Type of Dimension: Pocket Dimension physically anchored to a brass medallion.
Size: 5 million miles.
Primary Dimensional Medium: Gaseous – Foggy but breathable atmosphere; visibility is reduced to 200 yards/meters.
Secondary Dimensional Medium: Continent sized land masses or slabs.
Density of Dimensional Fabric: Strong, those teleporting or rifting to or within this dimension suffer a -10% penalty.
Magic Level: Low magic energy.
*Dimensional Energy Matrix:
Neutral, no outside technology functions here, not even from a world with a universal charge.
The Flow of Time: Faster time flow. Time flows at double the pace of Rifts Earth, two days in this dimension is the equivalent to one on Rifts Earth.
Dimensional Quirks: 1 dimensional focal point (the invisible ley lines of Jordarr lead to a single mysterious pyramid that rests at the center of their world. This place can be used by those who understand its function to come and go. Likewise, characters rifting into Jordarr will always be dragged to this location).

Jordarr is a mysterious fantasy world veiled in mist where magic is almost unknown and gunpowder is the newest scientific advancement. In place of magic the people believe in nature spirits and entities somewhat akin to a mixture of oriental spiritualism and pagan deity worship.

If a talking animal or spiritual forces (nymphs, elemental fragments, etc.) appears in a town or village, many will often believe it to be one of their fabled nature spirits come to guide or protect their people into a new age of prosperity. Due to the low-magic within this dimension; such occurrences are quite rare, however not unheard of.

Unknown to its inhabitants, the entire realm realm of Jordarr exists within a modest brass amulet.


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