Gobi's Thoughts

Session 13

Gobi on choosing to continue:
“Continue? Or no… Will refusing to continue expel us back to the world of familiarity, forever free of this horrific game? It doesn’t matter. People I need now need me. I cannot leave without them… At least, not unless they die before I can get to them.”

Gobi on choosing a princess:
“Our Princess… I have no idea if that smiley-faced woman is the same as we chose before, but she seems unharmed while people of actual value suffer. Maybe I could choose Eli so he won’t lose any more of his body to this monster? I can’t do that. Not yet. That ‘Game Over’ screen suggests we failed the last level. Until we can figure out how to prevent further failures or what failure means, I cannot risk Eli for failure could come at the cost of our ‘princess’, but nothing productive came of our last choice, something needs to change. I cannot risk the life of an innocent without knowing what our failure would mean, so I will choose nothing. Maybe nothingness will throw a spanner in these works but I am concerned. I am concerned that this choice may result in a stalled game, a choice that will eventually force us to travel back here and finally select a princess after wasting time on nothingness.”

Gobi on the tempting voices from below:
“I have proven too quick to trust in the past and I refuse to be fooled once again. It may be little more than my own stinging pride speaking but I’d rather take the path that doesn’t require trust. Viktor seems to agree and his gentle shove is more than enough reason to reaffirm my choice.”

Gobi on welcoming Aya:
“I don’t know this girl but if she has encountered Rob and didn’t seem tempted to murder him much like everyone else here seems to want to, I will accept her company. I would rather save than harm these people and as long as she isn’t a threat; she, like everyone else here is welcome to my aid.”

Gobi on Mr. Spike-Head:
“Why must this buffoon test my patience so? Why can’t these fools identify friend from foe? It is a basic instinct I developed in adolescence… Has this place challenged their sanity to the extent that no amount of better judgement will prevail? I hope I have escaped this hell with all those that are willing to escape with me long before my mind suffers to that extent. If not, I hope someone mercifully ends my suffering – the same mercy that I expect I will have to give this dim-wit.”

Gobi on the Spring:
AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! What the flying fuck what that? My symbiote suffered so much damage that my empathic link feels like an absolute curse! Never before has it endured such terrible pain. This hell is truly to be feared and more than that, these springs themselves. At least this experience gave Rob an opportunity to express his solidarity – I owe him one.”

Gobi on Larz’s coma:
“Another casualty I can attribute to my own weakness. There is no greater sting than that which is felt after watching someone die, someone you could have protected.”

Gobi on Larz’s recovery:
“Regretfully, this technological magic of theirs has once again earned some respect. Although I’m sure a skilled Biomancer could have easily aided his recovery, I cannot discount the fact that often technology does serve a function, although in this hell, that function is more often death and torture than anything positive. Although I am glad to see Larz recover, this experience does challenge my faith in Viktor whom I was already feeling the bonds of friendship for. I have to wonder, why did he not use this magic technology can to save our other fallen comrades? Perhaps he knows something about Lars or even the fallen, that I do not.”

Gobi on the Mech:
“This blight is exactly what I am talking about! Magic cans my ass – it doesn’t matter how many lives technology can save if people are more willing to use it to kill! This thing is truly frightening and my poor symbiote is already so wounded… But I must show my strength to reassure my comrades. Nothing in this dungeon could prove more of an obstacle to our escape than a lapse of hope. I wish Rob would help me lift this thing so the gun here would kill it – their defenses destroying each other is an irony that is never lost on me and without the small joys, our sanity will quickly succumb to this place. Although, Rob has never been one to appreciate irony and he seems to know what he is doing – he has earned my trust and my cooperation.”

Gobi on Aya sacrificing the Drone:
“She finally proved her worth and validated her joining us by gaining control of that thing so we didn’t have to harm it! Why did she send it off to be destroyed so foolishly? Granted she did not yet know of the nature of these machines and that mistake is on me, but unnecessary destruction is so wasteful, even if it is only technology that is being sacrificed.”

Gobi on the aftermath of the Mech:
NEVER TRUST ROB AGAIN!!!! This is a disaster! Two of my companion’s armors lay in ruins, my own is dangerously close itself, and my dear friend Rob lays wounded on death’s door. His wounds seem to be healing extraordinarily quickly but he will not wake up! Apparently the magic-technology can thingee is useless in this situation. All we can do is hope that Rob recovers on his own.”

Gobi on Larz slaughtering the thugs:
“This creature reeks of death. He has shown no hostility to us but I refuse to trust him – he seems far too eager to kill. Those thugs were already behind us and seemingly not a threat. Instead of doing whatever he can do to heal Rob, he chose the path of harm, seeking out the deaths of those already long forgotten. I’m sure his twisted mind can justify it as some kind of revenge attempt for the damage he suffered at the hands of their friend but guilty by association is not a real thing. At least not in any civilized culture.”

