White Iron Officers Uniform

Enchanted Clothing


At first glance this appears to be a simple military outfit of unknown origin that emanates a faint crimson glow. Such items are not common, but are not unheard of. However, upon closer inspection it is revealed to have a thin white-iron inlay that offers the wearer substantial resistance to attack.

White Iron Officers Uniform
Weight: 16 pounds (7.3 kg).
A.R.: 19; covers the arms, hands, chest, waist, legs, and feet. Note: Does not include a helmet!
M.D.C. by Location:
× Arms (2) – 35 each.
× Legs (2) – 35 each.
Main Body – 75.
× A single cross indicates a small and/or difficult target to strike. An attacker must make a called shot, and even then is -3 to strike.
Mobility: Fair; -10% to physical skills.

Magical Properties
White Iron (Enchanted): A metal so soft and malleable that its touch is closer to that of silk than any earthly metal. The first 20 points of damage in any attack that hits the metal is ignored. Is also an entirely non-conductive metal, granting the wearer immunity to conventional electricity and resistance (half damage) to magic electricity.
Continual Glow: Crimson: The outfit radiates a magical glow, usually purchased to impress or intimidate those who see the outfit (and who may assume it is more than it seems).
Noiseless. The item seems to make no sound. The wearer suffers no penalty to prowl or when tailing a foe.
Market Value: 701,440 credits


The history of this item is currently not known.
The creator of this item is currently not known.
This item was recovered in the wilderness of American North West in a remote offshore forest from the treasure horde of a Thorn Head Demon. They are currently in the possession of Tyson.

White Iron Officers Uniform

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