TW Consrtuction/Loading Trench Coat

Heavy Loader Trench Coat


The TW Construction/Loading Trenchcoat is a creation of the Techno-Wizard adept Zachariah L. Chapman and his apprentice Nick Holden. This sleek streamlined jacket design incorporates two techno-wizard systems discretely interwoven into an armored Long Coat. While its features are not in function they are safely folded back and retracted in the sleeves and a modest dome-shaped mega-steel pack that sits comfortably on the upper back. When activated the devices deploy an ocular response array that can be used to manage delicate tasks. While the heavy lifting is handled by two electro-magnet gripping claws controlled by two small joysticks that slide into place from sleeves, for ease of use. The suit also includes, a retractable helmet with a built-in HUD for monitoring computer repairs, along with infrared and telescopic vision (×10 normal vision) and gas mask. Finally, a built-in to the right gauntlet, is a multi-tool which includes the functionality of a small scalpel for cutting (1D4 S.D.C.), a pen-light and a Wilk’s Laser scalpel. A retractable computer link cable is also available for monitoring computer or robotic repairs; maximum length is 12 feet (3.6 m), but it may be increased with additional extension cords if available.

Size: Man-sized, one size fits all. Although the Heavy Loader looks incredibly restrictive, it is little more than a backpack and robes, allowing for maximum freedom and unobstructed running (should the need so arise).
Weight: The system itself is deceptively heavy, weighing approximately 120lbs. However, a complex weight distribution system mitigates this largely and its weight is only the equivalent to 30lbs to the wearer. Once removed, the system is quite bulky and heavy. For this reason, it is most easily equipped from a sitting position via a stand or with the assistance of another.
M.D.C. by Location
Helmet (1; retractable) — 25
Computer Link Cable (1) — 5
Helping Hands (2) — 25
Arm (2) — 12
Leg (2) — 8
Main Body — 28

TW Helping Hands
Description: The two arms are attached to the rear shoulder blades and designed to lift up to 15lbs each or 30lbs combined and perform very delicate tasks. The physical arms are designed to hold and manipulate objects for the user to build items and move slowly. The arms can be used to work tools or align objects. The concentration on the arms is so high that if used in combat all bonuses to combat are lost and an additional -2 to all combat rolls.
Device Level: 3rd.
Construction Cost: 47.
Spell Chain: Manipulate Objects (12; primary), Globe of Daylight (2; secondary)
Physical Requirements: Two mechanical arms from assembly robot or similar worth 1,410 credits. one Opal (3 carats; 1,400 credits) and one clear quartz (1 carat; 60 credits). Each arm needs an almost identical cut of gem for each arm within 10% value. Wires needed are black wire for power gems and dark blue for wiring to arms.
Max Operational Duration: 6 minutes at a time.
Power Source: Small Techno-Wizard Engine; activation requires an investiture of 3 P.P.E.
Construction Time: 14 hours.

TW Cargo Mover

Description: This device is designed for moving heavy loads around. They are very common in magical inclined cities. The cables woven throughout the suite are stiffened like solid steel when activated to create a solid support frame. The two magnetic gripping mechanisms use carpet of adhesion for a firm grip and can be made to release additional cables for added support if needed. Due to the low speeds this is not good for combat situations. Furthermore, while activated user has no fingers or thumbs usable so no guns or items requiring finger dexterity of any kind.
M.D.C. by Location:
Cables (8) — 6 each
Gripping Mechanism (2) — 30 each
Main Body — 45
Attacks/Actions per Melee: No additional bonuses. Note The Mover’s slow speed means a standard attack counts as two of the character’s attacks/actions per melee, while a power attack counts as three.
Attributes: P.S.30 (supernatural), P.P. 8, P.E. 24 (robotic), and Spd. 4. Can carry 1,500lbs safely over any distance and lift 3,000lbs for up to 24 seconds at a time without strain on the servos; each additional second extended beyond inflicts 1 M.D.C. to the device.
Combat Bonuses: – 5 on Initiative.
Damage: The gripping mechanism is not designed to inflict damage via crushing (although it can be made to do so; inflicting 3D6 M.D.), its primary form of attack are long broad swinging motion that inflict an impressive 6D6 M.D. However, these attacks are slow and can be easily avoided (see Attacks/Actions per Melee). Alternatively, the device can be used to magnetically hold or pin/incapacitate a foe in metal armor or vehicle. Those seized by the the device can be wrapped in its cables just like any other package and incapacitated; an attempt to escape may be made on each of the victim’s actions and requires the victim break the hold in an opposed roll as normal. Note: Victims with a P.S. attribute of 15 or lower, cannot escape and must rely on cunning, agility or finesse (i.e. The Escape Artist skill) or supernatural means to gain their freedom.
Device Level: 3rd.
Construction Cost: 180 P.P.E.
Spell Chain: Super Human Strength (10; primary), Force Bonds (25; primary) Carpet of Adhesion (10; secondary) Electric Arc (8; secondary)
Physical Requirements: An M.D.C, outfit, enough steal cable to create an exoskeleton, servos for all joints and two electro magnets for hands (approximate value 5,400 credits). Wires Red with Orange stripes twisted with Brown wire for Cables. Grey for the elctro magnets and black for power. One amethyst (1 carat; 400 credits), one opal fire (1.5 carat; 1,050 credits), black pearl (1.5 carat; 9,000 credits), one red zircon (1 carat; 2,000 credits).
Duration: 30 minutes
Power Source: Medium Techno-Wizard Engine; activation requires an investiture of 9 P.P.E.
Construction Time: 54 hours.

TW Consrtuction/Loading Trench Coat

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