Psychic Cripple


Archetype: Egghead.
Alignment: Anarchist.
Motivation: To no longer have to hide.
Disposition: Proteus has learned almost everything he knows from books and it shows. Although he believes the books have taught him everything he needs to know about social interactions, he is a shut in who has only ever dealt with subordinates and those in need of his aid and never really learned how to deal with others. He is extremely confident in his own intelligence and isn’t shy about bringing attention to it; a trait that would only be magnified if anyone saw his horrific visage. Too used to dealing with subservient people, he has grown accustomed to being in charge and takes subservience for granted although he would quickly learn to be submissive to any that have seen his face.
Race/R.C.C.: Mutant Human.
Sex: Male.
Age: 9.
Height: 2’.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Appearance: A very disfigured and horribly proportioned, tiny man that appears to be in his 50s. He has shabby brown hair with a perfectly bald crown. His eyes are featureless except for the bloody mucus that is constantly flowing from both them and his nose. He is rarely seen without his equally tiny wheelchair.
Home Dimension: Corkscrew Galaxy; Center.
O.C.C.: Sleuth.
Level of Experience: 1st level Sleuth.
Current Experience: 100/1,875.
Affiliations/Factions: None
Attributes: I.Q. 34, M.E. 26, M.A. 11, P.S. 0, P.P. 12, P.E. 9, P.B. 2 (Formerly 20), Spd. 0.
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 16% to all skills, + 6 to save vs psionics, + 9 to save vs insanity.
Hit Points: 13.
S.D.C.: 41.
M.D.C.: None.
Horror Factor: 10.
P.P.E.: 9.
I.S.P.: 223.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 1 ( + 2 non-combat actions).
Combat Bonuses: + 2 to initiative.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 5 to perception, + 8 to save vs psionics, + 3 to save vs emotion control, + 1 to save vs mind control, + 3 to save vs illusions, + 9 to save vs insanity, + 1 to save vs drugs, + 6 to save vs possession, + 7 to save vs mind altering drugs, + 18 to save vs horror.
Natural Abilities:
1. Cell Reader: Upon touching an individual or a fragment of that individual, Proteus can get a sense of that person’s genetic structure.
2. Invisible Haze: When in use, anyone within 204’ that fails a save vs psionics can not sense the presence of Proteus whether it be by mundane or supernatural means. Anything on his person prior to or after the effect is equally undetectable.
3. Mind Trap: Any target within 10 feet that fails a save vs psionics will fall into a dream state with designs of Proteus’s choosing for 5D4 minutes.
4. Telepathic Listening and Transmission: Proteus can send and receive mental thoughts to and from the head of anyone that isn’t actively resisting within 330 feet. In the case of transmission, multiple minds can be effected simultaneously.
5. Telekinesis: As long as Proteus knows where an object is and it is within 136 feet, he can move it mentally with full precision. His maximum weight with this ability is 51 lbs. Proteus is + 3 to strike and + 4 to parry with TK.
6. Techno-Mind: With a touch, Proteus can communicate directly with computers and computer directed machinery including robots, modern cars and computerized factories. The touch can be handled remotely with any device that has networking capabilities.
7. Horror Factor: As a truly horrible creature to look at, Proteus’s visage instils a horror factor of 10, + 1 at levels 2,4,6,8,10,12 and 14.
8. Carnivore: Although Proteus can eat nothing but meat without getting sick, his dietry intake is relatively small, only having to eat an amount of 3 pounds every four days and being able to fast for 2D4 days at a time without penalty.
High Technology
Special O.C.C. Abilities
1. Eyeball a Fella: Simply by eyeballing a person, the Sleuth can determine his basic characteristics (Wealth, education, employment, honesty etc.). Base Skill: 56% + 3% per level of experience.
2. Deductive Reasoning
3. Object Read/Psychometry
O.C.C. Skills
Language: Sign Language at 114 (98)%
Language: Trade 1 at 91%
Language: Trade 4 at 112 (98)%
Language: Trade 6 at 81%
Literacy: Trade 4 at 86%
Game: Zumanchi; 3d P.W. strategy game (Professional) at 96%
Cryptography at 76%
Escape Artist at 56%
Interrogation at 61%
Crime Scene Investigation at 71%
Forensics at 71%
Pilot: Bicycle at 65%
Pick Locks at 71%
Tailing at 61%
Safe Cracking at 41%
Biology at 51%
Chemistry at 51%
Chemistry: Analytical at 51%
Mathematics: Basic at 91%
Mathematics: Advanced at 91%
Law: General at 66%
Research at 96%
Mime at 71%
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Lore: Galactic at 56%
Lore: D-Bees at 56%
Computer Hacking at 43%
Intelligence at 53%
Detect Concealment at 56%
Surveillance at 56%
Secondary Skills:
Computer Operation at 56%
Computer Programming at 46%
Basic Electronics at 46%
Basic Mechanics at 46%
Jury-Rig at 41%
Radio: Basic at 61%
Magical Knowledge: Very little.
Spell Strength: N/A
Psionic Powers: Master Psychic; save vs psionics (10 or higher). Physical, Super and Healing powers are all + 70% range and duration and + 50% damage, Sensitive Powers have + 120% range and duration. In addition, all psionics inflict + 1D6 damage.
Physical: Living Battery (12+; BTS), Teleport Object (10; PF), Telekinesis (varies), Telekinetic Leap (8), Telekinetic Lift (6), Telekinetic Punch (6), Telekinetic Push (4), Telekinetic Bullets (20; BTS).
Sensitive: Mental Electronic Messaging (8; BTS), Sixth Sense (2), Total Recall (2), Remote Viewing (10), See Aura (6), Object Read (6), Empathy (4), Astral Projection (8), Clairvoyance (4), Sensory Link (10; PU1).
Super: Telekinesis (Varies), Telekinetic Force Field (30).
Cybernetics: Psionic Booster, Psionic Actuator, Eruptor Implant: Telekinesis, Psychometric Booster.
Vulnerabilities: In addition to the obvious disfigurement and the associated inability to speak or move his limbs, Proteus is also unable to keep down anything other than meat and is color blind – the latter of which is a flaw which infuriates him more than the sum of his other physical deformities and that inspired fury is one of the few connections he feels to the human race. Perhaps more a result of conditioning due to his reluctance to be seen than his genetic tampering, Proteus has become a creature far more comfortable shrouded in the darkness of night and as such, he suffers a -2 to initiative, -1 to strike and dodge and -5% to skill performance duright the daylight hours. In addition, his eyes are overly sensitive to bright lights.
Nose Bleeds: Whenever a psychic ability is used, blood streams from the nose for 1D4 melees (no damage but a nuisance). A few drops leaks for healing powers, a trickle for sensitive abilities, a strong trickle for physical and bleeding from both nostrels for super.
Inner Voices: Not quite schitzophrenia but Proteus’s subconscious thoughts often invade the conscious. The normally dispassionate man is bombarded with kind thoughts encouraging him to be generous and compassionate.
Astral Avenger: When Proteus is enraged, desperate or traumatized, he can enter a psionic rage in which his body collapses to the ground and a psychic avatar emerges with vengeful intents. In this state, he is limited to psychic attacks but inflict double damage. The rage lasts until vengeance has been extracted, something shocks him back to his senses or he cools down after 2D4 minutes.
Involuntary Spasms: During stressful times Proteus is prone to muscle spasms as frequently as every 5-10 minutes or every 30 seconds for the mouth or eyebrow. If absolutely terrified (Facing imminent death or torture) his entire body may go into convulsions for 1D4 melees. When relatively stress-free, the spasms still occur but at the reduced rate of once or twice per day. If a spasm of the hand or arm occurs during a physical attack, it is made at -5 to strike and costs an additional action.
Armor: None.
Weapons: None.
Equipment: 1 set of leather gloves, 3 casual outfits, wallet, one magnifying glass, identification papers, portable forensics kit with zip lock bags for collecting evidence, Holographic Personal Computer, shoes with trick soles (small secret compartment in the heel), personal items, small apartment (4 rooms).
Money: 7,680 credits.


