Fallen Biomancer


Archetype: Outsider
Alignment: Scrupulous (good)
Motivation: Become accepted once more by Lemurian Society
Disposition: Quite patient and calculating of most people
Race: Lemurian
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 110lb
Home Dimension: Rifts Earth
O.C.C.: Lemurian Experimenter
Level of Experience: 4th
Current Experience: 8,200
Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 20, M.A. 17, P.S. 18, P.P. 17, P.E. 22, P.B. 20, Spd. 42.
Hit Points: 48
S.D.C.: 19
M.D.C.: 75
Horror Factor:
P.P.E.: 48
I.S.P.: 87
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 6
Combat Bonuses: + 2 on Initiative, + 2 (+ 1 with swords) to strike, + 0 to disarm, + 0 to entangle, + 3 to pull punch, + 4 to damage, + 5 (+ 1 parry with swords) to parry, + 6 to dodge, + 4 to roll with impact
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 5 Perception involving nature, + 4 Perception, + 3 vs Psionics/Insanity, + 14% save vs coma/death, + 4 save vs Poison/magic , + 2 save vs Disease, + 2 save vs Insanity
● Life Sense: Range 25ft radius + 5ft/lvl, Skill: 20% + 5%/lvl takes 15 seconds to activate
● Empathy with Animals
● Ultrasonic Communication: Range 2,000 ft underwater, 400ft on surface
● Nightvision 100ft
● Keen sense of hearing
● Reistant to cold (Half damage)
● Bio-regen 1d6 per minute
● Depth tolerance of 1 mile (1.6km)
● Swimming (84%)
Legacy Power: Demon Talons
O.C.C. Abilities:
● Analyse: Grants extra 10% bonus on Anthropology, Chemistry: Analytical, Computer Hacking, Computer Programming, Cryptography, Entomological Medicine, Intelligence, Philosophy, Research, Sensory Equipment, Trap/Mine Detection, Zoology and Xenology as well as + 1 on Perception when focused on analysing/figuring something out.
● Hypothesize: Adds 20% bonus to Jury-Rig and Brewing, also grants sudden influxes of insight into a problem. Reduces all penalties for working with extremely alien physiology and alien technology by half.
● Find the Exotic: Gives bonus to Find Contraband skill, Varies depending on application. Grants 30% discount as professional courtesy from other Experimenters and Lemurians, Atlanteans, Merans, Icthleans, doctors, medical suppliers and the Black Market.
● Recognise Scientific Authenticity and Quality: An Exclusive skill that enables the Experimenter to tell if Scientific equipment is new or used, defective, in good or perfect working order, low or high quality and if a chemical, drug, specimen or sample is genuine, pure, fair price and if it exactly what he needs or not. Reduce this skill by half when dealing with unknown alien items, bionics, electronics and mechanical items. Not applicable to magic items unless they are related to biomancy or stone magic. Base Chance: 66%
● Link with Psychic Knowledge Banks: Retrieve information, enter data based in memory tress, symbiotes and psychic knowledge banks. Base Chance 73%
O.C.C. Skills
● Language (Native): Lemurian (98%).
● Language: Oceanic (98%)
● Literacy: Lemurian (91%)
● Mathematics: Basic (98%)
● Astronomy & Navigation (77%)
● Biology (57%)
● Chemistry (57%)
● Computer Operation (64%)
● Computer Programming (62%)
● Cryptography (57%)
● Find Contraband (45%)
● Language: Dragonese (86%)
● Language: American (86%)
● Language: Spanish (86%)
● Literacy: Dragonese (87%)
● Literacy: American (87%)
● Lore: Sea Creatures (52%)
● Jury-rig (67%)
● Marine Biology (67%/57%)
● Mathematics: Advanced (98%)
● Ocean Geographic Surveying (47%)
● Philosophy (62%)
● Pilot: Water Scooter (82%)
● Research (82%)
● Xenology (62%)
● W.P Handgun
● Hand to Hand: Martial Arts.
O.C.C. Related Skills: Plus 2 additional skills at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15.
● Lore: Demons and Monsters (67%)
● Lore: Vampires (62%)
● Sea Holistic Medicine (52%)
● Holistic Medicine (62%/52%)
● First Aid (77%)
● Botany (72%)
● Chemistry Analytical (67%)
● Undersea Farming (77%)
● Underwater Navigation (59%)
● Land navigation (55%)
● Wilderness Survival (62%)
● Identify Plants and Fruit (57%)
● Atheletics: General
● Climbing (62%/52%)
● Prowling (47%)
● W.P Archery
● Fencing
Secondary Skills: Plus 1 additional skills at levels 3, 5, 9 and 13.
● Running
● W.P Sword
● Cooking (57%)
● Pilot: Bicycle (55%)
Magical Knowledge: None
Spell Strength:
Psionic Powers: Major Psychic
Empathy (4), Meditation (0), Mind Block (4), Object Read (6), Read Dimensional Portal (6), Sense Dimensional Anomaly (4), Speed Reading (2), Telemechanics (10), Telemechanic Mental Operation (12), Telepathy (4).
● Bio bow
● Stonecaster Pistol
● Scimitar of Slaying – Damage: 4D6+3 (Eternally sharp)
Equipment: Sea Doctor, Talisman- Armour of Neptune Wavestrider Bioarmour, Basic Clothing, Surface clothing/travelling clothes, boots, Wide brimmed hat, Lab Coat, 7 Surgical Masks, 8 Bio degradable surgical gloves, Longbow, 2 sedimentary and 2 metamorphic clips, 96 stone arrows, Survival knife, Surgical Scalpel, Sungalsses, Goggles, Gasmask, med specimen jars, 4 small specimen jars, portable tool kit, hand held computer, digital camera, binoculars, magnifying glass, pocket mirror, small flashlight, small notebook, sketchbook, 4 pencils, markers, 1 person tend, backpack, satchel, 3 small sacks, one large sack, brush and personal effects, fin pack and Psycorder.

