Lesser Magical Black Iron Sabre

Viscous Black Iron Sabre

weapon (melee)

A super resilient black iron sabre with a razor-sharp edge that seeks the weaknesses of its enemies and inflicts devastating critical injuries.

Lesser Magical Black Iron Sabre
M.D.C.: 110.
Weight: 4.5lbs (2 kg).
Range: Close Combat.
Damage: 3D4 + 2 M.D.
Magical Properties: Additional Critical (increase critical threshold by 1), Additional Damage (+ 1D4), Exotic Material (Black Iron) and Magical Resilient (+ 80 M.D.C.).
Cost: 360,000 credits (56,250 gold).


The Black Iron Sabre once belonged to a miscreant Fire Warlock named Erahawias, from Douzor who sort to claim the secrets of the healing spring of Lydeana for himself. Dispatched by the Nymph and drowned in the surrounding swampland, Lydeana liberated Erahawias’s belongings and stowed them in her personal treasure hoard where they would sit undisturbed almost a decade. Some years later after having the purity of her spring restored by a small brotherhood of Warlocks, Lydeana gifted the sword to a small group of adventurers as a sign of her gratitude where it was claimed by Adam Lebrandt.

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Lesser Magical Black Iron Sabre

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