Viktor Kassadin

Arlington's Fastest Scout


Alignment: Scrupulous
Motivation: To explore and uncover the forgotten history and traditions of the Quick-flex race.
Disposition: Viktor was once a carefree and high-spirited soul, however his recent ordeals at the hands of a psychopath have left him emotionally and physically scarred; leaving him jaded and hardened. This doesn’t mean he is without compassion, in the presence of good people who aren’t horrified by how he appears the old fun-loving Viktor often resurfaces. Although he is terrible at dealing with women (especially attractive ones), he finds their company pleasant and his demeanor improves.
Race/R.C.C.: Quick-Flex
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120lbs
Appearance: Even for a quick-flex, Viktor isn’t by any stretch of the imagination a good-looking guy, with a small and thin frame, his face is one of a gaunt man who (like all Quick-Flex) has no nose. A number of scars cover his body from countless injuries from his duties as a defender and hunter for the rural settlement of Arlington.
O.C.C.: Wilderness Scout
Level of Experience: 05
Affiliations/Factions: Defenders of Arlington
Attributes: I.Q.11, M.E. 17, M.A. 12, P.S. 17, P.P. 20, P.E. 19, P.B. 06, Spd. 74 (Swim: 151ft per melee round).
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties:
Hit Points: 44
S.D.C.: 75 ( – 23)
M.D.C.: 220 – 28
Horror Factor: None.
P.P.E.: 08
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 07
Combat Bonuses: + 5 to initiative, + 6 to perception, + 2 to damage, + 6 to strike ( + 1 to strike with any gun; in addition to any W.P. bonuses), + 10 to parry (+ 14 if using shield), + 10 to dodge (automatic dodge at + 6), + 5 to pull punch, + 6 to roll with impact.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 38% to save vs coma/death, + 2 to save vs disease, + 1 to insanity, + 2 to save vs magic + 4 to save vs poison, + 1 to save vs psionic attack.
Natural Abilities:
Leaping; 12ft from running start
R.C.C. Skills:
Language (Native): American 98%
Language (Other): Spanish 75% + 5%
Combat Driving
Escape Artist 65% + 5%
W.P. Paired
W.P. Quickdraw
W.P. Targeting
Special O.C.C. Abilities
O.C.C. Skills
Language (Native): Demongorgian at 94%
Language (Other): Quillback (Gobbelly) 77% + 3%
Language (Other): Feni 77% + 3%
Athletics (General)
Cooking 65% + 5% ( + 10% to cook game animals)
Climbing 80/70% + 5%
Fishing (Professional) 85% + 5%
Horsemanship (General) 70/50 + 5%
Identify Plants and Fruits 60% + 5%
Land Navigation 72% + 4%
Pilot: Motorcycle 90% + 4%
Prowl 62% + 5%
Radio: Basic 75% + 5%
Track and Trap Animals 55/65% + 5%
Wilderness Survival 65% + 5%
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Grappling Hook
W.P. Knife
W.P. Shield
Hand to Hand: Expert
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Dowsing 55% + 5%
First Aid 60% + 5%
Lore: Demons and Monsters 55% + 5%
Pilot: Jetpack 42% + 4%
Rope Works 70% + 5%
Skin and Prepare Animal Hides 65% + 5%
Spelunking 75% + 5%
Swimming 80% + 5%
Secondary Skills:
Recognise Weapon Quality
W.P. Archery
W.P. Rifle
W.P. Spear
Magical Knowledge: None.
Psionic Powers: None.
Armor: Naruni Camouflage Body Armor (55 M.D.C.) (currently on Natasha), 8 M.D.C. bloody flight suit (currently in bag). NE-BA-55 ‘Super Soldier’ Exoskeleton Armor (71h30m remaining on the battery).
Weapons: Ranged: Collapsible Compound Bow, 2 NG-IP7 Ion Pulse Rifles (Custom), Laser Assault Rifle, Reproduction model Walther WA2000 Compact Sniper Rifle (Custom).
Melee: Grappling Hook, 2 Vibro Knives, Commando Survival Knife, 2 Collapsible Hatchets, MDC Steel Smallshield (30MDC), Vibro Shortspear.
Ammo: 4 spare E-clips, 3 Long E-clips 89 rounds of 7.62×51mm NATO and 50 rounds of silver-copper billon-jacket NATO ammo, 27 aluminium broadhead arrows, 4 flare arrows, 1 spent E-clip.
Munitions: (4) CS Smoke Grenade(s), (4) CS Stun Grenade(s), (3) CS Tear Gas Grenade(s).
Equipment: 50ft or high tensile rope, spare 40ft of rope, Ghillie Suit, overcoat, spare travel robes, spare boots, low-profile motorcycle helmet, sunglasses, gas mask, air filter, first-aid kit, can of Quik-Clot, knapsack, backpack, utility belt, 2 sacks, a dozen lashing cords, 5 iron pitons, 6 wooden pitons, wooden cross, hammer, utility knife, animal skinning knife, spool of fishing line with hooks, animal snaring kit, bottle of insect repellent, 2 canteens, 2 waterskins, 6 road flares (3 green, 3 red), infrared laser distancing binoculars, passive nightvision goggles, compass, disposable lighter, firesteel, bedroll, small sketchbook, mechanical pencil with replacement lead, pair of walkie-talkies (3mi range), 60ft duct tape, wire cutters, anti-flare 6x ACOG battle scope, weapon cleaning and repair kit, 22 meal bars, 14 MRE packets. Crowbar, mousetrap, key to Sarah’s house.
Wilk’s Infrared Binoculars (pg. 104, Merc Ops).
Vehicles: Wasterlander Motorcycle: Electric; 54 MDC, Damaged Electric Wilks Jetpack (23/30 M.D.C.).
Money: 600 credits and 4604 credits worth of exotic furs and hides.

