Doctor Bastion Shore

R.C.C.: Artificial Sea Titan; formerly Tritonian Human.
O.C.C.: Whackjob Scientist (13th; current).
Experience level: 15th level Rogue Scientist and 13th level Whackjob Scientist.

Doctor Bastian Shore is the primary face of the Zenith Day Project, being the man responsible for the yearly check ups and additional immunizations of the First Wave Children, as well as the application of the annual represent formula responsible for internalizing their potential psychic development. He is also one of the few Overseers knowledgeable in trans-species modification; with his research leading to the discovery of a process dubbed “humanization” wherein the cellular structure of a non-human is altered and reprogrammed using the data from the embryonic cells of unborn fetuses to trigger a gradual transformation/mutation into a human being. The original species-type can be maintained through a regular diet with the proper supplements, but transforming to back into the original species becomes impossible once the human form has been maintained for longer than six months. Crank Clarion the Junk Crab is one such example of this horrific gene treatment.
To those who do not know him (everyone but those involved in the Program), Doctor Shore is a family doctor and genius with a sometimes gruff but well meaning demeanor; insulting patients and others around him in a manner that is more charming or entertaining than it is offensive. He is skilled with handling children and is a father of three (Sally; age 14, Flint; age 11, and Joe; age 16), none of whom he loves nor are aware of their fathers involvement in the program. Even so, Doctor Bastion Shore is a skilled at keeping up appearances and has trained his children well enough to know what is and is not acceptable behavior in public.

Sally: Former Black Labrador.
Flint: Formerly White Lab Rat.
Joe: Formerly Gorilla.

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Doctor Bastion Shore

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