Book of Heroes

“In the eternal battle between light and dark, it is inevitable that a time will come when the darkness gets the upper hand and threatens to extinguish the light and all that is good.
It is just as inevitable that heroes rise to challenge the encroaching darkness. Where they draw the line, great battles erupt and the fates of many hang in the balance.
Since the beginning of time, such epic battles have taken place more often than can be counted, for such is the ebb and flow of the cosmos. The battlefield may be limited to a single world, or a single continent, while other times the battle may span galaxies or straddle dimensions.
In this darkest hour, heroes are born from the most unlikely of places. Upon their shoulders they carry with them hope, courage and strength to restore the light to a new brilliance.
And in this, the hour of greatest need, the Book of Heroes shall help spawn a mighty tidal wave of champions.
Heroes who will stand against men and demons, machines and magic, and, if necessary, knock on the very gates of Hell to restore the balance.
So it has always been, so it shall remain.”

The Book of Heroes is said to be an ancient tome of magic containing many powers and resources. It is most famous, coveted, and feared as a hero maker. Not just in the sense that it inspires individuals to take a stand to do what’s right, but it is said to grant worthy individuals the power of the gods. I f the legends are to be believed, the Book of Heroes has empowered millions over the eons all across the Megaverse.

For people in the Three Galaxies, and most civilizations, the Book of Heroes is a magic artifact and the stuff of legends. The story goes something like this:

Long ago, when the galaxies were young and nary a humanoid had yet reached for the stars, a powerful force somewhere, somehow, created a magical book to inspire great good. The tome is said to be the mystical embodiment of the greatest of heroes, and able to empower ordinary beings with heroic virtue and incredible power. A force for good, the Book of Heroes seems impossible to hold onto, and never remains in place for very long. Thus, it has appeared and disappeared on countless worlds. It is frequently thought to be lost or destroyed, only to appear or reappear as if out of nowhere.

The legends around the Book of Heroes are many, but the one thing everyone agrees upon is that in times of trouble and great strife, when heroes are most needed, the book appears and a new generation of heroes are born.

With the eruption of the Minion War, the return of the Demon Stars, and the intergalactic invasion by the demons of Hades, trillions of the faithful call out for the Book of Heroes to return. They believe it will reappear at any time and shall deliver them from this new enveloping darkness.

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Book of Heroes

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