can walk and run with the same ease as any other biped. Natural digging/burrowing is not possible in this form.
• Flying Form: The third and final form of the Xomati is their flying form, in which the D-Bee spouts two membranous wings that can be used for sailing or gliding like a Flying Squirrel. Although not capable of true flight, so long as the Xomati can get more than 20 feet (6 m) off the ground they can take flight for one melee round per point of P.E. attribute, after which time they must land or collapse from exhaustion. So long as the Xomati lands on another tall surface and rests for at least one melee round (15 seconds) between flights they can effectively fly indefinitely. In this form, the D-Bee retains its humanoid appearance but is much more slender and their skin much fainter, allowing onlookers to visibly see the blood pumping in the veins through the membranous regions of their body. This form may still climb and walk/run with relative grace but reduces walking/running/climbing speeds by half. Natural digging/burrowing is not possible in this form.
2. Manipulate Features. The Xomati have such great control over their evolutionary matrix that by spending five minutes concentrating they can change their face and body to crudely imitate that of other humanoid life or simple clothing. Although the Xomat will retain its colorless skin tone and clothing is obviously part of the creature’s body, it is often used at social events, to make newcomers feel more welcome, or in a vain attempt to blend in with a crowd.
3. Prehensile Tail. Adult Xomati that have learned how to control their body can force it to grow a prehensile tail whenever assuming their second or third form. However, doing so within Xomati culture is a dedication to do harm; akin to openly walking around in public with a shotgun. This tail can be used as a third hand to perform delicate tasks or used as a weapon to strike at foes within 6 feet of the D-Bee for 3D6 S.D.C. + P.S. damage. Furthermore, Xomati that eat an exclusive diet of poisonous creatures such as specific insects or snakes (must eaten nothing else within the last 48 hours) can choose to grow a stinger/barb on the end of their tail to excrete a potent toxin. Those stung by the tail must save vs lethal poison or take 4D6 damage for 1D6 melee rounds and reduce all combat bonuses by half from the pain and disorientation. Those who make their save are unaffected. The Xomati can produce five doses of poison for every pound of poisonous animal(s) it consumes. In addition to the aforementioned bonuses the tail provides an additional + 1 attack/action per melee and counts as a Whip for the purposes of W.P. bonuses.
Special Abilities – Paratrooper:
1. Nerves of Steel. Impervious to mundane Horror Factor.
2. Marksmanship (+ 1 attack per melee with firearms, + 2 to strike on an aimed/called shot, + 1 to disarm with any long-range weapon, and no penalty to strike when running/swimming/parachuting)
3. Hold Breath. Multiply the length of time the paratrooper can hold their breath by three.
O.C.C. Skills:
Language (native) + 29
Language + 29
language + 29
Mathematics: Basic at 64% + 5% per level of experience.
Climbing at 59% + 5% per level of experience.
Repelling at 49% + 5% per level of experience.
Land Navigation at 58% + 4% per level of experience.
parachuting at 79% + 5% per level of experience.
Pilot: [GROUND VEHICLE] + 19%
Pilot [WATER VEHICLE] + 19%
Radio: Basic at 64% + 5% per level of experience.
Swimming at 90% + 5% per level of experience.
Wilderness Survival at 59% + 5% per level of experience.
W.P. Energy Heavy
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Ancient sword
W.P. Ancient hammer
W.P. Paired Weapons (Commando Bonus Skill)
Hand to Hand: Commando (1st; + 2 to save vs Horror Factor)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Plus three skills at level 3, two additional skills at level 6 and 9, and one additional skill at level 12.
Escape Artist (39% + 5%)
Literacy: [LANGUAGE HERE] at 39% + 5% per level of experience.
Optic Systems at 39% + 5% per level of experience.
Safe-Cracking at 29% + 4% per level of experience.
Streetwise at 29% + 4% per level of experience.
Tailing at 39% + 5% per level of experience.
Research at 49% + 5% per level of experience.
Rope Works at 39% + 5% per level of experience.
Forced March
Boxing (+ 2 to dodge, + 2 to parry, + 1 to roll)
Secondary Skills: Plus three additional skills at level 4, 8 and 12.
Athletics: General (+ 1 to dodge, + 1 to parry, + 1 to roll)
Magical Knowledge: None.
Spell Strength: Not applicable.
Vulnerabilities: Xomati cannot learn magic and are not M.D.C. creatures despite living on a world infested by them. Like other shape changers, these D-Bees cannot alter their form while wearing armor or restrictive clothing, it must be removed first. This means that Xomati adventurers must either choose to adventure in their Climber/Humanoid shape most of the time or rely on a force field or simular technologies for protection.
Weapons: weap to suit pro 6 e clip for each
vibro saber
vibro knife
x smoke grenade
5x frag grenade
6x flare
2x bb shot gun + 2(144) boxes of ammo
1x water
1xpiss l
1x love book

Equipment: medium enviromental armour 60M.D.C. set of fatigues, limited personal wardrobe,binoculars, irmss medical kit, language traslator, utility belt, parachute, backpack, tinted goggles, gas mask, canteen, handcuffs , compass, disposable cirarette lighter, bed roll, torch , survival kit, hand radio , scuba gear , wet suit ,anti grav disc.
Ng-E15 pul;se plasma ejector
Weight-22.5 kg
dam 5d6/shot – 2d4x10/ triple blast
rate of fire single or /tripple counts as one melee
Range 488m
power pck 48 single/18 triple long eclip 12 single /4 triple standard eclip 6 singles /2 triple
penalty to strike -2

dam- 2d6
rate of fire- single
range 244m
payload-21 shots

BB “fire hose” saw
Weight 11kg
dam-2d4mg/4d4 burst/ 5d6 med burst/ 1d6x10 full burst.
rate of fire-one melee
payload 156/180 rounds 1 spare
black m 141

2x vibro sword 2d6mdc


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