Aya's Thoughts

Session 13

After holding on for dear life from the liquid and seeing people returned to life: What the hell, this can’t be right how can… Wait no use questioning it she appears to be waking up… And has no memory if me killing her, this is weird and messed up and now its going to repeat itself NO I won’t kill her just push her away instead. and start moving towards Red room maybe if Big Jim’s guns are there I can rig something up to protect us.

At the bottom being asked to give oral gratifcation: What?! We are on a time limit and you want me to take this helmet off… FUCK NO! It takes too long to do. Holy shit he just killed himself… So I can get across, your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Seeing Gobi and lack of Big Jim: Well I can’t protect myself with Big Jim’s weapons wait is that Rob.. He didn’t seem that bad maybe I can join them for protection…

Combat: And they are psychopaths great… I am with another group of psychopaths…. Guess I am destined to be with those types of people. Shit a drone lets see if I can scramble this one (upon success) Hey it worked now to try and hack it after this bloodbath has finished, and now one of us is badly injured crap. The medkit doesn’t work, hey Viktor is helping I will attend to the drone and send it forward, yikes hit and now destroyed damn it pressed the wrong buttons.

Armour being destroyed and Rob in a coma: Crap crap crap crap! Not good defenceless and now Rob is dead, Holy shit he is regenerating WHAT THE FUCK IS HE! And now Larz has disappeared after Rob went down where did he go… Oh well all we can do is wait for recovery since Rob is breathing atleast now I think.

Seeing the arcade machine: What the hell is one of them doing here I would have a look but that doesn’t sound like a safe idea.

Leslie onwards: More death… Hey a hat awesome. and now more traps hey we can get through…

Being called Leslie: I-I what the hell are you on?! Why won’t my lips move and now he is dead…. I guess I should partake in the slaughter too….

Time on the door: This is going to be a long wait….

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Session 14

The long wait: Well atleast we have a toilet to a degree as horrible as it is, hours pass by single by single… Well something seems to be, wait This massive guy has psionics this might be interesting recording the discussion..
Time for the door comes: Hey look we can get in soon…

Shit hits the ceiling: What the hell is happening, what did they do? Did someone they were with die or something?! And now Rob just destroyed the monitor why did he do that. This might pose a problem… And now they are splitting up Gobi and Viktor are wanting to go back where Rob is continuing and now the blobs are starting not good I can’t swim!.

Liquid pours in and the door to nothingness opens: Not good! Need something to hold onto and now I feel all numb and everything is slow… (doors open again flooding the room) Okay I need to sleep now

Waking up with Gobi and Viktor watching her and with amnesia of the last 48 hours: What the hell, where am I and who the hell are these strange guys! Whoa hold up a second did he just say I trusted him enough to say about my brother…. I haven’t told anyone who I stuck around for years with about him let alone someone I would of known for a few hours. I don’t trust him, at least the scarred guy doesn’t seem too bad… Wait thats not my armour but its been offered I guess I shouldn’t be too rude.

Rob comes out after Gobi is knocked out: Oh great another person at least he seems a little trustworthy as well… Wait thought too soon, he seems demented in some way but hey I can use a proper toilet after so damned long..

When continuing and newcomers: Hey this guy has a hat too and interesting armour he doesn’t seem too bad, wait is that Larz and now people are going ahead, wait turrets let us see if I can jam them as well. Nope doesn’t work, and now there is a barrel, which got destroyed and he got another this is not right… If I aim right I can shoot it from his grasp too late.

On the matter of going down the ladders: They trust some person on a screen who seems to be running this place on where to go. What is going through these guys minds and now they are throwing crates, do they have any idea… hahaa he got hit in the head by one, still refusing to go down the ladders wait where the suit boy go…

So ladders seem no good and now we have to wait around for more time! don’t they realise that time is of the essence here? And now the strange guy is gone.

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Aya's Thoughts

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