“I LOVE RIFTS! And Liam dude, you sure know how to make a game intriguing, scary, dark, mind bending, and most of all totally FUN!”

“I have never missed a session and I must say that he has done a great job of GMing. I have enjoyed every session. Sure there were some issues with people not being able to show up but they were not Liam’s fault and it never stopped it from being fun.”

“Liam is one of the best DMs I have had since i have started to play in role-playing games and that says a lot he goes to the time and effort to make the actual world feel alive as opposed to the dull non trying of a good deal of DMs who just tend to concentrate on the combat and the other parts too much and forget that it is in fact a living breathing world as well.”
-Clifford Gardiner

“Hectic, insane and legendary are the three words which first come to mind when I think about the last session. Was some memorable moments for Crank; like getting to ride a goat and (trying to ride) a tree eel.”
-David Scroop

“I spend my week looking forward to the game and always consider it an awesome time. If I were voting how I feel, I’d just be running with straight 5’s!”
-Gerard Shore

“5 out of 5 stars for last game. Tension, excitement, surprise, seemingly insurmountable odds (even if it was unexpected), and we all worked as a team which made me very proud of the troop.”
-Troy Marsh

“4 stars. Punching helicopters. ’Nuff said.”
-Zac Gray

Rifts®: Deluge
10/11/2012 Session 001: Broken Arrow ★★★★ Great!
24/11/2012 Session 002: Some Assembly Required ★★★ Good!
01/12/2012 Session 003: Sing the Body Electric ★★★★ Great!
15/12/2012 Session 004: Nuclear Medicine ★★★ Good!
22/12/2012 Session 005: Countdown ★★★★ Great!
29/12/2012 Session 006: Extinction, part I ★★★ Good!
05/01/2013 Session 007: Extinction, part II ★★★★★ Excellent!
19/01/2013 Session 008: Extinction, part III ★★★ Good!
Overall Rating: ★★★★ Great!
Rifts®: Path of One
03/02/2013 Session 001: It’s a hard-knock life ★★★★ Great!
06/02/2013 Session 002: Hatching the stone egg ★★★ Good!
16/02/2013 Session 003: A name in the sand, part I ★★★ Good!
23/02/2013 Session 004: A name in the sand, part II ★★★★ Great!
02/03/2013 Session 005: A name in the sand, part III ★★★★ Great!
16/03/2013 Session 006: A name in the sand, part IV ★★★★★ Excellent!
23/03/2013 Session 007: Exile, Gobi’s Quest ★★★ Good!
30/03/2013 Session 008: The Left and Right Fight ★★★★ Great!
06/04/2013 Session 009: The Inner Sanctum ★★★★★ Excellent!
13/04/2013 Session 010: Trouble in Tritonia, part I ★★★★ Great!
27/04/2013 Session 011: Trouble in Tritonia, part II ★★★ Good!
Overall Rating: ★★★★ Great!
Rifts®: Megaversal Highway
02/11/2013 Session 001: Forever and a Day, part I ★★★★ Great!
09/11/2013 Session 002: Forever and a Day, part II ★★ Bad!
30/11/2013 Session 003: Forever and a Day, part III ★★★★ Great!
07/12/2013 Session 004: Forever and a Day, part IV ★★★★ Great!
14/12/2013 Session 005: Sword in the Stone, part I ★★★★ Great!
21/12/2013 Session 006: Sword in the Stone, part II ★★★ Good!
28/12/2013 Session 007: Sword in the Stone, part III ★★★★ Great!
04/01/2014 Session 008: Malcontent, part I ★★★ Good!
12/01/2014 Session 009: Malcontent, part II ★★★★ Great!
18/01/2014 Session 010: Malcontent, part III ★★★ Good!
25/01/2014 Session 011: Malcontent, part IV ★★★★ Great!
01/02/2014 Session 012: Malcontent, part V ★★★ Good!
15/02/2014 Session 013: Malcontent, part VI ★★★★ Great!
22/02/2014 Session 014: Malcontent, part VII ★★★ Good!
01/03/2014 Session 015: Malcontent, part VIII ★★★★ Great!
09/03/2014 Session 016: Malcontent, part IX ★★★★ Great!
15/03/2014 Session 017: Malcontent, part X ★★★★ Great!
10/05/2014 Session 018: Malcontent, part XI ★★★★ Great!
24/05/2014 Session 019: Malcontent, part XII ★★★★ Great!
31/05/2014 Session 020: Malcontent, part XIII ★★★★★ Excellent!
07/06/2014 Session 021: Malcontent, part XIII ★★★ Good!
14/06/2014 Session 022: Malcontent, part XIV ??? Unrated
Overall Rating: On Going On Going
Rifts®: Brotherhood
13/04/2014 Session 001: Fire Water, part I ★★★ Good!
20/04/2014 Session 002: Fire Water, part II ★★★★ Great!
27/04/2014 Session 003: Fire Water, part III ★★★★ Great!
Overall Rating: ★★★★ Great!
Rifts®: Nightmare on Naga Island
18/05/2014 Session 001: Nightmare on Naga Island ★★★★★ Excellent!
Overall Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent!

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