Sachio Takai

Blind but not Broken


Archetype: The Rogue
Alignment: Unprincipled
Motivation: To keep his family safe.
Disposition: Although his self destructive tendencies appear to be a thing of the past, that is more a result of his life currently being on the up than any real philosophical development. If his situation starts plummeting back to the gutter, his currently positive outlook is likely to fall right alongside it. He is very prone to addiction and although he thinks he has moved beyond that particularly negative quality, all he ever seems to do is shift the nature of his obsession.
Race/R.C.C.: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 163 lbs.
Appearance: A short, slender man of Asian descent with unkempt hair that brackets his jawline. Usually he conceals his eyes with a simple bandage but he has been known to wear double eye patches. Although sunglasses would seem like an obvious choice, he has never and will never conceal his handicap in such an inconspicuous manner.
O.C.C.: Police Officer (Japan; Retired)
Level of Experience: 1
Current Experience: 400/2,120
Affiliations/Factions: Formerly the Republic of Japan’s Police Force and regrettably the Yakuza.
Attributes: I.Q. 16, M.E. 8, M.A. 11, P.S. 15, P.P. 18, P.E. 18, P.B. 12, Spd. 26 (Halved due to blindness – 9 mph; 16 meters per action)
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 2% to all skills, + 2 to strike, parry and dodge, + 6% to save vs Coma/Death, + 2 to save vs Poison/Magic.
Hit Points: 19
S.D.C.: 49
M.D.C.: 50 via Cyber Armor (A.R. 16), 70 via armor.
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 6
I.S.P.: N/A
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 4
Combat Bonuses: + 5 to Initiative ( + 2 vs or when aided by dogs, – 3 to Strike (+ 5 Blind Fighting, + 1 with Blunt, + 2 with Sword), – 2 to Parry (+ 5 Blind Fighting, + 1 with Blunt, + 1 with Sword), + 0 to Dodge (+ 5 Blind Fighting), – 1 to Body Flip (+ 8 Blind Fighting), – 1 to Disarm (+ 5 Blind Fighting), – 1 to Entangle (+ 8 Blind Fighting), + 4 to Pull Punch (+ 5 Blind Fighting), – 1 to Pin/Incapacitate (+ 8 Blind Fighting), + 5 to Break Fall.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 to Save vs Magic, + 2 to Save vs Poison, + 1 to save vs horror ( + 2 vs animals), + 6% to Save vs Coma/Death.
1. Defined Talent: Blind Fighting and Breed Dogs
2. Magic Item: Cane Sword
3. Excellent Memory: The character has an excellent memory, although not perfect. The character has a long memory and tends to remember important things (or at least matters they consider important). Bonuses: + 6% to Land Navigation and + 5% to Blind Fighting, Breed Dogs and First Aid.
4. Blind: Has no sense of sight but has become accustomed to the lifestyle and learned how to rely on their other senses. Bonuses: Starts with Blindfighting ( + 20%) and the character is only at – 5 on all combat-related actions from their blindness, or – 0 with a successful blind fighting roll. Furthermore, blind characters do not have to check for Horror Factor or insanity whenever faced with extradimensional horrors like Alien Intelligences or the Old Ones. Only reputation-based and situational fear will trigger a Horror Factor roll (Game Master’s discretion); the character cannot be stunned into inaction by not seeing the dragon looming over him, but he might have cause to hesitate when he runs his hand along its scale hide and realizes the seriousness of his predicament. Penalties: The character cannot see and is at – 5 on all combat-related rolls (instead of – 10). They might be able to compensate for their handicap, but they cannot completely overcome it. Players should keep in mind that blind characters cannot typically describe the appearance of an attacker, identify colors, heraldry, or read most forms of written language.
5. Animal Affinity, Dogs: The character has special an affinity with all canines. This affinity does extend to natural animals native to other dimensions but does not extend to supernatural creatures with animal or predatory intelligence. As a general rule of thumb, if it has supernatural physical strength or endurance or vicious fanged mouths at the end of tentacles it probably isn’t going to count. Bonuses: + 2 to save vs Horror Factor against the animal(s), + 2 on initiative in combat against (or when aided by) the animal(s) and add + 10% to all skill rolls regarding the handling, training, or care of said animal(s). Plus, the character has the ability to “speak” the language of the chosen animal(s). Although not truly speaking any real language the character can understand the “intent” of an animal on a deep and almost spiritual, level. Base Skill: 68% + 2% per level of experience.
