Christopher Nolen

“Take your hands off her! Actually, on second thought… let me do that for you!”

Unlike his sister Nicole, Christopher was always content with his position in life, never wanting more for he already had everything he would ever need – the love of his sister. She is the only thing that has every mattered in the heart of Christopher and he wants nothing more than to submit to her every desire. If she wants the world, he will strive to bring it to its knees in the hopes of finally witnessing her wear a genuine smile. As little more than a doting brother, Christopher always took a back seat in the relationship and let her take the reigns in their life. In retrospect, that may have been a bad idea. It was Nicole that led them to their two most defining moments of their life by agreeing to let the researchers experiment on them in exchange for food and shelter and willingly leaving with the B.A.N.D. operatives after the events of Hrrac Island. The more cautious Christopher would never have allowed those events to transpire if he had seized control of their relationship at an earlier age.

Christopher’s Ninja training was more traditional than his sister’s. Although he was a clumsy child, he worked harder than any Ninja before and quickly mastered the blade. A feat accomplished by little more than sheer determination and an underlying insecurity about his apparent lack of a Zenith project-based power. Without power coming naturally, he strove to work beyond all reason to become a man capable of protecting his sister against any ordeal that may befall her.

Driven by the love for his sister, Christopher had never been subjected to the taints of hate and jealousy although as little more than passenger in the life his sister had constructed for them, it is hard to tell. His own personality and desires concealed by his relentless support of his sister, displaying as little more than a reflection of her wishes. Although idolizing his sister and adapting her traits as his own, at heart he was very different. Rather than whinge and complain for hours on end after Gobi’s regular contact, Christopher appreciated it, usually discretely counting down the days until the next call. Christopher had no idea about his sister’s hate for the Sabellicos and could not share it, harboring no resentment for any of the Children of the island, nor was he aware that Cygnus was anything more than your average spoiled brat – Christopher clearly lacking the perceptive skills of his sister.

After learning the secrets of the Zenith Project, the dynamic between the duo completely changed, a change that Christopher was grateful for. For unknown reasons, his sister that usually led the charge, took a backseat. It was as if she had thoughts and goals that she desperately wanted to express but was unusually reluctant, that indecisiveness rendering her unable to force her will upon the world. Christopher was okay with that, he now knew what had to be done and didn’t want his sister’s conscience to have to endure the weight of the decisions that had to be made. Although he harbored no resentment for his fellow island refugees, he was going to systematically kill each and every one of them and if it came down to it; himself, so his sister could absorb that energy and live forever.