Born to a well-to-do family that resided within Center’s illustrious Manors, Proteus’s down syndrome was something of a faux pas, considered doubly so by his very own father: a famous sleuth that made a living of his respectable intelligence. Although the family took every precaution Center’s vast medical sciences provided, it seemed Proteus’s fate could not be altered; at least not before his birth. Never willing to accept the bleak outlook that lay before his mentally challenged son, Proteus’s father turned to the only force within the system which had the means to cure him of his down syndrome, the Gene-Tech.

As with any faustian deal worth noting, Proteus’s restored mental faculties came with a cost. Although his mind seemed restored, his body lay in ruins – not only had he been deformed, twisted into a monstrous wreck that seemed doubly as inhuman as his once inferior mind had seemed to his father, but the boy was now a cripple; his body little more than a grotesque prison to trap a now fully aware mind.
Although he would never admit it, Proteus’s father would forever regret his inability to accept his son for what he was prior to the Gene-Tech’s intervention and as a means to shroud his guilt, he would forever focus on the boy’s emerging brilliance in order to convince himself that he had done right by his son. Clinging to his own delusion, as soon as the first psychic anomalies started converging around young Proteus, his father spent a fortune implanting psionic-enhancing cybernetics into an illegally young child in the hopes that Proteus’s development would be moulded by a plethora of mental gifts and not his obvious physical flaws. Seemingly, his plan worked.

At the age of two, Proteus’s mind seemed to have matured to levels comparable with an adult male although strangely, his body never seemed to change at all. Too monstrous to ever face the public, Proteus was confined to the manor and the responsibility of his education was left to his father and an arsenal of authors whos lives works served as Proteus’s only link to the outside world. With no other influences to spare, Proteus had no path to walk other than the one provided by his father, the life of a a sleuth the only option available to him but one he never condemned nor criticized. Actually, it was obvious to Proteus’s father’s keen deductive mind that Proteus never found fault in anything – his superior mind seemed beyond normal human limits, reducing his sense of empathy and ability to relate to the human ego to a level as far removed as the physical.

Regardless of the many ailments that plagued Proteus’s life, it wasn’t long before he had forged his own path, becoming a respectable Sleuth in his own right and in many ways, already superior and more renowned than his father. Still unable to risk the fallout of the revelations of his monstrous facade, Proteus never once left the confines of his home, always attending the powers that be via proxy, using mules and technology to serve as his eyes, ears and hands.


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