6. Addiction: Sachio has an addictive personality and has been known to fall prey to many addictions. In the past he has been both a gambling addict and an alcoholic. His current obsession lies with his friend and mentor Kiyuu Matsusaki. Although he seems to have recovered from both his gambling and alcohol addictions, he is always at risk of relapse or even developing an entirely new addiction to replace his infatuation with Kiyuu.
Special O.C.C. Abilities None
O.C.C. Skills
Language: Japanese at 110% (98%)
Language: American at 72%
Literacy: Japanese at 62%
Literacy: American at 52%
Computer Operation at 52%
Radio: Basic at 57%
Surveillance at 42%
Basic Electronics at 42%
Streetwise at 32%
Find Contraband at 38%
Criminal Scene Investigation at 40%
Biology at 35%
Chemistry at 35%
Chemistry: Analytical at 30%
Advanced Mathematics at 50%
Basic Mathematics at 62%
Demon and Monster Lore at 32%
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Blunt
Hand to Hand: Aikido
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Blind Fighting at 87%
Specialization: Blind Fighting ( + 10% – already factored in; one skill)
First Aid at 62%
Breed Dogs at 82%
Pilot Automobile at 77%
-Sense of Balance at 52%
-Work Parallel Bars/Rings at 62%
-Back Flip at 72%
-Prowl at 32%
-Climb at 27%
-Climb Rope/Rappel at 62%
Secondary Skills:
Gambling at 32%
Literacy: Braille at 32%
W.P.: Sword
Magical Knowledge: None.
Spell Strength: N/A
Psionic Powers: None.
Vulnerabilities: Blindness.
Armor: HA-6 “Frontiersman” EBA: 70 M.D.C., no prowl penalty
1. Blind Man’s Bite, The Indestructible Sword Cane: 2D4 S.D.C. damage as a cane and can parry M.D. weaponry. The magic sword within is indestructible and inflicts 2D4 + 3 M.D. + 3D6 acid damage with an extra + 2 damage every melee round for 1D6 melees; Even on a successful parry, the weapon or limb performing the parry suffers 1 point of acid damage. All acid damage from multiple hits are cumulative and the acid can only be washed off with a cleanse or purification spell. When the sword is unsheathed, the owner is bestowed with a powerful Aura that inspires an awe factor of 10 + 4 at level 5 and + 2 at level 11. When being drawn the wielder is +3 to initiative or if the wielder is initiating the fight, it counts as an ambush.
2. AT-N20 neural stick: 1D6 S.D.C. plus stun. Any victim without any sort of electrical resistance/immunity that is not wearing full environmental armor must make a saving throw vs pain (14 or higher) or be rendered unconscious for 1D4 minutes. Those who make their saving throw suffer a -8 penalty on all combat-related rolls, reduces their attacks/actions per melee, speed, and skill performance by half for 1D4 melee rounds.
Equipment: Cane, Clothes and Police Handcuffs (4 sets): 80 S.D.C.
Money: 2920 (3000 per month pension)

Sandy the Seeing-Eye Dog:
Attributes: Speed 50, HP 15, SDC 17, HF 13 against Demons
Bonuses/Penalties: 4 Attacks per melee, + 3 Initiative, + 4 Strike, + 2 Dodge, – 4 save vs Magic, + 1 save vs Psionics, + 3 Save vs Horror
Damage: 2D4+2 SD (MD against Supernatural)
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 30’, prowl 45%, track by smell 80%, swim 65%, leap 4’ high and 6’ long, Demons can’t regenerate Dog damage within the first 30 minutes and have no combat bonuses against a dog.
