Gogoth-yshalt is one of the oldest and most redundant Essence Fragments to ever escape the dreams of the Great Old Ones. Where once Gogoth was the Master of Doors and supreme governor of all dimensional travel throughout the Megaverse, he has long since been rendered redundant and replaced by the far more efficient Megaversal Highway.

Even so, Gorgoth was too proud to fade; protected from Brahma and Zurvan by escaping into his coveted Chamber of Doors. The dark power’s only real claim to fame in recent eons was when he went against his nature and began infusing his power into ignorant mortals in the hopes of their endeavors paying dividends. The chaotic energies of Earth’s cataclysm provided the most opportune moment for such an ambitious undertaking, but even then the creation of the D-Shifters was considered a failure. The simple reality was that the investment had no chance of paying off – infusing the humans to such a degree took far too much energy and in such a volatile world, their life expectancy was far too short. After a short trial, Gogoth rendered the D-Shifters as redundant as himself, an irony not lost on him. Far from it actually – he relished the idea of treating others in the same manner as he was once treated, considering it a sort of cosmic-vengeance.

Centuries later, Gogoth is back with the same plan, only now modified to ensure efficiency. Although deeply proud of his new plan, the alterations are extremely simplistic and shouldn’t have taken him anywhere near that long to conceive. Rather than devote energy empowering mortals, he would share secrets, constantly whispering in their minds giving them knowledge no mortal should possess and subtly siphoning energy in return. Gogoth’s efforts with his Ley Line Rifters is still in its early days but is already seeming far more promising than the D-Shifters before.

Although he no longer serves any real purpose in the cosmic scheme of things, the Alien Intelligence has continued to champion the Forces of Darkness and serve as a sort of watcher, archiving their victories, and subtly tilting the scales of balance in their favor where he can.