Gobi on Rob’s recovery:
“Thank you Rob for your incredible strength and will to continue. As surprised as I expect you would be if you knew, I cannot do this alone and I am glad to have you back.”

Gobi on Rob’s lack of cooperation:
“What is wrong with him? Something is awfully awry here… I don’t think I have ever seen him so moody… Unless I count the aftermath of his experience with that Customer Service Director guy but that was something very different…”

Gobi on the death of the child:
“As much suffering as this cretin has caused, that was dreadfully unnecessary. The child had already been rendered impotent and he was safely trapped behind that wall… This Larz creature is far too eager to kill. I don’t think I will be able to rest easily around him. In fact, it might be better if he stayed behind in this maze – some things just shouldn’t be released to the world above.”

Gobi on Larz’s great strength:
“Wow I must admit, I never expected such muscle behind those scrawny arms. For now his strength will be an asset but in the future, it could be a very real danger. I must consider this creature even more cautiously.”

Gobi on Leslie and her friends:
“More fools lacking in reason. why can’t they see I don’t want any of them harmed? Why must they insist on fighting? This place is truly horrible, so many minds have been twisted into virtual nothingness. Although I am glad to be rid of that infuriating ice, this place is the area which has truly frightened me. If insanity is so prevalent in these depths, I would have to be a fool to consider myself beyond it. I truly do not wish to suffer such a horrible fate.
She has offered me a challenge ‘mano-a-mano’ as she phrased it. Perhaps I should accept? I need to keep my friends belief that I am strong enough to get them through this and perhaps my victory could prevent the needless sacrifice of her friends but what exactly is she? She seems so confident even though she appears unamored. Perhaps her confidence stems from her insanity, or perhaps it is very justified? If I roll the dice on an unknown, I could find myself facing a Dragon or some foe equally fearful. I cannot take any chances… Not with so much on the line… No… I will keep my position of strngth by not faltering to her demands. I will save face by keeping the position I held when this conversation began. I will refuse her challenge under the guise of not willing anyone to come to harm – it is true, so it will be believed.”

Gobi on Rob’s attempt at abandoning the party:
“What is he doing? This is so uncharacteristic more-so than any mood I have ever seen. We have been through much but I have never seen him abandon his friends. I need him.”

Gobi on cutting the pipe:
“Why do people let me do such stupid things? They are supposed to know about this technology crap. Every time I try to pretend to know something about it, it goes horribly wrong. Why can’t they just use their better judgment and stop me? Sometimes in the back of my mind, even I am aware of the stupidity of my actions – a little affirmation one way or the other never hurts.”

Gobi on the Hydraulic Walls:
“Two men of strength alone could not have solved this puzzle – I am glad my fears of Larz hadn’t compelled me to do anything stupid, anything stupid prior to this point at least. This barrier is enough reason to value his abilities now and in the future but I can’t help but wonder, could these other two have substituted for Lars in this trial? I can’t test that theory, at least… I cannot test that theory without running the risk of alerting Larz to my caution.”

Gobi on Spyke:
“More insanity… As much as I pity these creatures that have descended so far beyond rationality, I cannot help but wonder how far my own mind has slipped. I am no murderer but I was more than ready to condemn this man upon learning of his insanity. My normal self would have used such brutish tactics as a last resort, not a first and yet here he lies, smeared into the ground like a bug. Can you negotiate with the insane? Recent history suggests otherwise but I regret my lack of trying. There are many ways I could justify this death, perhaps it was needed, after all our group is already in shambles and my own armor could not withstand a prolonged battle; or perhaps I just wanted him put out of his misery but most unnerving is the fact that I think fears of my own sanity may have clouded my judgement – I wanted this thing gone for every word he spoke was a reflection of what I could potentially become… and it terrified me. Even more frightening is the fact that even now, I have no idea what the truth is. I have no idea what exactly I was thinking prior to this man’s death. Acting without thought is surely a symptom of pending insanity.”

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Session 14

Gobi on Waiting Patiently:
“This is exceptionally dull. If time is going to be an obstacle we must endure anyway, I think from now on I will be more inclined to take our time progressing through these levels, even at the risk of seeming like we are standing around doing virtually nothing like these locals seem to be so fond of. One concern that this wait seems to highlight if nothing else is why have we not yet reached a Ley Line? Even if my pigeon did not reach its destination and I was unable to enact that order, Ali should have been quite capable of carrying it out in my stead by now. Either navigating the bureaucracy has been particularly challenging in this instance, or something even more unnatural than what our eyes can see is occurring down here. It is my hope that somehow this labyrinth is speeding up time – in that case we could spend this eternity down here and perhaps emerge unscatched and without our own duties lapsing but I fear it is far more likely that somehow we have traveled to a locale far removed from Tritonia.”

