Wandering Minstrel


Archetype: Trickster
Alignment: Scrupulous(Good)
Motivation: Become a famous musician
Disposition: Untrusting with strangers, clingy, affectionate and irrational at times.
R.C.C.: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: No one really knows
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 125lbs
Appearance: Beautiful, Tall and Slender. Her emerald green eyes twinkle against her milky skin. Her red velvet hair cascades down to the small of her back in gentle waves. Before a battle, she generally ties it back.
Home Dimension: Rifts Earth
O.C.C.: Mystic
Level of Experience: 4th Level Mystic
Current Experience: 12,850/16,500
Affiliations/Factions: Alcoholics Anonymous.
Attributes: I.Q. 12, M.E. 20, M.A. 9, P.S. 15, P.P. 21, P.E. 21, P.B. 21, Spd. 8
Attribute Bonuses: Can carry 150 pounds, lift: 300 pounds, and throw 75 pounds up to 15 feet. + 3 to strike, + 3 to dodge, + 3 to parry, 55% to Charm and 55% to Impress.
Hit Points: 32
S.D.C.: 29
M.D.C.: None, except by armor or magic.
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 119. P.P.E. Recovery Rate: 5 per hour of activity or 10 per hour of meditation or rest.
I.S.P.: 44. I.S.P. Recovery Rate: 2 Per hour of activity or 6 per hour of meditation or rest.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 5
Combat Bonuses: + 1 with Archery, + 0 on initiative (+ 6 with sixth sense), + 3 to strike, + 3 to disarm, + 3 to entangle, + 5 to pull punch, + 0 to damage, + 3 to parry (+ 2 with sixth sense), + 3 to dodge (+ 3 with sixth sense), + 2 to roll with impact.
Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 on Perception Rolls; + 1 at 6, 8, 10 and 12 (double on ley line), + 2 to save vs Horror Factor, + 3 to save vs disease ,+ 3 to save vs insanity ,+ 5 to save vs. Magic; + 1 at levels 6,9 and 12, + 2 to save vs. mind control; + 1 at levels 8 and 12, + 3 to save vs. Pain, + 3 to save vs. poison, + 4 to save vs. Possession; + 1 at 8 and 12, + 5 to save vs. Psionics; + 1 at levels 8 and 12, + 12% to save vs. coma and death.
Natural Abilities – Elf:
1. Archery Savant: + 1 attack per melee when using W.P. Archery
2. High Elven Education: Knows Mathematics: Basic at 75%; + 5% per Level of Experience
3. Harmony with Nature: + 2% on ALL Wilderness Skills
4. Multilingual: Speaks and is literate in Elven/Dragonese at 98% and speaks Fairie Speak at 98%
5. Nightvision: Can see in darkness up to 100’
Special O.C.C. Abilities – Mystic:
1. Sense Supernatural Evil: Range: 360 feet (+ 20 Feet per level.) Baseline: 60%; + 5% per level of experience
2. Open Oneself to Supernatural Range: 900 feet; + 100 feet per level of experience. Bonuses: Wile in the trance state the Mystic automatically loses initiative and forfeits one attack/action per melee. However they are at + 3 on all Perception Rolls involving the supernatural, + 8 to save vs. psionic attacks, + 8 to save vs. Possession and + 4 to save vs. magic. Base Skill: 65%; + 5% per level of experience.
O.C.C. Skills
Language Native: American at 98%
Language Other: Gobblely at 60%
Language Other: Demongogian at 60%
Language Other: Oceanic at 60%
Dance at 60%
Horsemanship: General at 62%
Land Navigation at 60%
Lore: Animals at 62%
Lore: Magic at 55%
Lore: Faeries and Creatures of Magic at 55%
Lore: Religion at 55%
Philosophy: at 60%
Play Flute at 60%
Play Keytar at 70%; professional quality
Wilderness Survival at 52%
Hand to Hand: Basic (4th)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Plus 1 at levels 6,9 and 12.
Botany at 40%
Pick Locks at 50%
Pick Pockets at 45%
Pilot: Motorcycles & Snowmobiles at 72%
Seduction at 36%
Sing at 70%; Professional Quality
Secondary Skills: Plus 1 at levels 8 and 12
General Repair & Maintenance at 35%
Electronics: Basic at 45%
Performance at 45%
Play Keytar (See Above)
Rope Works at 45%
W.P. Ancient: Archery (+ 3 to Strike; + 1 at levels 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. + 1 to disarm; + 1 at levels 5 and 10 and 15. + 2 to parry; + 1 at levels 5, 10 and 15. Rate of Fire: 4; + 1 at level 5, 8, 10, 12 and 14)
Magical Knowledge: Intuitive Practitioner of Magic; cannot learn new spells.
1st Level: Death Trance(1)and Lantern Light(1).
2nd Level: Aura of Power(4), Chameleon(6), Sea Sickness(5),Cloud of Slumber(6), Concealment(6), Fear(5), See the Invisible(4),Throwing Stones(5).
3rd Level: Ice Bolt(8) and Impervious to Fire(5)
4th Level: Carpet of Adhesion(10), Charismatic Aura(10), Cure Minor Disorders(10), Energy Field(10) and Spider Webs(10).
5th level: None.
6th level: None.
7th level: None.
8th level: None.
9th level: None.
10th level: None.
11th level: None.
12th level: None.
13th level: None.
14th level: None.
15th level: None.
Spells of Legend: None.
Spell Strength: 14; + 1 at levels 8 and 12.
Psionic Powers: Counts as Major Psychic (save vs. Psionics 12 or Higher)
Psi-Powers: Clairvoyance(4), Commune with Spirits(6), Detect Psionics(6), Exorcism(10), Increased Healing(10), Mask I.S.P. and Psionics(7), Mask P.P.E.(4), Sixth Sense(2), Suppress Fear(8) and Telepathy(4)
Super Psionic Powers: Empathic Transmission(6); + 1 at level 8.
Vulnerabilities: Insanity- Hysterical Aggressive Reaction. When not medicated Qwynnleigh reacts in anger and criticism about her appearance, musical talent or general strength of character (such as being called a coward, sissy, wimp, cheater, ugly, stupid,crazy, etc.)Once triggered, she flies off the handle, ranting and raving like a lunatic, shoving, threatening or challenging his accuser of or perpetrator of the “trigger” action (e.g., “how would you like it if I slapped you around like the punk you are?!”) The slightest act of antagonism, aggression or intolerance toward her, like pushing her away, a smart remark, ignoring her etc., will send her into a fury at whoever or whatever set her off.
Armor: Typically wears a suit of concealed mage armor (light); -5% to climb, prowl, swimming and other physical skills.
× Helmet (1) – 29
× Sleeve (2) – 16 each
× Gauntlet (2) – 9 each
× Legging (2) – 26 each
× Boots (2) – 5 each
Main Body – 32/42
× A single cross indicates a small and difficult target to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “Called Shot,” and even then the attacker is -3 to strike.
NG-MC1 Mega-Crossbow
Special Bonus: + 1 attack per melee.
Total Strike Bonus: + 6 or + 9 on an aimed shot.
Total Disarm Bonus: + 4.
Total Parry Bonus: + 7.
Weight: 14 pounds.
Effective Range: 1,500 feet (457 m).
Mega-Damage: Varies by bolt.
Regular Bolt: 2D6 + 2 S.D.C. but shatters on impact.
Mega-damage Bolt: 1D6 M.D.
Explosive Bolt: 2D6 M.D.
High Explosive Bolt: 3D6 M.D.
Smoke Bolt: No damage.
Tracer Bolt: No damage.
Rate of Fire: Special Cock System – reloading takes 1D4 + 1 attacks/actions.
Payload: 6 bolts can be fired from the clip before it must be reloaded.
Special Features: Telescopic sight – + 1 to strike on aimed shots, and Special Cock System.
Cost: 18,000 credits for the bow. Basic M.D.C. bolts cost 100 credits each, explosive bolts cost 400 credits each, high explosive bolts cost 800 credits each, and 120 credits for tracer/flare/smoke bolts.