Psionics: have the following instinctive Psionics, all at a 1000’ range: See the Invisible, Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense and Empathy
Special Attacks:
1. Pounce: Has a 50% chance of knockdown, the victim loses initiative and two actions if the dog remains on the victim, holding it down or continuing to bite if acting aggressively (only one action is lost if it is a simple knockdown).
2. Entangle: By biting on a hand or sleeve to keep a victim off balance, the dog can impose the following penalties: Initiative is lost, all combat bonuses are halved, -40% to all skill performance and the victim cannot run. The Entangle can be held for 1D6+6 minutes without having to readjust its grip.


Sachio’s life began as mundane as any, the only notable, out of ordinary trait being that he impregnated his high-school girlfriend at the tender age of 16. With both families being comfortably in the middle class, it may have been an embarrassment that inspired many a lecture, but it was certainly manageable. As soon as he finished his high school education, he married his sweetheart, taking in his twins and adding a third child to the mix soon after.
After joining the police force, his white-picket-fence lifestyle seemed complete although, Sachio was far from satisfied with his situation.
Showing great promise in animal care, Sachio was trained as the dog handler for his local precinct, a job that by all rights should be a dream come true for a dog lover like him but he never seemed to love it like he always believed he would. He did not take well to the responsibility of adult life. With a wife, three young children and now with the added pressure of a nine to five job and a pack of innocent canines to protect and train; Sachio needed an outlet for his frustrations, a failing he would later come to regret. Choosing the unhealthy past time of gambling to manage his sanity was always destined to be a mistake but as a young man lacking in foresight, it was a mistake he could only learn the hard way.
Never showing much talent with games of chance, Sachio soon found himself in horrible debt to all of the wrong people. Never realizing he was in bed with the Yakuza until it was far too late, he found himself at their mercy. With far too much debt for his meager salary to ever have much chance of paying, the Yakuza offered him one simple out; His debt would be cleared if he simply used his security clearance chip to enter the police evidence locker and dispose of one simple package for them. Certain that he would be imprisoned for committing the crime or killed if he didn’t, Sachio found himself in an impossible situation. It was only as he spoke with the officer in charge of the lockup that he finally changed his mind and chose not to assist the Yakuza – his faltering sense of honor finally overpowering his survival instincts.
The Yakuza were far more forgiving than Sachio ever expected. He didn’t know if they found some other means to avoid their legal troubles or if something else inspired their generosity but they set him free with little more than a chilling warning and the loss of his eyes: “Your honor cost you your eyes and your honor will keep your eyes absent… And if not, your family losing theirs in your place might help you remember that honor you seem to hold so precious.”
In spite of his cybernetic advantages, Sachio couldn’t adjust to his new condition at all and without his sight, his future seemed hopeless. Overwhelmed by guilt, self-pity and regret, he repeated the mistakes of his past and channeled all of his potential into all of the wrong avenues. With his new-found depression consuming all avenues of his life, he could only satiate his suffering at the bottom of a bottle and seemed quite content to spend the rest of his days in solitude at his local tavern, pouring too much of his pension into his alcoholism. Although he hated “watching” his family suffer, suffer they did. An ex-officer’s pension only stretches so far and his alcholism had it stretched beyond the limit. Stuck in a vicious circle of alcohol inspired financial issues and financial issue inspired alcoholism, bankruptcy and probable homelessness seemed to be the only visible pit-stops ahead on his path to self-destruction.
Two years later with nothing to show for his time but increasing debt and growing resentment from his family, it finally looked like the debt collectors were finally ready to collect Sachio’s family home. The mere fact that they kept the debt collectors at bay that long is a testament to the Republic of Japan’s lucrative service pension but no stipend in the world could hold off Sachio’s destructive tendencies forever. With desperation finally setting in, he resolved himself to make the same foolish choice that cost him his eyes in the first place: he would return to gaming dens in the hopes that one big win would get him and his family out of their financial crisis and keep them off the streets.
It turned out that Sachio’s big win would come before he had the chance to regress back into his gambling addiction and not in the form of finances, but of friendship.