Gobi on his Brief Discussion with Rob:
“I fear the madness has claimed my poor friend and I am in no position to help him while trapped here as deeply as he. More than that, I am concerned that his reluctance to help or even accompany us could be quite detrimental in the future. If anyone in this cesspit can help him, I will gladly submit to any reasonable demands for his sake.”

Gobi on his Empathic Backlash:
“What the hell was that? I have never felt such strong emotions before and I am sure they were not emanating from Rob. Is this some reaction caused by the silly rules of this dungeon or is it something else? The fact that I don’t have one of those condescending cheater icons suggests the latter but as of yet, I am unsure what.”

Gobi on Entering the Safe Room and its Video Message:
“Crap… I’m not sure what I expected from trying to break their stupid game but I should have known such attempts to not play by the rules would only serve to hinder us. I shouldn’t have expected that anything I could do to change the status quo would be effective when the monster that is orchestrating this mess makes the rules and can use them as he pleases. I need to fix this, I can’t have more friends suffer due to my actions. I will not allow it.”

Gobi on Rob’s refusal to comply:
“Why is he insisting on making this mess even messier? He knows me. He should know how the thought of my actions causing further harm to my friends can wound me like no other. Whatever madness ails him, it has driven him beyond the limits of reason. I am not sure how much more of his antics I can endure. More than just our fates are on the line right now.”

Gobi on the Mucus Flooding them into Nothingness:
“This obstacle seems insurmountable. For the first time here, I am succumbing to a sense of intense hopelessness. Although I might be able to swim against this current and enter that room, I am not ready to take such a risk, not if the alternative is plummeting into that doorway that seems to lead into nothing. Being dead is far preferable to being nothing but the thought of my errors causing us to have to deal with this level again and that mechanized beast that almost ended us once already is disheartening.”

Gobi on his Life Sense and his weakened allies:
This mucus seems to have caused some kind of adverse reaction among our allies. Why it has effected them and not I or Rob is a mystery. If it was just me, I could consider my armor to be my savior but Rob stands unarmored, although his supernatural nature is most resilient. More than that, my Life Sense is absolutely overwhelming. Everything here seems alive and I am left wondering, is this mucus the cause? Perhaps but I can’t help but think whatever it was that my Empathy was reacting to earlier is related and that occurred prior to the appearance of this mucus. It is as if this entire environment is alive and those dreadful feelings were coming from it. I once considered this place to be a technological nightmare but now I fear that the nightmare may run much deeper than that."

Gobi on Reopening the door to the Mucus (Red) room:
“Hmmm… For no logical reason, we have repeated the same steps and yet somehow have achieved different results. The mucus is no longer flowing into nothingness and now we can swim through as we once intended. Is something changing the rules for our sake here?”

Gobi on Choosing a Princess:
“Finally an opportunity to rectify my last mistake… But it would be far too easy to replace it with a new mistake. The ‘continue’ screen we encountered last time we were here was unnerving, I do not want our failures to come at the cost of someone I care about, or even any innocent for that matter. I wish I knew what caused our failure previously, if I had that information, this choice could be easily made. I must experiment further, I will choose this possession victim – if our failures cause his death, my conscience will be unharmed. Although the thought of not failing and saving that miserable wretch at the expense of those I care about, is most unnerving and yet it is the safest choice. If we do accidentally save this man and no other, then I am prepared to endure this dungeon a second time if it will help others.”

Gobi on the exploding cans of Soylent Green:
“I wish I had shown a little more patience in this regard but with these two strapped to my back and suffering, I could not afford the time. Now I am left wondering, are we being punished for ‘jumping the gun’ so to speak and taking these resources before they had fully matured, or is it for looting the same resources twice? If we had just waited until they maturation process was complete, we would have our answer. A better understanding of this dungeon is far more valuable than anything these crates contained.”

Gobi on the Computer:
“No continue… No new princess… Even by my far more rational standards, I’d consider that last level to be a dismal failure and yet it is considered a resounding success. Could it be as simple as Travis’s death which caused our previous failure? I hope not. If that is the case, then it would require my death to rid this world of that possessed soldier and to give my comrades the opportunity to select a more worthy ‘princess’ to save. Once again, it seems like I have chosen poorly. The next question is obvious… Would I be willing to give up my own life for the sake of Eli? As much as I hate myself for such selfish instincts but the answer is a definite no.”

Gobi on Aya’s Memory Loss:
“This is alarming news. It isn’t so much that we had much of a relationship to lose, I am sure the base familiarity we once had could easily be regained; The issue here lies in the why of it. Her ailment is obviously a side-effect of this mucus but what concerns me most is what she had told us previously about that mucus and what we have witnessed ourselves. That mucus resurrects the fallen and removes their experiences prior to their death, it also seems to have that same effect on the living. Every cycle of this nonsense just seems to refresh the game anew. Could it be tampering with the memories of myself in that same manner? As long as I have Rob, I can be sure our memories are our own for we can vouch for each other’s recollections. If he should fall however, then I will have no way of determining whether or not I have been similarly tampered with and equally importantly, just how long we have really been in this hell. If we have lingered longer than I believe, my position in society could have already been taken from me. Yet, I am currently certain that both Rob and I have not been effected by this memory-wiping mucus and all of the evidence suggests one uncomfortable reason: We have not been effected because we are real people. Those within the red room that were being reconstructed by the mucus seemed to have been mechanical in nature. If the mucus doesn’t effect us because we exist, then that implies that Aya and perhaps even Viktor aren’t the people that they believe they are.”

