Matthias Mann

Mining Borg Mercenary


Alignment: Unprincipled
Disposition: Steadfast and determined once he has a goal, Matt relies on his skills and the brawn that his cyborg body provides him to overcome adversity. He does often yearn for the simple pleasures of being a ‘meatsack’ that he is so often denied.
Race/R.C.C.: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 8’6”
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Unlike most mining ‘borgs who use a combat cyborg-styled chassis, Matt uses the chunkier Legacy Cyborg Chassis (see character portrait).
O.C.C.: Mining ‘Borg (Full Conversion)
Level of Experience: 01
Current Experience: 0000/2100
Affiliations/Factions: Former employee (contract slave) of the Detroni Mining Company (Destroyed).
Attributes: I.Q.14, M.E. 23, M.A. 13, P.S. 30, P.P. 22, P.E. 24, P.B. 01 (varies), Spd. 66.
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: Strength and Endurance are considered Robotic. + 20% to intimidate, – 25% to prowl, – 40% to seduction
M.D.C. of Body by Location:
* Head (1) – 90
* Arms (2) – 100 each
* Hands (2) – 30 each
* Legs (2) – 180 each
* Feet(2) – 30 each
Main Body – 200
M.D.C. of Armor by Location:
* Head (1) – 125
* Sleeve (2) – 95 each
* Gauntlet (2) – 70 each
* Legging (2) – 125 each
* Boots (2) – 45 each
Main Body – 310

  • A single asterisk indicates a small or difficult target to hit. They can only be struck when the attacker makes a Called Shot, and even than with a -3 penalty to strike.

Horror Factor: None.
P.P.E.: Effectively zero.
I.S.P.: Effectively zero.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 4
Combat Bonuses: + 1 on Initiative, + 4 to strike, + 0 to disarm, + 0 to entangle, + 4 to pull punch, + 4 to parry, + 4 to dodge, + 4 to roll with impact.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 3 to save vs Horror Factor, + 6 to save vs insanity, + 4 to save vs psionic attack.
Natural Abilities: Can leap 12ft high or lengthwise when standing still; triple that if taking a running start.
Special O.C.C. Abilities
Underground Tunneling (Special): Knows how to dig and build solid, strong tunnels (no fear of a cave-in) with amazing speed and dexterity. He can also excavate ruins and the sites of cave-ins with the same prowess. In addition, the character can usually tell if an existing tunnel or chamber is a natural formation or whether it was built by humans or others. The character can also tell if it’s new, old, or ancient. Base Skill: 40% + 5% per level of experience.
2. Underground Architecture: The character is an excellent underground architect, able to build small and large rooms, ornate archways, staircases, and great chambers, as well as a labyrinth of tunnels, passageways, and underground traps (most common are pit and cave-in type traps). Likewise, the character can recognize the styles of human construction. The Mining ’Borg who is travelling slowly and cautiously while looking for underground traps can locate them, and avoid or deactivate them. Base Skill: 30% + 5% per level of experience; detection and deactivation of traps is done at half his normal architecture skill level.
3. Underground Sense of Direction: The character has an innate ability to tell direction when underground, even in total darkness (not applicable on the surface). Thus, the cyborg can tell whether he is travelling up, down or straight, the approximate angle of decline or ascent, approximately how far below the surface he is, and the approximate direction (north, south, east, west). Base Skill: 40% + 5% per level of experience.
This skill also enables him to judge the approximate locations to surface structures (natural and artificial), but only if the character is familiar with the area. The character will also recognize traits and aspects of the underground tunnel or construct that serve as landmarks for him. Base Skill: 20% + 5% per level of experience; – 25% if in an unfamiliar area.
4. Metal Working: A basic understanding of the methods and craft of the blacksmith, smith techniques and procedures, and working with metal, particularly in the area of making simple weapons, horseshoes, nails, and jewelry. Base Skill: 40% + 5% per level of experience.
O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 98% (see built-in language translator)
Math: Basic 55% + 5%
Radio: Basic 55% + 5%
Land Navigation 51% + 4%
Demolitions 80% + 3%
General Repair & Maintenance 50% + 5%
Mechanics: Basic 40% + 5%
Mining 65% + 5%
Pilot: Tracked and Construction Vehicles 60% + 4%
Whittling and Sculpting 40% + 5%
W.P. Knife
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Flamethrowers
Hand to Hand: Expert
O.C.C. Related Skills: + 1 at levels 4, 8 and 12.
Computer Operation 50% + 5%
Demolitions: Disposal 60% + 3%
Find Contraband 28% + 4%
Firefighting 40% + 5%
Mechanical Engineer 30% + 5%
Trap Construction 20% + 4%
Secondary Skills: + 1 at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.
Appraise Goods 30% + 5%
Basic Electronics 30% + 5%
Gemology 25% + 5%
Literacy (Native): American 40% + 5%
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: Resistant to heat and cold.
Armor: MI-B2 Medium Infantry Armour ( – 15% to prowl, climb and swim).
Head & Face: Multi-Optic eye system, Universal Headjack, Amplified Hearing with Sound Filtration.
Neck & Throat: None.
Shoulders: None.
Arm, left: Modular Design; Attachment points, Drill Arm unit.
Wrist, left: None.
Hand, left: Modular Design; Replaced by Drill Unit
Arm, right: Modular Design; Attachment points.
Wrist, right: None.
Hand, right: Shovel Hand with Laser Finger and Sensor Units.
Chest & Stomach: Biotic Lung; All Features! Bionic lung with gas filter,oxygen storage cell, molecular analyzer, radio, loudspeaker, language translator and voice synthesizer (see Rifts® RPG page 242).
Back of Torso: None.
Leg, left: Concealed large and small compartments
Foot, left: None.
Leg, right: Concealed large and small compartments
Foot, right: None.
Spare/Additional 2 normal cybernetic modular hands.
Weapons: Survival knife (2D4 S.D.C.), High Capacity Drill unit (3D6 M.D.), Laser Fingers (up to 2D6 M.D.), WI-NFT-1 Napalm-P Flame Thrower, NG-P5 Light Particle Beam Rifle, 48 blasting charges (2D6MD frag grenades), one medium fusion block.
Equipment: 3 spare Napalm-P tanks, 3 spare E-clips, 36 road flares (various colours), quality cowboy hat, poncho or cloak, tinted goggles, air filter, flashlight, large wooden cross (just in case), cigarette lighter, pocket magnifying glass, pocket mirror, 150 feet (45.2 m) of heavy metal cabling, pick axe, shovel, sledgehammer, mallet, tool kit, two utility belts, knapsack, backpack, four small sacks, 1D4 large sacks, and three canteens.
Money: 400 credits and 1000 credits worth of powdered minerals.

Matthias Mann

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