Minlin Viriash


Alignment: Principled
Motivation: To be of assistance to anyone
Disposition: Friendly and always willing to help… But don’t touch her!
Race/R.C.C.: Gnome
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Height: 2’
Weight: 30 pounds
O.C.C.: Techno-Smithy
Level of Experience: 1
Current Experience: 200/2,650
Attributes: I.Q. 20, M.E. 12, M.A. 10, P.S 9, P.P 20, P.E. 16, P.B 14, SPD 20 running 5 digging
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 6 to all skills, + + 3 strike parry dodge, + 4% save vs coma/death, +1 save vs magic/poison
Hit Points: 21
S.D.C.: 24
M.D.C.: None bar Armour
Horror Factor:
P.P.E.: 86
I.S.P.: 0
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 4
Combat Bonuses: + 3 strike, + 3 parry, + 3 dodge + 2 pull punch, + 2 roll with impact
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 save vs magic, + 2 save vs poison, + 1 save vs Horror Factor
Phobia: Haphephobia- Fear of being touched
Eidetic Memory: Can remember almost anything she has experienced. 01 – 60% chance to recall things perfectly, 61 – 90% chance to remember the gist of things to paraphrase accurately and 91 – 00% chance of only recalling the most basic concepts without any details.
Natural Abilities:
Nightvision 90ft
Underground Tunnelling 30%
Underground Architecture 20%
Underground Sense of Direction 30%
Judge relation and proximity to surface structures 20%
Special O.C.C. Abilities
Techo-Smithy Focus: Forge Magic weapons/armour: The Smithy has the ability to forge supieror and magic melee weapons. Standard weapons and armour are of superior quality and always have a keen blade or are very durable. Magic weapons can be forged and imbued with magic abilities in a similar fashion to talismans. This is used in conjuction with the spell enchant weapon (minor). The mage can put a maximum of 3 spell like abilities within the weapon they create. This ability can be used 3 times per day 15% + 4 per lvl
Recharge P.P.E Batteries: ritual takes 1d4 hours
O.C.C. Skills
Native Language 98%
Literacy Native 98%
Language: Trade One 86%
Literacy: Trade One 86%
Electrical Engineer 56%
Maths: Basic 56%
Maths: Advanced 56%
Basic Electronics 41%
Mechanical Engineer 46%
Locksmith 51%
Armourer/Field Armourer 61%
Read Sensory Equipment 51%
Chemistry 51%
Chemistry Analytical 46%
Metallurgy 51% + 6/lvl
Computer Operation 61%
Gemology 46%
W.P Energy Pistol
HTH Basic
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Recognise weapon Quality 41%
Computer Repair 51%
Jury Rig 41%
Salvage 51%
Research 56%
Secondary Skills:
Swimming 61%
W.P Knife
Trade 4 61%
Magical Knowledge: lvl 1: Blinding Flash (1), Sense Evil (2) Lvl 2: Turn Dead (6) Lvl 3: Armour of Ithan (10), Breathe without Air (5) Impervious to Fire (5), Mystic Fulcrum (5) Lvl 4: Fire Bolt (7) Lvl 6: Impervious to Energy (20) lvl 15: Enchant Weapon (Minor) Ritual: (400/1000)
Spell Strength:
Psionic Powers:
Armor: Light Techno Wizard Body Armour
Weapons: None at this point.
Equipment: Tools and equipment needed for Forging Magical Weapons and Armour, Clothing
Money: 4,000 Credits Salary of 5,500 a month


Minlin grew up on planet quite close to The Smithy within the UWW. She decided to follow her father and become an engineer in the navy but upon taking an aptitude test it was suggested she was more suitable to be a Techno-smithy close enough to her goal. During her years at Warlock college was quite hellish for her as when looking into her family’s history discovered that she had developed a mental illness from her mother’s side that is close to Haphephobia yet her mother didn’t seem to suffer from it, it causes her to shy away from physical contact and snap at people who invade her personal space. On the upside to this she also developed an amazing mental ability to recall just about anything she sees, giving her quite good grades on most of the subjects she studied. After graduating she is currently serving on a navy space ship. She began to come back out and is now willing to help anyone aboard the HSV Reliant.

Minlin Viriash

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