Gobi on Larz’s return and the introduction of Sprayandwipe:
“Larz seems to be suffering the same ailment as Aya except in his case at least, possessions have been taken. That book is a curiosity that will never be revealed, it does leave me wondering whether or not Aya has all of her possessions. The mucus did not replenish her armor which suggests her equipment remains untouched but I cannot inquire further in this line of thought as of yet for she does not seem to appreciate my company. Maybe I could question her in the future.
Sprayandwipe seems just as lacking in rationality as his name would indicate. He doesn’t seem as hostile as the other mentally deranged locals we have encountered so I can tolerate his presence for as long as possible. As long as he shows us no intentions of harm, I would be willing to help him escape this dungeon but I must admit that the thought of having him accompany us for a prolonged period is very trying. I can see him overwhelming my patience incredibly quickly but if any are capable of maintaining their composure against such odds, I’d like to think it was me.”

Gobi on the Next Level:
“As of yet this level seems more frustrating than dangerous. Those turrets were an annoyance but their did not seem to be overly damaging, however one of them did manage to hit me fairly solidly and has impaired my visor. Rather than rush through this level, I will wait and let this damage heal – there is no sense in putting more pressure on ourselves if we must wait at the finish line just the same. More dangerous than those turrets was the old man in what looked like some form of mechanical Bio-Armor. The poor deisng allowed him to be killed easily but the danger was never in his actions but in the actions which were forced upon us. He attacked without provocation or even a word said, perhaps it is intuition or perhaps little more than an errant thought but I believe that he was not in control of his own faculties. I was forced to slay the old man in order to progress and that I believe is the danger he was intended to pose. He was not a physical challenge but a mental one, a challenge to test the limits of our minds and what it can endure. My mind has not been defeated yet.”

Gobi on Sprayandwipe’s Departure:
“Such a reckless decision although I genuinely hope it does not cost him more than he is prepared to pay. Although I expect he cannot survive these trials without our help – no matter how physically adept he is, he cannot survive with such impulsive behavior. He needs us to temper his instincts and think things through if he is so reluctant to do so himself. As poor as his first impression may have been, I hope we encounter him again without significant harm.”

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Session 15

Gobi on Viktor and Aya’s solo experiences:
“The sounds of destruction coming from ahead concerns me… I hope they are okay. I am quite sure I have successfully gauged the effectiveness of their technology and it pales in comparison to the protection offered by my Bio-Armor – I wish they would wait a little more patiently so I could be around to endure the damage on their behalf, them being gone on their own just causes needless worry.”

Gobi on the Springs:
“I am glad these are so easily destroyed – my last encounter with one of these springs still resonates as a low point in my journeys. I sure hope we don’t have to return this way after these springs are repaired, they won’t be so easily destroyed from uphill.”

Gobi on re-encountering Sprayandwipe:
“He is no Rob but his wounds seem to be healing relatively rapidly nonetheless. I am glad to see him alive and perhaps even more glad to see that we have another party member capable of sustaining a hit – I recall from my own experiences with one of these springs that they cause pain like no other. the mere fact that he still exists after obviously being trapped within one’s arc is a testament to his hardiness. Maybe we can bond over our mutual experiences with these springs, I hope the extended hand of friendship can reign in his insanities. Still, I think I better clear the way somewhat before he awakens, in case he decides to run off again. I may as well give him as much of a fighting chance as I can.”

Gobi on the Exoskeleton:
“Oooops… I didn’t mean to blow off this poor man’s arm. Sometimes I wonder if I am better off lending some of the more talented warriors my armor so they can make use of its replenishing ammo supply. I bet Rob or Viktor wouldn’t have just accidentally taken this man’s arm… Either way, at least I can claim credit for the new information this accident has provided: Regardless of what my senses are telling me, this man is far from what most reasonable men could consider alive. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the existence of others at all until they come within close proximity and he is so desensitized that he doesn’t even seem to notice such extreme circumstances as losing his own arm! Whether or not these guys can be avoided non violently is no longer an issue. I will euthanize them regardless because that is the right thing to do.”

