Tom Carpesh


Alignment: Scrupulous
Motivation: To live and build stuff to help people
Disposition: Generally nice unless you piss him off
Race/R.C.C.: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6ft
Weight: 200lb
O.C.C.: Operator
Level of Experience: 1st level Operator.
Current Experience: 50/X,XXX.
Attributes: I.Q 18, M.E. 9, M.A. 9, P.S. 17, P.P 12, P.E. 13, P.B. 9, SPD 11
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 4% to all skills, + 2 damage
Hit Points: 17
S.D.C.: 16
M.D.C.: None bar armour
Horror Factor:
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 5
Combat Bonuses: + 2 pull punch, + 2 roll with impact
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 Perception, + 2 save vs Fatigue and disease
Natural Abilities:
Business Acumen: Naturally skilled at managing others and balancing books. + 15 to business and finances and + 5 to maths:basic. Plus if the character owns or runs an organisation they control 1 creation point for every 500 experience points instead of the normal 1,000
Qualified Savant: Is an expert in the field of Mechnical engineering.
Special O.C.C. Abilities
Jury-Rig Repairs Can slap together solid temporary repairs in half the time that last twice as long.
Find Parts and Components + 20% to find contraband related to vehicular M.D Weapons, M.D.C Materials, power supplies, communications systems, electronics, generators, fuel, mechanical parts and components. This bonus is added to normal find contraband skill whenever such items are involved. Gets these items at a discount 30% off as a professional courtesy from most other Operators and the Black Market. 50% discount from junkyards and salvage companies and a 65% discount if he trades at least 12 hours of his time to work at a garage, machine shop or factory for free. every 12 hours he puts in he can get up to 100,000 credits worth of parts or materials at the discount.
Recognise Machine Quality Enables the operator to tell if an item is new or used, defective, rebuilt, low or high quality a fair price and whether it’s exactly what he needs or not. Skill applies to all most vehicles, machines, parts, tools and electronics 58% + 3% Per level
Repair and Soup-Up Machines & Vehicles Repairs for cheap: Can completely repair most parts, machines and vehicles at a cost of 25% of its original list price (plus his time if he’s charging for it; typically another 30% to 50%). Requires the right parts and time to make the repair
Replace M.D.C on the main body and key sections at a cost of 1200 credits per 1 M.D.C point restored. Cannot exceed the original M.D.C amount
Add M.D.C to brand new vehicles and body armour. the percentage increase depends on the Operator’s level of skill and experience +5% at levels 2 4 6 8 10 12 and 14.
Maximize Performance. Can tweak a vehicle or most any machine to perform better. Can increase Spd 20%, Range (of weapons, radio signals, sensors, etc) by 10%, Reduce weight by 10% and add one extra weapon or feature per body area of a vehicle or standing fortification (front/nose, mid section, rear section, top/roof, bottom/undercarriage and wing)
O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 96%
Language: Other +24
Literacy: American 44%
Basic Math 69%
Basic Electronics 34%
Computer Operation 54%
Computer Repair 44%
Electrical Engineer 59%
Find Contraband 45%
Jury – Rig 49%
Mechnical Engineer 98%
Maths Advanced 49%
Pilot: Automobile 79%
Pilot: Motorcycle 79%
Pilot: Military Helicopter 71%
Radio: Basic 64%
Sensory Equipment 54%
Weapons Engineer 44%
W.P Blunt
W.P Energy Rifle
HTH Expert
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Locksmith 44%
Robot Mechanics 34%
Field Armourer & Munitions Expert 49%
Salvage 49%
Ropeworks 44%
Robot Electronics 44%
T.V Video 44%
Secondary Skills:
Climbing 44%/34%
W.P Shotgun
Swimming 54%
Whittling & Sculpting 34%
W.P Paired
Magical Knowledge:
Spell Strength:
Psionic Powers:
Armor: Urban Warrior Main body 55, Helmet 38, Arms 17, Legs 33
Weapons: Large Wrench + 1 strike + 1 parry Damage 2d6 S.D.C Hammer + 1 strike + 1 parry Damage 2d6 S.D.C Neural Mace + 1 strike + 1 parry L-20 Pulse Rifle + 1 strike Damage 2d6md single 6d6md 3 round burst 1600ft range 40/40 Shotgun + 1 strike Damage
Equipment: A portable tool kit with an electric screwdriver and additional interchangeable heads, wrenches, etc. Large tool kit, Soldering iron, Laser torch (for welding), a roll of duct tape, two rolls of electrical tape, pen flashlight, large flashlight, a dozen flares, 200ft of super lightweight rope, a couple of knives, notebook, portable disc recorder, portable language translator, protective goggles, work gloves, 3 pairs of thin doctor’s gloves, backpack, satchel, large sack, canteen, Set of work clothes, overalls, utility belt, a pair of goggles, canteen, air filter, a pocket note pad and two pens. Personal effects
Money: 11,000 credits
Iron Eagle Attack Helicopter Crew: Four; Pilot, Co-pilot/gunner, communications technician and a secondary gunner, two human-sized passengers can be squeezed in too. M.D.C by location: * Four-blade Top Rotors – 80 (20 per blade), ** Rear Rotor – 60, Mini-Missile Launchers (2) – 100 each, Medium-range Missile Launchers (2) – 100 each, Nose Auto-cannon – 100, * Main Body – 300, Reinforced Pilots’ Compartment – 150. * Destroying the main body knocks the helicopter out of the sky and renders it completely useless. /* Destroying the rear rotor or one of ht emain blades will cause the helicopter to fly at half speed, wobble and is – 6 to parry, – 3 to strike, and – 50% on piloting skills/maneuvers. *Speed: Flying only: Can hover in a stationary position up to 3000ft high and can achieve a maximum flight speed of 300mph (480kmh) and can climb to an altitude of 3000ft. Cruising and attack speeds vary, but tend to be between 100 and 200 mph and it has excellent VTOL capabilities.
Height: 15ft
Weight: 10ft wide rotors have diameter of 50ft
length: 55ft
Weight: 10 tons fully loaded
Cargo: Enough room to add two passengers or equivalent cargo.
Power system:
Mini Missile Launchers (2): Range: 1 mile, rate of fire: one at a time or volleys of 2,3,5,10 or 24, Damage: Varies with missile type, Payload: 48 (24 per missile launcher)
Medium-range missile launchers (2): Range: 50 miles, Rate of fire: 1 at a time or volleys of 2 or 4, damage: Varies with missile type, Payload: 8 total 4 per launcher
30mm Auto cannon: Range: 3000ft, damage: 3d6MD per single shot 2d6x10MD per 20 round burst, Payload: 4000 round drum magazine. Weight 2 tons


For all his life Tom has always tinkered with things mechanical but that could be because he was always in his father’s workshop, when other boys grew up with balls and toy cars he grew up with bearings and wrenches. When he was old enough to walk and pick up items he started to help his father showing how skilled he could be, so they worked together father and son as it was in generations before… In the small satellite town of Yorgmash a workshop called “Carpesh Repairs and servicing” can be found where these two live and work tinkering around with anything mechanical and always willing to service any vehicle that comes in even those which want no questions asked (but of course that’ll cost ya).
When they weren’t working on customers vehicles they were working on their own, the pet projects being a Helicopter that was found and rebuilt from the ground up and an old Muscle car.

He comes from a Dimension similar to Rifts Earth in technology.

Tom Carpesh

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