Kill Count:
Pre-Lava Viktor: 2 confirmed kill(s) to date; 2 humanoid(s).
Post-Lava Viktor: 5 confirmed kill(s) to date; 5 humanoid(s).


’Arlington’s Fastest Scout’ as he likes to called; Viktor’s story is a painful one and that f a survivor against all odds. His parents were survivors of the War od Tolkeen; where they fought alongside mages and Cyberknights alike to repel the Coalition States’ seige. Being chased by CS Anti-D-Bee Deathsquads; his parents fled [EAST?] unttil they eventually came across the town fronteir town of Arlington.
At first, the residents of Arlington were weary and hostile towards Viktor’s parents; however after hearing that they had fought in the Seige of Tolkeen, they were allowed too stay on the condition that they served in the militia. Arlington was often attacked my Brodkil and oother hoorrors that infested the area and the town the acquisiton of two veteran gunslingers as quite a unique oppurtunity.
Woorking in the miitia was tough but compared the horrors they have witnessed ‘fighting the good fight’, they certaiinly couldn’t complain. Life settled down for them andd they had a chhild together; Viktor came into this world.
Viktor grew up around guns and ex-military personell and quickly grew proud of the iidea of serving Arlington, just like what his parents did. He saw soldiers as the pinnicle of strength and determination and from a young age trained to become one.
Viktor had never really expperienced loss until one day, just short of his 10th birthday when instead of finding his parents waiting for him when he came home from playing with the other children, but XXXXX; Arlington’s militia captaiin. Viktor learned that during a routine patrol; his parents and a number of other guardsmen came across someething much more powerful than Brodkil. Out of the 12 soldiers out on patrol, only 2 made iit back alive and even they were on the verge of death. This was the first time in Viktor’s life he had even felt lost or alone. He was an orphan now, he would never see his parents agaiin or hear their voice again.
It was after this time that reports of antisocial behaviour from Viktor came to the attention of XXXXX. He didn’t socialise with other children, disrespected authority and even got into fist fights with adults; even sometimes those in tthe miilitia. Naturally this had to be dealt with, but XXXXX saw thhe potential in this punk. Barely a teenager and he was already going blow-for-blow with full grown men.
It wasn’t that he was as strong or as tough as most men (although he might very well turn out tto be when he got older), but that he was so fast and hard to hit. Everyone knew that Quick-flex were slippery and fast fighters but Viktor had a remarkable fiightiing instinct (especially for justt a kid) that kept him oout of harms way.
XXXXX knew that if he didn’t do something, Viktor wwould just become more of a thorn in his side as he grew up, but he saw an oppertunity in the young Viktor. He would use Viktor and have him trained to become a weapon. Noot just a regular militiiaman; buut scout who could use his speed and prowess to do things that would be impossible for normal people.
Viktor who was inhis rebellious stage at this point naturally opposed the idea… until he got himself beaten down by XXXXX. It was the first time his incredible speed had failed him. He saw the battle skill that XXXXX had and knew that this was a man to be feared. Viktor respected that and agreed to XXXXX’s idea almostt iimmediattely after that.
Viktor’s training was brutal and dangerous but he knew he could do it; this is the job he knew he was destined for. His speed, agility and adaptability led to him earning his title of Arlington’s Fastest Scout. His skills as a hunter and scout helped to keep Arlington safe from the Brodkil hunting parties and other such menances.
Unfortunately misadventture and misfortuune seem to follow Viiktor and in oone routine scout patrol tthings wenthorribly awry. He had gotten intel from another scout talking about a pair of heavily armed buut isolated Brodkil and was given orders to dispatch of them. However the intel was wrong and Viktor was caught in an ambush and had to fight for his life. It was only with a combination of speed, guerilla tactics and sheer luck that Viktor made it back to Arlington alive. Even then, the battle was at a heavy price.
Viktor was horrifically injured in the ambush and by all rights shouldn’t have lasted even 15 seconds in the fight. He would live through the ordeal but he became horrifically scarred and was not deemed combat ready again until over 3 months after the incident.
Viktor had changed after that incident. He almost died, he realised that iit was the fate of his parents and he almost joined them. In time he healed but he still beared thhe scars of the ordeal; both physically and psychologically. For a Quick-Flex, Viktor used to be quite handsome, but now he was a scarred mess. The people in the militia grew to respect him however and he found solice in Sarah XXXX. Her butch attitude and looks made Viktor feel more at ease with how he now looked.
Having lost his parents when hhe was still a child and having to raise himself meant that he never learned about women and as such, had very little experience with them. He loved their company but never knew how to deal with them (especially around beautiful ones). This problem was made even worse after his ordeal as he knew that his scars meant that most women would never look twice at him ever again. He grew to hate ‘pretty boys’ that all women seemed to adore and fall for; even if they were useless, selfish and only used them. This might have been another reason Viktor and Sarah became friends; he wasn’t attractive either and since she was a open lesbian, Viktor knew she had no interest in him or any other guys, regardless of how they looked.
Viktor now just wants to live his life in relative simplicity, continuing as a scout and maybe one day finding a women who can see past his scars and hardened demeanor. Unfortunately for him though, this doesn’t seem to be in the cards for him; at least not the simplistic part.

Viktor Kassadin

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