Amazzda Dimensional Statistics:
Pronunciation: Am-Azz-Dah.
Type of Dimension: Parallel Dimension (Alternate History Earth).
Primary Dimensional Medium: Space/Vacuum.
Secondary Dimensional Medium: Multiple Planetary Land Masses.
Density of Dimensional Fabric: Permeable, no bonuses to teleport or rift to or within this location.
Magic Level: Low magic energy; counts as an S.D.C. world.
Dimensional Energy Matrix: Positive; only technology from a universal or positive charged world will function here.
The Flow of Time: Normal time flow. Time flows at the same rate of Rifts Earth.
Dimensional Quirks: Linked dimension: Rifts Earth (random rifts have a 01-30% chance of opening to the linked dimension), 5 dimensional focal points, dimensional symbiosis with another dimension: Rifts Earth and warped laws of physics (No magnetism).


Amazzda is an alternate dimension of Earth that deviated from Earth’s current timeline during prehistoric times following the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. In this timeline, instead of the meteor hitting near the Yucatán Peninsula the meteor crashed to Earth in Antarctica; throwing Earth slightly off its axis, triggering massive floods and drastically and forever altering the magnetic fields surrounding the planet. In this timeline, many of the dinosaur species survived along with a number of larger mammals. This would caused a drastic divergence in the evolution of humanity; resulting in Ogres becoming the dominant species on the planet rather than homosapiens, who (like Neanderthals) were bred out and eventually driven into extinction.

For millions of years Ogres and their primitive tribal culture would dominate Amazzda, until the fall of Atlantis on Rifts Earth triggered the explosive eruption of ley lines and rifts that would plague the low magic world for several generations. During this time seven great clans of Orcs found themselves stranded on the savage world with no way home. Lead by warmongers and ferocious power-hungry chieftains, the seven great tribes began vying for power and used their knowledge of steel and large scale war to unite and enslave the Ogres of Amazzda. Their war has cycled nearly endlessly ever since, with the seven great tribes endlessly locked in battle over territory, family disputes and feuds so ancient that most scholars do not even know their origins.