NPC Statistics
Archetype: The Rogue
Alignment: Unprincipled (Selfish)
Motivation: To protect his sister and help her become the perfect human.
Disposition: Living in the shadow of his sister has rendered Christopher extremely reserved. It is hard to get a read on him but when you do, you will quickly realize that he is generally a pretty decent guy. However if he needs to, he will make any necessary sacrifices for the sake of his sister.
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5.8 feet
Weight: 193 pounds.
Appearance: An average facade that conceals a deadly killer within. Dark features, average height, average build.
O.C.C.: Mystic Ninja
Level of Experience: 8th level Mystic Ninja
Current Experience: 78,001
Affiliations/Factions: B.A.N.D., Children of Iméra
Attributes: I.Q. 10, M.E. 11, M.A. 14, P.S. 20, P.P. 25, P.E. 18, P.B. 9, Spd. 33 (22.5 mph; 24 meters per action)
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 5 to S.D.C. Damage, + 5 to Strike/Parry/Dodge, + 6% to save vs Coma & Death, + 2 to save vs disease/drugs/magic/pain/poison.
Hit Points: 58
S.D.C.: 41
M.D.C.: None except by armor (50 M.D.C.) and Battle Fury (100 M.D.C.), or by combined H.P. and S.D.C. via M.D. Transformation
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 138
I.S.P.: 105
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 7
Combat Bonuses: + 6 on initiative, + 7 on strike (+ 2 when backflipping, + 4 with Sword, + 3 Thrown), + 7 S.D.C. to Damage (+ 1D6 with Sword), + 10 to Parry (+ 4 with Sword or + 3 with Claws), + 10 to Dodge, + 7 to Pull Punch, + 13 to Roll with Punch. Critical Strike from behind, Critical Strike on an unmodified 18-20 and Death Blow (Triple damage) on an unmodified 20.
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 to save vs disease, + 2 to save vs drugs, + 2 to save vs magic, + 2 to save vs pain, + 2 to save vs poison, + 2 to save vs illusions, + 5 to save vs Horror, and + 6% to save vs Coma/Death.
Natural Abilities:
Legacy Power: Phoenix Effect
Special O.C.C. Abilities
1. Mega-Damage Transformation. Converts H.P. and S.D.C. into M.D.C. for 24 minutes. Cost: 35 P.P.E.
2. Art of Evasion. Hiding behind one’s opponent. Base Skill: 74%; automatic if the opponent does not suspect he is being followed
3. Art of Vanishing. Causing distraction and disappearing. Base Skill: 93% with conditional penalties
4. Art of Mystic Invisibility. If a group rolls below 19 on 1D20, the Ninja simply vanishes before their eyes, remaining undetectable by all means mundane, magic or psychic. Cost: 1 P.P.E. per melee for one victim, 4 P.P.E. for 2 to 8 witnesses or 12 P.P.E. for more than 8 witnesses.
5. The Art of Escape. Basce Skill: 70%
6. Ninja Horsemanship. Base Skill: 86%
7. Ninja Bowmanship. Range: 400 feet. Rate of Fire: 6
8. Dodge Arrows. – 3 to dodge arrows or thrown weapons and – 6 to dodge energy blasts or gun fire
9. False Identities
O.C.C. Skills
Language: Japanese at 96%
Literacy: Japanese at 96%
Language: American at 89%
Language: Oceanic at 89%
Acrobatics (+ 2 roll with punch)
-Sense of Balance at 105% (98)
-Walk Tightrope/Highwire at 89%
-Climb Rope/Rappel at 125% (98)
-Back Flip at 100% (98)
Climbing at 110% (98)
Disguise at 85%
Forgery at 70%
Imitate Voices & Sounds at 88%
-Specific Individual at 78%
Palming at 75%
Pick Locks at 80%
Prowl at 80%
Streetwise at 72%
Swimming at 105% (98)
W.P. Chain (+ 3 to strike, + 2 to parry)
W.P. Sword (+ 3 to strike;+ 2 when thrown, + 3 to parry)
W.P. Archery (+ 5 to strike, Rate of Fire: 6)
W.P. Targeting (+ 3 to strike)
W.P. Paired Weapons
Hand to Hand: Ninjutsu (8th level)
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Lore: Demons and Monsters at 65%
Tailing at 80%
W.P. Quick Draw (+ 3 on initiative)
W.P. Forked (+ 4 to strike; + 1 when thrown, + 4 to entangle, + 3 to parry)
Vital Points
Fencing (+ 1D6 damage with sword, + 1 strike and parry with sword)
Boxing (+ 1 attack/action per melee, + 2 to parry, + 2 to dodge, + 1 to roll with impact)
Secondary Skills:
Ventriloquism at 48%
Breed Dogs at 80%
Athletics (+ 1 to parry, + 1 to dodge, + 1 to roll with impact)
Magical Knowledge: None
Spell Strength: N/A
Psionic Powers: Major Psychic(save vs. Psionics 12 or higher). Psi-Powers: Bio-Regenerate (self) (6), Induce Sleep (4), Psi-Sword (30), Telekinetic Leap (8), Death Trance (1), Summon Inner Strength (4), Telekinesis (Varies), Telekinetic Push (4), Telekinetic Punch (6), Mind Block (4)
Vulnerabilities: None
Armor: Concealed Body Armor: 50 M.D.C.
● Battle Fury Katana: 6D6 M.D., By channeling 40 P.P.E. into the weapon, the wielder can invoke the Battle Fury. While this fearsome ability is active, the weapon inflicts a whopping 1D6×10 M.D. with every hit. In addition, every time the wielder makes an attack with the sword, they get two attacks instead of one; the weapon striking with blistering speed (opponents are -5 to parry the unexpected, super-quick, second attack). Finally, for the duration of the enchantment, they are encased in a suit of magical force with 100 M.D.C. The Battle Fury lasts for 12 melee rounds (3 minutes!).
●Wood Shuriken: 2D4 MD. (triple against Vampires). Range: 1,000 feet returns when thrown. Once per day can summon an Earth-Tree Elemental (200 M.D.C. +2 to strike, parry and dodge, and inflicts 3D6 M.D. with a punch). Once summoned, the elemental will fight for the shuriken wielder for 1D6 minutes.
●Vibro-Forearm Claws: 2D6 M.D. +1 to parry
Equipment: Concealed Body Armor: 50 M.D.C. A set of regular, nondescript clothing (usually peasant or traveler garb), several simple disguises, two pairs of rubber-soled tabi boots, a black or camouflage ninja outfit, utility belt, backpack, 4 days of rations, basic survival gear, canteen, some personal items and of course Musashi, his faithful companion.
Money: 700 in Black Market goods


Attributes of Note: Speed 50
Hit Points: 15
S.D.C.: 17
M.D.C.: None, except through dog barding (22 M.D.C.)
Horror Factor: 13 against Demons
Attacks/Actions per melee: 4
Bonuses: + 3 on initiative, + 4 to strike, + 2 to dodge, – 4 save vs magic, + 1 save vs psionics and + 3 Save vs Horror
Damage: 2D4 + 2 S.D.C. (inflicts M.D. against Supernatural)
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 30 feet, prowl at 45%, track by smell at 80%, swim at 65%, leap 4 feet high and 6 feet long, Demons can’t regenerate Dog damage within the first 30 minutes and have no combat bonuses against a dog.
Psionics: Has the following instinctive Psionics, all at a 1,000 feet range; See the Invisible, Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense and Empathy.

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Christopher Nolen

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