NPC Statistics
Archetype: Despicable Villain
Alignment: Miscreant (evil); presents himself as an honorable entity (unprincipled or aberrant).
Motivation: Guide the Sins to where they might inflict the most damage and reawaken the sleeping Old Ones. Gorgoth-yshatl believes that when the Old One’s awaken they will destroy the Megaversal Highway for its treachery and he might once again gain cosmic significance.
Disposition: The strange alien intelligence conducts himself as an impartial force but is anything but; not only does Gogoth meddle but he takes great delight in it.
R.C.C.: Old One Essence Fragment (Four-Dimensional Being)
Sex: Not applicable.
Age: Unknown.
Height: Virtually any shifting shape of energy or matter. Occasionally a humanoid towering 10 to 100 feet tall (3 to 30.5 m).
Weight: Varies with size and form.
Appearance: Depends on his mood. His appearance at any given time is only limited by his imagination, a constraint that doesn’t seem to pose a limitation at all. Tends to appear as a re and black humanoid with mannerisms similar to a Jester. His head has no features common among bipedal lifeforms but his torso projects a face every bit as detailed and emotive as that of a human.
O.C.C.: Considered both a Ley Line Rifter and Temporal Wizard
Level of Experience: 15th level Ley Line Rifter and 15th level Temporal Wizard
Current Experience: More than you.
Affiliations/Factions: The Forces of Darkness.
Attributes: I.Q. 23, M.E. 28, M.A. 26, P.S. 43, P.P. 24, P.E. 22, P.B. 25 (In humanoid form), Spd. 60 (All attributes considered supernatural)
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 9% to all skills, + 7 to save vs psionics, + 11 to save vs insanity, Trust/Intimidate at 88%, + 28 to damage, + 5 to strike, + 5 to dodge, + 5 to parry, +16% to save vs coma & death, + 4 to save vs disease, + 4 to save vs drugs, + 4 to save vs magic, + 4 to save vs pain, + 4 to save vs poison, and charm/impress at 75%
Armor Rating: 10 on an S.D.C. worlds.
Hit Points: 2,200 on S.D.C. worlds.
S.D.C.: 66 on S.D.C. worlds.
M.D.C.: 60,000
Horror Factor: 18, mainly because of his frightening and alien nature
P.P.E.: 15,000
I.S.P.: 6,000
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 10
Combat Bonuses: Always has the initiative, can never be surprised or attacked from behind, damage + 28, strike + 9, parry + 11, dodge + 13, pull punch + 10, roll with punch + 10
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: save vs psionics + 13, save vs insanity + 11, save vs coma/death + 16%, save vs poison + 10, save vs drugs +10, save vs magic + 10, save vs horror + 21, all other saves + 4
Natural Abilities: As a four-dimensional being, all types of attacks, from fire to magic, do half damage. He is impervious to illusions, illusionary magic, poison, disease, normal heat and cold, as well as mind control and possession. He can step in and out of the third-dimension at will, disappearing from sight and invulnerable to attack. He can still observe the world from the fourth dimension but cannot be detected by any means, not even magic. He can pass through walls and other objects like a ghost. However to affect things in 3-D he has to step back into that realm. He can see all spectrums of light, heat, radiation, magnetism and magic energy. Bio-regenerates 2D6 × 10 M.D.C. every melee round and can use the following powers at will: teleport, dimensional teleport, time warp: fast forward, time warp and space warp.
Special Abilities:
1. The power of Possession (energy form only): Only 45% of all Alien Intelligences can possess unwilling subjects, but ALL can possess a willing subject. Possession is different than the essence fragment melding with a permanent host body, but it too will ground the essence to the physical world (see the section on possession that follows).
2. Control over Ley Lines: The essence fragment in a physical form is also able to exert some control over a ley line nexus and adjoining ley lines. The intelligence can effectively control the amount of energy emitted by the nexus and connecting lines of energy by feeding on part of it and diverting the rest of it into another dimension (usually where the main body of the originating Intelligence is located, but can be any world that it dominates and controls). This means the creature can virtually shut off the P.P.E. normally available at the ley line, saving it for the exclusive use of its essence(s) or itself. It also keeps the mystic energy out of the hands of enemies. Typically only 10% of the normal amount of energy is available at the nexus (makes it roughly equal to a weak ley line), while the connecting ley lines are virtually nonexistent at a mere 5% of their normal energy level.
When the Alien Intelligence undams the energy flow, the nexus and ley lines again ripple with energy. The Intelligence can unleash the magic energy for its regional essence(s) so he/they can tap into its reservoir of power, to open dimensional portals, to summon supernatural minions (aliens, monsters, entities, elementals, etc.), or to send in more life essences. The nexus and its ley lines can also be released during magic and/or religious ceremonies to provide the priest, wizard or followers of the Intelligence or its essence fragment/agent with P.P.E. energy or to create miracles. Note: This power is only possible when an essence fragment is in physical form, and is present to link the two dimensions. If the physical form is destroyed/slain, the link is broken and the ley lines return to normal.
Special O.C.C. Abilities – Ley Line Rifter: Possesses all the abilities of a 15th level Ley Line Rifter.
Special O.C.C. Abilities – Temporal Wizard: Possesses all the abilities of a 15th level Temporal Wizard.
Skills of Note: Is magically able to speak, read and write all languages and has all lore skills at 88%, all other skills are far too trivial for him to bother with, his alien mind unable to comprehend mundane manners.
Magical Knowledge: Knows all temporal magic plus all spells from levels 1-15, and several temporal magic spells that are not known or even possible for 3-D creatures.
Spell Strength: 16
Psionic Powers: Major psionic (save vs. Psionics 12 or higher). Psi-Powers: All sensitive abilities plus detect psionics, psychic diagnosis, psychic surgery, deaden pain, mind block auto-defense, P.P.E. shield, and telemechanics.
Vulnerabilities: Holy weapons created by Gods and rune weapons do double damage. Weapons coated in or made of silver do normal damage (as do mega-damage weapons), but other normal weapons only do half damage. Magic and psionics also do their full, normal damage. Cannot possess other supernatural beings or creatures of magic like dragons, demons and faerie
Furthermore, while the creature seem to have a good understanding of human weaknesses and wickedness, he has little to no understanding of human beings themselves, their full nature, physiology, intelligence, creativity, adaptability or noble virtues. Consequently, he will continually underestimate humanoids and are constantly amazed by their unpredictability (which is also what makes them so much fun to torment and play with).
Armor: None; Worldly possessions are beyond his concern.
Weapons: None; Worldly possessions are beyond his concern.
Equipment: None; Worldly possessions are beyond his concern.
Money: None; Worldly possessions are beyond his concern.

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