Ancient Orcish Bloodlines

Agguudath: Those born to this ferocious bloodline are sometimes gifted with the A’mar Tok (Claws of the Demon), inhuman fortitude and tiger-like stripes on their back said to make them virtually immune to the influence of magic. They are known throughout Amazzda as fierce warriors and ruthlessly aggressive tacticians. Their cunning rivals that of the Broduk-line and only the legendary Throggur surpass them in raw physical strength. If they have one flaw, it is their aggression and total disregard for the power of the divine; with ancient clan folklore claiming that when the primitive gods of the Ogres came against Agguudath, he slew them all to a man then picked his teeth with their bones and fed their remains to the hounds of Gromok.
Attribute Bonuses: + 10 to I.Q. and + 5 to P.S.
Legacy Powers: Hand of the Gods, Impervious to Magic and Super Tough.
Identifying Characteristic: Tiger stripes on back.
Bararn: An ancient bloodline notorious for a grotesquely adverse sense of entitlement. Those who inherit the powers of Bararn are always powerful warriors, able to shrug off most attacks and recover from injuries that would kill lesser Orcs. Additionally, like the Agguudath-line, they are resistant to the influences of magic. Although, they make no attempt to veil this ability as a gift or anything particularly remarkable, with most considering it to be the least impressive of their abilities. Vindictive creatures to a man, the clan is held together almost entirely by a deep and mutual hatred of their enemies over any real sense of loyalty. Furthermore, were it not for their covetous and quarrelsome natures they would have taken control of the Western Region long ago. They have been in feuds with the Agguudath and Kragguth-linages for as long as history records and war between their people is commonplace.
Attribute Bonuses: + 10 to P.E. and + 5 to I.Q.
Legacy Powers: Bio-Regeneration, Impervious to Magic and Super Tough.
Identifying Characteristic: No pupils.
Broduk: Those gifted with the blood of Broduk are instantly identifiable by their menacing black completions. Often regarded as the most intelligent of the lineages, the children of Broduk were once a scattered line and have only come into power relatively recently. As legend has it, Broduk was the last to arrive on Amazzda and found that all the land had been divided up and claimed by the other great clans so he and his daughters were thrown into the sea by his rivals, where it was thought he would drown. However, Broduk was prepared for this betrayal and called out to the Dark Gods of the Tides. Enticed by the offer of his daughters and bitter that their waters had been chosen last and treated with such disregard by Broduk’s rivals, the Dark Gods struck a pact with Broduk and gave him dominion over the sharks and their waters. For many years, the Broduk were few in number; mostly bastards and the product of rape during piracy or illicit affairs. However, times are changing and their numbers are now strong enough that they control countless small islands and have even managed to capture and hold a number of coastal settlements from the other great clans. Where once they are mocked, the Broduk are now feared and respected, both for their terrible toothy pets and their keen intellects.
Attribute Bonuses: + 10 to I.Q. and + 5 to Spd.
Legacy Powers: Animal Affinity: Sharks, Jumper and Water Blessing.
Identifying Characteristic: Predominant skin color is jet-black.
Gromok: Those who inherit the power of Gromok or follow his ways tend to be fiercely loyal and like-minded individuals that revel in life, violence, sex and destruction. They are the wildest of the great clans but also the most paternal. However, they are also the most territorial and proud; often notching their victories on their belt, holding onto keepsakes from battle and taking the heads or scalps of fallen enemies as trophies. They share a deeply spiritual bond canines (especially wolves and dire wolves) and frequently utilise them in battle with brutal efficiency. The Gromok control large regions red desert bordered by craggy mountains that are rife with volcanic activity. They are fond of the use of fire, both as a ceremonial tool (branding their warriors) and as a weapon. Their Ogres are almost free to rule themselves so long as they pay their tithes and heed the call to battle, a matter of some controversy among the other great clans. Especially, the Bararn, Throggur and Kragguth linages. However despite this, they maintain a shaky alliance with the Agguudath and share many of their traditions and folklore with them. The true born of Gromok are recognizable by a thick mane of coarse grey fur that grows around their shoulders and down their back like the hackles of wolf. Legend has it that this mane is the coat of the Wolf God Fenris and it rests now atop the shoulders of the children of Gromok as an eternal reminder of when their ancestors slew the old gods of the Ogres and took their power for themselves.
Attribute Bonuses: + 10 to M.E. and + 5 to I.Q.
Legacy Powers: Animal Affinity: Canines, Hidden Potential and Fire & Heat Resistance.
Identifying Characteristic: Back and shoulders are covered in a thick grey fur.
Kragguth: Those who inherit the legacy of Kragguth are a stoic breed of Orcs that quickly develop superhuman reflexes and a penchant for trouble. They often find themselves dragged into conflicts against their will by others who seek their wisdom or experience. They are recognizable by their unnerving left eye that is capable of perceiving supernatural forces. For their sanity as much as the comfort of others, most who inherit the cursed sight of Kragguth opt to keep their eye covered with a patch. When uncovered the eye sees magic (as per the Wizard Eyes Birthright). All Kragguth are recognized by creatures of magic and supernatural beings as significant and valuable beings, which means they sometimes become priests, witches and/or unwitting pawns in ancient games or rivalries. They are some of the most respected and feared of the great clans. Legend says that to look into the eye of a Kragguth is to die. Although there is no real truth to this statement, the legend has been unwittingly perpetuated by the Kragguth’s tendency to slay those who dare to draw attention to what many consider to be a deformity.
Attribute Bonuses: + 10 to P.E. and + 5 to M.E.
Legacy Powers: Fate Touched, Super Reflexes & Reaction Time and Wizard Eyes (Left eye only).
Identifying Characteristic: Their left eye is unnerving and difficult to look directly into. However, most keep it covered with a patch or remove it entirely.
Thradak: Also known by the derogatory slur “Goober”, those who inherit the pure blood of Thradak are are a clan of blue Orcs born with a chilled breath and ice-cold blood. The delivery of a Thradak true born always takes the life of their mother and so always comes at a great cost to the family. Although far fewer in number, Orcs of this linage command a great deal of influence and personal charisma. They are most common to the frozen wastes and calve out homes for themselves and their Ogre minions in the great Ice Walls of Trygant. Although they lack the intelligence of some of their rivals, their cold-hearts and clear minds make them masterful diplomats and tacticians. The Blue-skinned Orcs of Clan Thradak are often seen adorned with necklaces made from the teeth of large predators and white fur cloaks taken from the great ursines native to their homeland.
Attribute Bonuses: + 10 to M.E. and + 5 to M.A.
Legacy Powers: Clear Mind (Impervious to Mind Control), Ice Blessing and Impervious to Ice & Cold.
Identifying Characteristic: Predominant skin color is blue. Plus, half of all true born Thradak are diminutive, effectively a midget (reduce size by half).
Throggur: Broad shoulders, strong backs and square jaws, the Throggur-line are the envy of many of the other great linages. They are strong as 10 men, handsome, neigh-immortal and can bring great legions of men under their sway with but a gesture. The true-born of Throggur can be identified by a small vestigial tail, many claim it is their only imperfection. Although they lack the intelligence and discipline of many of their rivals, they have one of the largest Ogre populations on all of Amazzda; many of whom serve willingly. If they have one flaw, it is that they are not the best tacticians. Preferring to throw wave after wave of Ogre at a problem until it goes away. They often consider themselves morally, ethically and culturally superior to their rivals. Their current culture and society crudely resembles that of ancient Rome.
Attribute Bonuses: + 10 to P.S. and + 5 to P.B.
Legacy Powers: Bio-Regeneration, Super Strength and Majesty.
Identifying Characteristic: Small vestigial tail.

