Rha'lak Dovekk

Fearless Croc-a-Doc.


Alignment: Scrupulous
Motivation: To adventure and help other adventures seek their fortunes and loves. He enjoys patching people up after fights and will not hesitate to perform his services cheaply or free if he sees a cause noble enough.
Race/R.C.C.: Grackle Tooth
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Height: 8’ 2”
Weight: 700lbs.
Appearance: Although quite short for the standard Grackle Tooth, ‘Doc is still feet higher than most humans and still sports the extreme muscle mass long prehensile tail and leathery skin associated with the Grackle Tooth species. He will often be wearing his modified ‘Medic’ armor, often scaring and worrying those around him, as Grackle Tooth aren’t known for become doctors (or at least good ones).
O.C.C.: Body Fixer
Level of Experience: 01
Current Experience: 0600
Affiliations/Factions: Member of the Noble Association of Adventuring Grackle Tooth and a founding member of the Grackle Tooth Medical Association.
Attributes: I.Q.12, M.E. 13, M.A. 23, P.S. 29, P.P. 18, P.E. 19, P.B. 09, Spd. 30.
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: 75% to Trust and Intimidate. Physical Strength and Physical Endurance are both considered Supernatural. Full strength punch inflicts 3D6 M.D and a bite inflicts 2D6 M.D.
Natural M.D.C.: 76.
M.D.C. of Armour: 90.
Horror Factor: 12. Whether good or bad, Grackle Tooth are impressive.
P.P.E.: 12.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 06
Combat Bonuses: + 4 to Perception (+ 6 if medical) + 2 on Initiative, + 3 to strike, + 1 to disarm, + 0 to entangle, + 5 to pull punch, + 5 to parry, + 4 to dodge, + 5 to roll with impact.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 8% to save vs coma/death, + 11 to save vs disease, + 7 to save vs horror factor, + 3 to save vs insanity, + 2 to save vs magic, + 1 to save vs mind control and illusions, + 7 to save vs poison, + 1 to save vs psionic attack.
Natural Abilities:
● Limited Regeneration: 9 M.D.C. per 12 hours.
● Prehensile Tail:
● Mechanical Aptitude: Gains the following skills:
-Basic Electronics 40% + 5%
-Basic Mechanics 40% + 5%
-W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
Special O.C.C. Abilities
● Disease Diagnostic Specialist:
● Familiarity with D-Bees:
O.C.C. Skills
Language (Native): American at 96%
Literacy (Native): American 70% + 5%
Language (Other): Spanish 70% + 3%
Language (Other): Demongorgian 70% + 3%
Athletics (General)
Biology 60% + 5%
Brewing: Medicinal 55%/60% + 5%
Chemistry 50% + 5%
Lore: D-Bees 50% + 5%
Math: Basic 60% + 5%
Medical Doctor 80%/70% + 5%
-Wilderness Survival 45% + 5%
Pathology 70% + 5%
Pilot: Military Tanks & APCs 36% + 4%
Sensory Equipment 50% + 5%
Xenology 50% + 5%
W.P. Knife (special + 1 to strike)
Hand to Hand: Expert
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Appraise Goods 40% + 5%
Astronomy and Navigation 40% + 5%
Computer Operation 50% + 5%
Field Surgery 45% + 4%
Forensics 50% + 5%
Math: Advanced 55% + 5%
Psychology 50% + 5%
Streetwise 24% + 4%
W.P. Shotgun
Secondary Skills:
Climbing 40%/30% + 5%
Fishing 40% + 5%
Photography 35% + 5%
Swimming 50% + 5%
W.P. Blunt
Magical Knowledge: None.
Psionic Powers: None.
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: Impervious to carcinogens and heat, suffers penalties in cold environments.
Armor: Light suit of Large M.D.C. leather ‘Medic’ armor (90 M.D.C.).
Weapons: Vibro-Knife, M.D.C. Bowie Knife, “Ceremonial Whoop-Ass Stick”, Bandit 5050 “Papa Bear” Enhanced BigBore Medium Rail Gun, BigBore ’’Lawman" Automatic Shotgun.
Ammo: 576 Big Bore Shotgun rounds, 200 silver shotgun stakes, 2 spare Lawman magazines, 1 spare ‘Papa Bear’ drum, 2 spare E-clips.
Medical: 2 surgical gowns, 24 disposable gloves, a pair of reusable gloves, first aid kit, surgical kit, IRMSS robo-surgeon, RMK robo-doc, handheld blood pressure monitor, thermometer, six unbreakable vials, miscellaneous medical supplies, portable compu-drug dispenser, portable laboratory (APC), medical bag.
Miscellaneous: Handheld computer, backpack, 2 bandoliers, flashlight, 50ft of high-tensile rope, 4 sets of padded police handcuffs, zippo lighter, pen flashlight, compass, gas mask, hooded long-coat, 2 10L jerry cans of water (APC), 2 canteen, sunglasses, air filter, pocket notepad with pens, fishing line, photo album, portable stove & cooking equipment (APC), 20 meal bars, 8 weeks’ worth of rations (7 weeks in APC), moisture condenser (APC), weapon cleaning and repair kits, battle harness.
Vehicles: GAW-M113BA Battle Ambulance.
Money: 4125 credits and 9000 credits in powdered minerals.


“Relax… I be a Doctor…” – Rha’lak ‘Doc’ Dovekk

Rha’lak ‘Doc’ Dovekk was born and raised in Alliance Nebraska, and was often seen as something of an anomaly by his family. From a young age he seemed to take an interest in medicine and becoming a doctor, rather than learning how to become an Operator like his parents. This didn’t mean that he didn’t love to play and fight with his siblings just like any normal Grackle Tooth; but he didn’t share their aspirations. When he was 16, Rha’lak found another Grackle Tooth who like him was interested in medicine and he took him under his wing and began teaching him in the arts of becoming a doctor. The older Grackle Doctor was called ‘Gunther’ and told Rha’lak that he needed to train him to be a doctor so that he could be the final member they needed to officially found the Grackle Tooth Medical Association (GTMA). Nothing really more than just a social club of Grackle Doctors, Rha’lak grew tired of their passive views of the world which conflicted with the adventurous heart he inherited from his parents.

Now a fully-fledged Medical Doctor, Rha’lak took on the nickname ‘Doc’ and returned home to his parents and told them that now he had the skills to save people he would become the adventurer they always wanted him to be. This decision took him to the Noble Association of Adventuring Grackle Tooth; where he signed up as an official member and submitted an application expressing his interest to join an adventurer group who needed a trained doctor and/or heavy weapons guy; as he like most Grackle Tooth loved the roaring fire of railguns and rockets. It didn’t take too long before he had gotten a reply from a group who were looking for a guy like him. At first they were more than a little concerned at the idea of an 8’2” tall killing machine also being their doctor but their worries were soon eased as they realized that Doc was actually a professional doctor.

Upon leaving his parents to start his adventuring life, Doc’s parents gave him their ‘leaving home’ present; a customized Golden Age Weaponsmith’s APC which had the interior retrofitted to become a battle ambulance and portable medical base.

Unfortunately for Doc, the adventuring group he was with failed to ever achieve anything or do anything reckless or heroic; instead their idea of being an ‘adventuring group’ was really not much more than a glorified road trip around the safest parts of North America.

The feeling of his unsatisfied wanderlust and spirit of true adventuring led him to leave the group he was with and set out on his own path alone until he finds a group who crave the same danger and adventure that he does.

Rha'lak Dovekk

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