Sachio’s alcoholism finally found a purpose. As any true alcoholic can attest, doing what you feel needs to be done is often impossible when there is a bar with plenty on tap between you and your destination. After he had his final drink for the seventh time, a friendly stranger named Kiyuu Matsusaki bought him his eighth; a drink that would ultimately prove to be the last drink he ever consumed. Using the beverage as an opening to strike up a conversation, the endearing stranger took the opportunity to figuratively charm the pants off of Sachio. Completely enamored by the natural born orator, Sachio was too enthralled by his stories to even consider sparing a moment to order himself a drink.
Although he never realized it, that fateful encounter had forever changed his daily routine. He would head out to his favorite watering hole in the morning as was his norm, but before the opportunity to quench his thirst arose, he was constantly intercepted by that same kind soul that never struggled to find ways to keep his mind engaged. Gradually, the location of their meetings transitioned from the bar, to the home of Kiyuu.
Every day for a year Sachio met his new friend and simply took part in a one-sided conversation, that proved to be not only the most gentle form of rehabilitation but the most efficient, for not only were his self-destructive instincts quelled but he was finally beginning to feel like he was a man of worth. Without an expensive addiction robbing his family of their finances, he was able to stave off his impending foreclosure, relieving both financial and family tension in the process. Although those victories seem significant, his real breakthrough came from the inconspicuous manipulations of Kiyuu who not only remained constantly captivating but slowly managed to discretely hone Sachio’s senses and convince him that although he could not see his own reflection, the image reflected in the eyes of others was truly grand. It wasn’t long before Sachio now full of confidence, was put to work.
Sachio received two gifts from his charitable benefactor: A magic sword dubbed “Blind Man’s Bite” that was conveniently concealed within a rather ordinary-looking Cane and a bounty notice that served as both a new lease on life and the ultimate product of his year-long infatuation. Due to Sachio’s inability to identify the targets himself, the forever friendly Kiyuu opted to join him in this endeavor; Although he was resolute in the fact that his assistance would be limited to mere identification, for Sachio had to find his own wings and this bounty was his first and final test.
Although the trio were among the most feared bandits within the nation, Sachio made short work of them with surprising ease. Lulled by the security of a mark as defenseless as a blind man, the bandits approached far too closely and gave him an opportunity he could not waste – not with his mentor’s prying eyes hidden behind a nearby outcropping. Initiating the first strike, Sachio sliced the first of his targets from shoulder to hip, dousing his internal organs in the acid which would take his life only moments later. The fallen’s two allies could only watch in awe, which was a weakness one of them would not live long enough to regret as Sachio effortlessly cleaved him in half. With the death of his second associate, the third bandit snapped back to attention readying a strike of his own. Although Sachio’s honed senses seemed more than enough to not only detect the incoming attack but prepare a suitable defense, the attack never came. Instead, his expectations were crushed by a bombardment of the most panicked shrieks his amplified hearing had ever endured and the voice of a friend who had only chosen to reveal himself moments prior: “Finish him”.
Instinctively, Sachio complied with his mentor’s instruction without a moments hesitation.
Although Kiyuu vowed to himself he would not interfere, the Ancient Asama-Tatsu Dragon finally realized that their friendship had never been as one-sided as he intended and that he could not allow his blind partner to come to harm, harm which was almost certain to be reality as judged by the poor defensive stance taken by the journeyman swordsman. Simply revealing himself to the third and final bandit was more than enough to inspire both fear and the moment of hesitation Sachio needed to secure his victory. Although Kiyuu had only ever intended to use Sachio as a test subject to prove to himself that his alchemical weapons were potent enough to turn even a blind man into a killing machine; The Dragon had unwittingly become accustomed to having a pair of ears to hear his thousands of years worth of tales and would genuinely miss the conversation, even as one-sided as it was.
With his bounty covering the entirety of his debts (including that which he felt he still owed the Yakuza – even after losing his eyes as payment) and his addictions finally under control, Sachio is now all but forgiven in the eyes of his family, although the faults of his past still remain potent ammunition whenever he has an argument with his wife. Thanks to his child-like ability to eagerly listen, Sachio has been reforged into a man far more worthy of his gifts than he ever was while cursed with sight – a fact that he is unwilling to allow himself to ever forget.

Sachio Takai

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