Symbiote attached to Suri: New Life Crab


Suri came from a quite upstanding family in Lemuria, her mother was a Gene Biomancer and her father was a Serpent Hunter, she was to follow her mother into being a Biomancer as she was considered a progeny in the arts. But that all changed when on the way to Tritonia to see the doctor there, the transport was attacked and through the confusion she found herself on an island with other children. There she witnessed and was victim to horrors no child should have to face and even an eventual death only to be bought back as what can be described by most who witnessed a monster. Now she is an Albino Lemurian with a parasite on her, but that didn’t stop her from still wanting to survive and live despite after getting out of the island with the other children she found herself shunned by her parents and society as a whole, but Gobi helped her by convincing his father to take both Suri and her brother Michael into their household. In those 4 years before the occurrences leading to the Tritonia accident.

Suri spent most of her time cooped up only really going out when forced and feeding the Symbiote which after a few months a Biomancer was nice enough to look at for her and turns out there was nothing that they could do to remove it or she died which was a shock to her. Gobi was very nice to try and make Michael’s and her own time staying there good. After the year mark when Gobi and Michael had to travel to go and see Dr Shore, Suri went along with them and talked to the good doctor. In exchange for agreeing to be inspected by him Suri was introduced to a couple of Lemurian Scientists Yesmina and Abtin, after they had ran a few tests so to speak Suri became fascinated with learning more about the Symbiote inside her stomach and became the lab assistant of Yesmina. One of the first tests they conducted was to see to exactly which extent the Symbiote had over her so to speak had over Suri after starving the Symbiote for a while until it took control of her body to try and find food. That was by far the worst of all the tests the rest were just working out exactly what it did to her. The time went by quickly generally ignoring other people to concentrate on any experiments. She continued to stay with Gobi and his parents which she was grateful for their hospitality regardless of how much his mother tried to teach her sewing, housekeeping and cooking the last she paid attention to.

After these events she took to her studies and experiments to try to return herself back to normal but unfortunately that is to no avail no matter what she tries. She mainly kept to herself never really going out or even travelling much just keeping to Yesmina’s Laboratory until she was able to secure her own which took quite a lot of convincing. She still tries to keep in contact with the “friends” she made both on the island and through Tritonia and her brother but due to the fact that she is more introverted there can be months that she is not heard from.

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