The 1st Gate - Envy


The first gate is a 6 foot tall indestructible stone slab depicting a a weeping aquamarine mask somewhat reminiscent of a baby doll face. The gate itself weighs 2,800 pounds and can be moved from its location if the character(s) are strong enough. However, anytime someone touches the slab they must save vs possession (15 or higher) or be possessed by a Spirit of Envy. Those who make their saving throw forevermore gain a cumulative + 1 bonus to save vs possession against Spirits of Envy each time, until effectively becoming impervious to contact with the slab.

Failure on this roll means the character lacked the discipline or will to resist the supernatural influence and it has taken root. Such characters are overwhelmed with an all-consuming envy that blinds them to everything but their own whims and desires. They are driven to take from others at any cost, meaning they will consider forming alliances with their most bitter of enemies without much of a second thought if it means fulfilling their desires. Not to be mistaken with greed, envy is the covetous desire to possess something because someone else has it and is very much the source of much of the worlds unhappiness. As such, those influenced often become emotionally exhausted and melancholic when they realize that something is beyond their reach or unobtainable (as per the Psychosis: Depression; see below). During these lulls the possession is at its weakest, with the characters self-loathing turning inwards upon themselves and all that is not right in their life rather than the acquisition of others, though this state only lasts until the character finds themselves coveting something else; at which time their desire for such is monstrously exaggerated and their former concerns fade from their minds. The possession lasts indefinitely or until the spirit is vanquished from the body via exorcism.

The Gate itself can only be opened by someone compelled to do so out of a desire to punish another individual they are covetous of. For example, seeking to release the stone and acquire its power to destroy the romantic relationship of a friend who had been spending all their time with their partner of late, or wishing for its power to be unleashed to they might topple an old friend from school that had achieved great personal or political success in their life. Simply desiring the power or feeling one deserves it is NOT enough, it must be desired at the personal expense of others and to rob that (be it station, wealth, or power) which is possessed by another.

Gate Corruption (special): Lesser creatures, mortals, and minor psychics that spend 24 hours within a one mile proximity of the gate must routinely save vs possession against possession against Spirits of Envy (9 or higher) every 24 hours. Failure means the creature/victims become afflicted by a spirit of Envy (as listed above) but that begins to twist them into horrific parodies of the person they once were as they are slowly transformed into a Slave of Envy.

Slave of Envy
Those corrupted by proximity to the gate do not undergo any major physical changes or mutations. Instead they become fixated and zombie-like, unable to perceive reality beyond their own desires or the possessions or station of others which they desire. During the early most stages, the victims are simply covetous and easily impressed (+ 10% bonus). However, as time goes on and the victims are confronted with more and more things or persons that impress them (typically after 1D6+4 such encounters of exceptional items or individuals possessing abilities they do not have) they will become fixated on their own reality, with things outside their immediate concern becoming water color or grey and their own immediate lusts and wants being exaggerated greatly.

While in this state, the character is entirely zombie-like and unable to react with objects or persons ‘beneath their concern." They simply do not exist, except as a faint annoying buzzing like that of a fly. This includes but is not limited to friends, family, and beloved pets. If any such things serve no immediate purpose, the victim perceives them as having no value and rarely makes time for them. Likewise, if at any time objects they formerly coveted lose value, such as being considered ugly or undesirable they will simply blur into the background and become insignificant factors in the Slave’s perception of reality, almost like they are invisible (-10 on Perception rolls involving said person/object).

Furthermore, things which inhibit the victim, such as pain, lethal injury or disease become less and less important to the point of non-existence. This means, that mortally wounded slaves can operate at full capacity without penalty until their bodies eventually give up the ghost (no pun intended) and they perish. The same is often true for physical appearance, unless of course the victim is driven by insanity to imitate certain preconceptions of beauty possessed by another they envy (such as a celebrity or rockstar).

Although less remarkable in its abilities than the other gates (at least upon first inspection), influence from the Gate of Envy spreads much faster than many of the others gates and if not kept in check can destroy entire societies. Especially because Slaves of Envy unwittingly pass along their condition via touch (save vs possession by Spirit of Envy 8 or higher). Passing along the a Spirit of Envy requires skin to skin contact, but a successful touch makes the touched victim impervious to future touches (but not the influence of the stone itself!). As with direct contact, the possession may only be cured with an exorcism. Those possessed become withdrawn and covetous at first but will slowly be transformed into Slaves of Gluttony after encountering 1D6+4 exceptional persons/objects possessing abilities they themselves do not possess or objects of great value (be they personal or monetary).


The character often believes no body loves him and there is no meaning to anything,. If not careful they could die. While suffering from depression the character is at -15% on all skills and reduces Perception Rolls and Combat Bonuses by half.

The 1st Gate - Envy

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