Pistol Crossbow
Special Bonus: + 1 attack per melee.
Total Strike Bonus: + 6 or + 8 on an aimed shot.
Total Disarm Bonus: + 4.
Total Parry Bonus: + 7; cannot parry mega-damage attacks.
Weight: 6 pounds.
Range: 120 feet (36.5 m)
Mega-Damage: Varies by bolt.
Regular Bolt: 1D6 S.D.C.
Smoke Bolt: No damage.
Tracer Bolt: No damage.
Rate of Fire: 4; + 1 at levels 5, 8, 10, 12 and 14.
Payload: 1.
Special Features: Easily concealed (+ 5% to concealment).
Cost: 1,000 credits for the bow. Basic S.D.C. crossbow bolts cost 12 credits each, and 120 credits for tracer/flare/smoke bolts.

Sap (Pebble Sock)
Total Strike Bonus: + 3.
Total Parry Bonus: + 5.
Weight: 1 ½ pounds.
Effective Range: 80 feet (24 m)
Damage: 1D6 S.D.C.
Rate of Fire: Effectively unlimited in close combat, otherwise 1.
Payload: 1 when thrown.
Special Features: Easily concealed (+ 5% to concealment).
Cost: You kiddin’ me? I ain’t buying that!

Equipment:One set of traveling clothes (Keytar Hero shirt and jeans), one suit of light mage armor, one small silver cross (pendant), one set of sunglasses, one pebble sock, one sharpie, one set of Groucho glasses,
Backpack: One set of clothes (green dress with silver embroidery), two small sack, one large sack, six wooden stakes, one mallet, one canteen, one set of binoculars, one gas mask and air filters, two quivers of crossbow quarrels (24 bolts; 12 each), one half jar of peanut butter, one half jar of jelly, two bags of chips, one truckers cap (Qwynleigh’s Bitch), one hooded cloak (formal dress cloak).
Knapsack: 10 PB&J sandwiches, one hooded cloak (green), one bar of soap, one roll of duct tape, and one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Effexor; Anti-Psychotic Medication (11/30 – 750 credits for 30 pills).
Money: 39,078 credits and 6,000 credits in black market goods (jewelry). Entertainer’s Salary: 2D6 × 100 credits per night.


Qwynnleigh (AKA Qwynny) was born in a very small town outside of. When she was still young, Cybernots came to her town and slaughtered her whole village while she was hiding (using her chameleon spell) in the bathtub in her family home. Because of the carnage that she witnessed, as her family was slaughtered brutally in front of her, she has developed a few interesting quirks. She suffers from severe abandonment issues as well as separation anxiety. She also has a diagnosed mental illness. After her town was annihilated, she set out on her own exploring the lands around her. She has no tolerance for any kind of cybernetics nor violence towards animals. She will quickly bond with anyone who shows the least bit of compassion or sensitivity towards her. If separated from her companions, she may react in very unexpected ways and refuse to take her medication which grounds her. She can be very unpredictable at times. She does not drink, DON’T EVEN OFFER! Also, don’t expect her to sleep in a bed…EVER…Bathtubs are best!!!

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