Sword of D.

Holy Sword

weapon (melee)

An indestructible single-edged sword with a trigger in the hilt and a barrel integrated into the edgeless side of the blade. The blade deals 1D4 × 10 M.D. with a slash.

Alternatively, the sword can project a powerful blast of cosmic energy, such attacks are made at + 1 to strike with an 8,000 foot (2,438 m) range, and deal 1D6 × 10 + 10 M.D.

The Sword of D. is considered a Holy Relic and inflicts double the normal damage to creatures of darkness. Likewise, creatures of darkness or evil (such as demons or alien intelligences) attempting to wield the weapon or carry it take 1D6 M.D. per melee round (15 seconds) from the brilliant golden energy that emanates from the blade.


The Sword of D. was discovered by Tritonian scavengers with the help of a blue whale companion on the sea bed near the thermal vents off the shores of Honolulu. When uncovered it was found to be set into a large block of neigh-indestructable amber. The sword (amber and all) was recovered and sold at auction for an undisclosed amount. All attempts to date to remove the sword from the amber have failed.

The sword is currently in the possession of J.J. Levonson, Customer Service Director of Northern Gun.

Sword of D.

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