Gobi on the Tesla-Coil:
“Whatever this thing is, I don’t think I want it zapping me. I wonder if Aya has any inkling as to what it is or what it does? She seems fairly tech proficient but I am too ashamed to ask. In my world technology like this is shunned and a pale comparison to what our wonderous Biomancers are capable of, yet out of it I constantly feel like a fish out of water. If the world won’t conform to the superior standards of Lemuria, one day I may find myself having to lower myself to learning their lesser ways. for now, all I can do is shoot the thing and hope for the best… Yup. As expected, shooting it is a bad idea. It seems shooting any powered immobile object is a bad idea around here – they all seem to react by releasing some kind of toxic substance. Rob seems to think we can simply dodge the bolts of electricity. Although I’d much rather remove the threat to make any return trips easier, that seems to be the best option we have.”

Gobi on the Spear Trap:
“Ugh this maze can be frustrating at times. Although the damage is comparatively minimal, every time a mediocre trap like this makes me look incompetent, my companions lose a little bit of faith in my abilities. If we are to get through this, I need to find a way of keeping their hopes up – my talents alone are proving far too limited to sustain the illusion alone. At least I was able to help Aya while the others stood around jaw-dropping, that redeems my credibility somewhat.”

Gobi on the Smoke Grenade Kerfuffle:
“What are these idiots doing? Everything here is a resource, trying to destroy these boxes and their unknown contents is pure madness. Larz will be the end of us if he isn’t reeled in. Although I can find many a fault in his methods, I do appreciate Sprayandwipe’s enthusiasm in dealing with the problem but as Larz has already proven, insanity is a detriment that this group cannot endure for long. I feel bad for lumping Sprayandwipe in with Larz considering his intentions were seemingly so positive but they both need to be abandoned. such unpredictability is far more costly than any benefits their companionship could bring. He probably isn’t even a real person anyway – if we leave him here, that goo might replenish him anew with shiny new armor once again like it did with Larz.”

Gobi on the static spear traps:
“So this collar thing of Rob’s really does work as advertised. Although I would have been very reluctant to trust a stranger with such a permanent fixture myself, I think Rob’s proven capabilities have allayed that fear. I hope to one day encounter Rob’s mysterious benefactor and judge his worth with my own senses, or better yet I hope to never encounter him because I have already escaped this insane dungeon with every innocent that is willing to leave with me.”

Gobi on the second Tesla:
“As satisfied as I was with our efforts in avoiding the last machine of this nature, I don’t think it can be done again. It is too close to that lever and who knows how long I will have to hang on to that thing? I could be fried to death if we don’t destroy this one. I think I’d like to see what happens with the destruction of one of these things anyway and this one seems like the perfect volunteer for the task.”
“Viktor is quite alarmed about this dust stuff… Have I chosen wrong once again? for once, I don’t think so. I think this dust will be far more easily avoided than the lightning arcs ever were. I don’t know what this dust is and Viktor doesn’t even seem to know but he knows enough to be alarmed – I think in this place the fact that you don’t know what something is, is enough reason to treat it cautiously. I will do whatever it takes to prevent contact with out group…. And now Rob is walking through it quite nonchalantly. Great.”

Gobi on the Elevator:
“Getting on this thing seemed easy enough but getting off… not so much. I am just glad I was able to take the hit, I fear what it may have done to Viktor if it had hit him alone. We were foolish to tackle such a dangerous obstacle while relying on nothing but our skill. We seem to have become too accustomed to Rob smashing our way through this level but the blunt force approach is not one that is suited for every obstacle. If we are forced to ride this thing once more, patience is the key. I am embarrassed to consider that I too am now guilty of that same impulsive behavior that I so harshly judged the insane by.”

Gobi on the Crab:
“Wow that little cretin fought fiercely! Does it not understand our efforts are to protect it from harm, not cause it any suffering? Perhaps the issue is the opposite. Maybe it fought so fiercely because it understood too much – perhaps these creatures have some kind of hive mind, and it knew it would be boxed much like the one before.”

Gobi on the green water:
“According to Viktor, even the water supply has now been poisoned by a similar substance as that dust we encountered. Our captor truly is a monster – poisoning that which we need the most; our very life-blood sends a very clear message. He wants this journey to be as deadly as possible. I’m surprised we have found clean water at all after seeing this rubbish.”

Gobi on the second elevator:
“This is the way. If we continue to advance intelligently, we will survive this mess but I fear keeping your wits about you in this hell is far easier said than done.”

Gobi on the personified stone blocks:
“I refuse to believe these things are here pointlessly. Everything we have encountered within this dungeon up until now has had some purpose. I am concerned that we will have to return here and claim these blocks at some point but I sure hope I am wrong. They are heavy as hell, transporting nine of them would be a most exhausting task, even for my Bio-Armor. Rob’s idea of using them to surround this tesla is our best bet for now. That thing looks like it would be a great issue otherwise – if we destroyed it or not, that conveyor would either be forcing us into its electric arcs or its toxic powder and neither of those options appeal to me. Of course we could use that conveniently placed pipe to cross without coming into contact with the potential dust but that choice would require me drawing attention to my terrible balance and climbing skills. Is it wrong of me to willingly advocate the less intelligent decision purely to prevent myself from revealing my weaknesses?”