Common Parlance

“Ashdautas Vrasubatlat” — “Someday I will kill you” (A standard Orcish greeting)
“Nar Udautas” — “Not today” (The standard reply)
“Nar Mat Kordh-Ishi” — “Do not die in bed” (This has several meanings)
“Ang Gijak-Ishi” (Angijak) — “Iron in the Blood” (A high compliment)
“Lul Gijak-Ishi” (Lulgijak) — “Flowers in the Blood” (usually in reference to Elves)
“Amal shufar, at rrug” — “Where there’s a whip, there’s a way.”
“Snaga nar baj lufut” — “Slaves don’t make war.”
“Ambor mabas lufut” — “Liquor after war”
“Vras gruiuk” — “Kill the women”
“Mabaj nar armauk” — “I have no enemies” (an Orcish lament)
“Mabaj bot ob armauk” — “I have a world of enemies”
“Mirdautas vras” — “It is a good day to kill”
“Vrasubatburuk ug butharubatgruiuk” — “We will kill all the men and sodomize all the women” (The Orcish equivalent of ‘cheers’)
“Afar Angathfark” — “By the forge of my soul!”
“Afar Vadokanuk” — “By all the dead!”
“Lul Gijak-Ishi” — “Flowers in the Blood” (“Pussy”)
“Nar Thos” — “No Sack”
“Undur Kurv” — “Fat Whore”

Trivia Notes
1. Migratory avians and cetaceans do not exist on Amazzda, although they can be found in its fossil record.
2. Compasses do not work on Amazzda (as magnetism essentially does not exist).
3. Pergu Bararn originated on Amazzda and, as his name implies, is of the Bararn linage.
4. The natives of Amazzda developed a brutal blood sport called Dafrim that draws many parallels to the Juicer Football of Rifts Earth.

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