Gobi on the green flame projectors:
“If Larz’s experience is anything to go by, those things are incredibly painful… But more than that, I am concerned about being infected with that substance that surrounds Rob right now and according to Viktor, is also a bi-product of these flames. Rob has offered to cast some kind of protection spell on me. I am too afraid to retract my armor for any kind of spell… How do I express that to him without harming his feelings? In his currently unstable state, I don’t want to give him reason to place any more walls between us.”

Gobi on the final Exoskeleton:
“Ugh. the thing wasn’t even reacting to us until we foolishly rushed in! Even with my lack of technological know-how, I can tell that these things react based on proximity – ranged shooting would have solved this issue without any counter-attack or danger at all and now Aya is running around like a flaming wreck and my own armor is stopping me from protecting her. I understand that whatever that mess is surrounding her is highly dangerous but I need my comrades to believe that I will be there when they need me to – I can’t even believe that myself if my armor insists on restraining me.”

Gobi on the baby:
“…What is this thing? It is clearly intelligent, far more than any baby should be and yet it is controlled by impulse much like a baby should. Whatever has happened to this thing, I will protect it as much as it will allow. after giving it the pacifier, it seems passive enough but only moments before, it was ready to kill us all. Regardless of how it looks, I ill not rest easy with him around – we must sleep in shifts to keep safe, although it isn’t an inconvenience as I had planned to do that just the same as long as Larz continues to insist on following us.”

Gobi on Rob taking the key:
“Sometimes I find Rob’s willingness to do what must be done extremely impressive but never before have I been as impressed as I am right now. He seriously took a hit for the team on this one – I think it would have taken an incredibly powerful incentive to encourage me to stick my hand in that soiled diaper.”

Gobi on the baby’s photo:
“This might indicate the nature of this creature. He looks nothing like the baby but the father? Perhaps. I think somehow this man has been physically de-aged but kept his faculties intact. I would really love to know how that happened – such a power could really help in my goal of increased longevity…”
“Regardless of what this photos says about this baby, I am more concerned about what it says about me. Until I saw this photo, I was willing to blemish this baby’s only possession in order to deal with its fecal issues but I can’t now… Not with seeing this photo, it is far too precious but now the fact that I even considered it has left me feeling a deep sense of shame. I was more willing to tarnish this poor child’s only belonging more than I was willing to tarnish my own shirt.”

Gobi on the water supply:
“It is times like these that I really wish I knew more about the technological world… Who would have thought these pipes contained water? Pumping water through pipes like this is such an interesting concept! In Lemuria we simply use symbiotes to generate our fresh water as we need it – transporting it around in such massive quantities like this is truly a marvel. It is like a reverse-flowing waterfall and for the life of me, I have no idea how they do it but Aya does and that is what matters. She has managed to build us a tap into this pipe and now we can replenish our water and just as importantly shower. I have felt disgusting for days… It is times like this I really miss the luxuries of home. I think I might need two cleansing baths this month…”

Gobi on the timer:
“This is going to be a long wait… I need time for my armor to recover so it is somewhat welcome bt I expect my armor will be replenished long before that clock counts down. I must admit, as judging as I am of the impulsiveness of my allies, I don’t feel like I am willing to or should sit around aimlessly for so long. Although the computer lady told us that the ladder was dangerous, she also warned us of a tunnel in which we would have to out-run noxious fumes. To the best of my knowledge, we have not encountered that yet so I assume it must be on the other side of that ladder. If we must wait for this timer, I think we should perhaps explore this level further in search of more resources. We are flush with food and water right now but in a few days of waiting without replenishing? Maybe not.”

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Session 16

Gobi on the Timer:
“These timers are increasing at a significant rate. Although I fear what will happen to my people and my position in my absence, I can’t help but wonder if our food supply can endure these increasing timers. Although I am sure I could easily keep myself fed with the supplies offered, feeding an entire party is another question altogether. There may be a time in the future that I will have to have a most unpleasant conversation with Rob. I am not sure how he would react to a request of eating his flesh but from what I have seen, it most certainly not cause him any lasting physical damage. At least for now we will remain well fed with the absence of the others relieving the pressure on our supplies. For now we only have mine and Viktor’s mouth to feed and of course… The baby’s…”
“I wonder if we can exploit this system of kidnap that seems to be instilled within these walls? Everyone that returns seems to come back in perfect health regardless of how long they were removed. Although I certainly wouldn’t volunteer myself for such a risk, I wonder if anyone else would prove braver than myself?”

Gobi on returning to unexplored areas:
“What is it that compels Rob to insist we sit here doing nothing rather than spending the time searching for more resources? I am aware of the danger, I have been exploring it to equal extent but unlike Rob, I am subject to the greatest danger this place seems to pose: limited resources. Could it be selfishness that compels him to remain stagnant? Does he find comfort in the fact that he is immune to the dwindling of our resources and is so uncaring that he is unwilling to put himself in harm’s way to help us tend to our needs?”
“I don’t think that ladder is the great danger that the video presented it to us as… That same character found himself dying on multiple occasions in those videos, what makes his death on the ladder so special considering we already survived his other fateful encounters?”

Gobi on Rob’s Sickness:
“Well that ends any thoughts on returning to other areas… I do hope he regains his health soon. I have seen Rob heal wounds as such incredible speeds that it even puts us Lemurians to shame and yet… I have never seen a Lemurian suffer so much at the hands of simple sickness. This disease must be some new designer disease, some bi-product of an overuse of technology. That is the only explanation I can see as to why Rob’s superior immune system would fall prey to something no Lemurian has encountered in nature.”

Gobi on Rob’s Possession:
“This is truly a disaster. I have suffered at the hands of possession myself, I intimately know how devastating it can be to have one’s own free will denied. Not only does poor Rob have to deal with this sickness but now this? At least whoever is responsible for this possession gets to suffer through this sickness too – that is one karmic boon I will not forget easily.”

Gobi on the Group’s refusal to remove the collar:
“Such a touchy subject… I understand that Rob’s life may be on the line, although I sincerely doubt it, not after witnessing the miracles his body has been able to accomplish. But his mind has proven to be less resilient and it is his mind that is under attack right now. Not only does Rob face the reality of losing his free will but that is a reality that effects all of us. That invader within his body would be more than capable of killing each and every one of us in our sleep if it so chose. Sometimes the potential danger to the one really is considerably less than the potential danger to the one and all.”

Gobi on the Baby:
“This child seems to suffer the same memory issues that the previously known victims of the strange goo have all exhibited… As much as I should consider the survival of this baby our greatest triumph within this pit, that realization has robbed me of the sensation. I can no longer believe that we have saved an innocent victim of this labyrinth, but simply another construct that is placed here for no reason beyond serving as an annoyance to our progress. And his compulsion to tamper with our water supply is an annoyance that would almost certainly end our existence.”

Gobi on the group’s refusal to accept his Artificial Construct theory:
“Why will no-one within this place ever see reason? As hard as it is to hear, all of the evidence seems to point in the same direction. We are the only people that seem to matter within this dungeon, we have witnessed both the reprogramming of minds and the replacements of bodies. against all odds, we have endured the fact that no-one here seems willing to do anything other than act as our adversaries, contrary to all logic and reason. All of this adds up to the one simple conclusion. So what if they are easily defeated? If their technology can put artificial minds in metal, why is it so outrageous for it to put artificial minds in flesh? Yet even with reason on my side, I cannot convince anyone here of anything. Not now, nor in any other circumstance where I have tried to sway those with the power of my words. Am I so disrespected because of my ignorance of technology? Do they consider me inferior because their ways are not my own? Sadly, I hope that i the cause of their immunity to my charms for if not, then the only other conclusion I can draw is that somehow this place has robbed me of my talents. Talents that have taken years to master and talents that I hold so very dear – without them, even if I am to survive this place, my life as I know it will be over.”

Gobi on Rob’s desire to abandon the key:
For the first time in my life, my usually racing mind has slowed to a halt, focused on one thought and one thought only: insanity.
I cannot fathom why he would so willingly abandon something as valuable as a key… He claims it will somehow magic back the child’s exoskeleton so it can defend itself but I cannot understand why? We have seen every other survivor reset back to their default setting without the need of throwing away our resources before, why should this be so different? Sure he is a former owner of the key but we don’t know that means anything – this is the first such former owner that we have ever seen that has survived long enough to undergo a factory reset. It is likely he will be reset with the rest of them and even if not, I am curious to find out what will happen. Either way, arming the child so it can kill others is no different to leaving him unarmed so they can kill him. Any action we would take can only result in murder or nothingness. So what possible motivation could there be to throw away the key if it has no bearing on any consequences? Insanity is the only logical conclusion. Insanity or that accursed collar everyone insists that Rob keep wearing. Am I the only rational mind remaining in a sea of madness, or have I already succumbed to the floods of insanity and now cursed to tread water with the rest of them? Either way, my frustrations only increase by the second. We already have one madman determined to rob us of both our minds and bodies, we don’t need anyone helping him in his task, least of all those that I hold the dearest. Every time I am compelled to question myself, I feel a sensation of defeat and I refuse to let that bastard see me defeated. One thing is for certain though… I cannot let Rob keep those keys if he is going to be so reckless with them, regardless of the cause.”

Gobi on his second encounter with Rob’s possession:
“As much as I detest how pleased this smug bastard seems with my actions, I am glad to have the opportunity to talk. Rob is sick and somehow, I am sure this asshole is responsible – if anyone within these grounds can help Rob, surely I am speaking to him now.”
“As powerless as I am, all I have to negotiate with is that which I hold most precious: my own free will.”
“As I speak, I feel words slipping out of my mouth faster than my brain can process them and they are words I find most surprising. I am willing to sacrifice my own well-being for the sake of my friend. I had never known I had such generosity within me… Is it new? Has this place actually changed me seemingly for the better? Is it even better? My own sense of self has never been selfishness. I have always ought to preserve myself because I believed I had much to offer this world, far more than any other and far more than my dear friend Rob, yet here I am offering my own mind for the sake of his. Perhaps this is selfishness, perhaps I am willing to sacrifice those I would aid in the future just to appease the suffering in my soul at the sight of my friend being slowly tortured by his own body. Whatever this is, this is new.”

Gobi on the baby’s death:
“Such a gruesome fate tempered by the knowledge that this creature was never truly alive to begin with… Yet this accursed sense of life within me screams the opposite and draws tears to the corner of my eyes but emotions are a luxury a Politician can never share. Although I cannot express my own pain, I cannot help but express my respect. This cretin may be as monstrous as they come but he is intelligent and has certainly outplayed me this time. That isn’t a claim many in this world can justifiably make. Tomorrow I must deal with the prospect of being framed.”

Gobi on the morning after:
“The monster and I both seem to have over-estimated Rob’s concern for the baby… His attentions seem focused on the keys I secreted away last night. Somehow I take comfort in being blamed for the crime I committed, it seems so much less painful than enduring the claims made by falsehood. Yet I cannot return these keys, at least not without removing the collar. I can trust my friend to treat them well, I can blame his previous threats on thoughts inspired by the madman behind that collar, but I cannot trust that madman with them. Even if Rob can refrain from doing anything stupid, the opposite is true of that madman – he has proven quite concisely that there is nothing he won’t do to hinder our efforts.”
“Rob is willing to remove the collar… I am so very proud of my friend right now. While under the influence of possession, I could not muster the strength required to expel my own demons and here Rob is, proving my own inadequacies. Yet I cannot let my own failings dominate my mind, this moment is dedicated to you Rob: the strongest man I have ever known.”
“And now he does not desire the keys as bargained? Although I would gladly submit the keys to him after witnessing his incredible mental fortitude, I really am glad that he rejected the offer. I don’t cling to these keys as some kind of sense of entitlement or control, I now treasure them because they are evidence that I was right. Rob no longer wanting these is all the evidence I require to believe that his insane notion of throwing them away was an implant from that nefarious collar. I wonder if I have that same conversation about the nature of these constructs with him once more, if the results will be different now that he is rid of his curse?”

Gobi on the Safe Room:
“A green key? All of this waiting… All of these wasted resources… And for what? Must we now backtrack? Rob sits within the chamber, healing his disease but I fear it is only a temporary reprieve and now we no longer have the points to cure him if he relapses. This would be the moment my spirit would finally be broken if not for such minor victories to cling to. This sense of desperation is far less significant by the sense of pride upon the realization that in hindsight, it was I who bested that monster that thought it was a good idea to possess Rob. I offered him my free will for the sake of my friend and yet now I stand here with my free will intact and Rob’s body healing before my eyes. I walked away with everything and that monster stands with nothing. I can’t help but see parallels with my childhood dealings with Black Peter – besting him as a child was the most defining moment of my life and this moment now reinvigorates me in the same manner. As much as he had hoped to crush my spirits, all his actions has done is revitalize them with explosive force. Yesterday’s concern for our future is nothing more than a distant memory, for today I am certain that we will persevere, but as hopeful as I am… I can’t help but wonder why Rob’s sickness was ever such a concern to his possessor if the cure was only one doorway away. Could that cure have purged Rob of his collar problem too or is there some other unseen difference between here and there that could impede him?”

Gobi on the used changing station:
“This… This makes no sense. the timing is off… There is no way that baby could be using this room, not when the timers clearly indicate that they are set upon our arrival. We are all that matters within these walls, the evidence is conclusive and yet this changing station screams otherwise. Is it an illusion? Something designed to instill uncertainty? If so, I will submit to this clever strategy for as confident in my deductions as I am, contrary evidence will always cast doubt no matter how minuscule. This changing table is the difference between certainty and probably.”

Gobi on the Green Room:
“Although I am sure that we will later regret losing that point, for now I am grateful that Rob’s stubbornness finally found a positive purpose. The lack of a keymaster has cemented our future path – we have no choice but to return the way we came. Yet that knowledge comes with a trial far more difficult than any our maze-master has constructed for us. My task now is to try and find a way to ask Rob to travel through this radiation once more and submit himself to that same sickness. That is a request I wish I did not have to make but Rob’s ability to impress me is also his curse – after witnessing him overcome his own possession, I know I need him at my side. I just wish we had followed my first instinct and found another room beyond the radiation to heal him within… Then this issue could have been averted. Nonetheless, my trust in Rob is complete – if he is certain that he could not make it to another room in the condition he is in, I am certain that he is right.”

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