Let the Game Begin


Greetings Piglets,
I am Gogoth-yshatl, though you can think of me as The Gate Keeper. My role in this tantalizing little trepidation is one of the narrator; a mere merrymaker in the manifold melody, a lonely master of Megaversal Highway.
It will be my course to recount to you, through mysteryplay, modesty and misdirection the many stories of what would most aptly be described as victims. Heroic men and women once carefree, now thrust headlong into a grand cosmic comedy. We shall call these victims of cruel circumstance players – thereby granting them a modicum of personal empowerment and allowing them the illusion of an obtainable victory.
I know, I know. I was disappointed too but we have the Forge to blame for it with all its self-righteous meddling in recent aeons it has balanced things you see; changed the fundamental laws of the Megaverse in ways that were never intended when we dreamed the wretched thing up. What a mistake it was, but an entertaining one I suppose. Then there’s Yggdrasil and it’s Parliament of Trees. Oh! and that wretched Book of Heroes. You know, the one that wears the faces the faces of 2,000 clowns; all dancing a right-proper terpsichore on all our best laid plans…
Though all of that matters little now. For you see the Demons and Deevils are each others throats and with the Minion War reaching its summit the eyes of our enemies are elsewhere, giving us a rare opportunity to play.
Of course, we can still expect the regulars (The Forge, the Tree, the Book) to field their champions but such things are of little consequence. What matters the most is that there will be victims, many victims…

Grand sacrifices to our grandiose!
Monumental mass-murders to immortalize our majesty!
It will be just like the good ole days!

I’m sorry Piglets, I got a little carried away there for a moment. Well, I suppose I should lay down the ground rules. Although I am ashamed to admit, my brothers and I are but dreams and shadows of our former selves and we must remain so as long as we slumber; and we have agreed to slumber until certain factors awaken us. In this state, our avatars are barely more powerful than the common household Splugorth, its shameful really. However, even this is enough to spread our wisdom out across the cosmic winds and close our hands around multiple worlds. Which of course brings me to the how the game is played

We will choose champions from among those who know our wisdom and the Forces of Light will choose theirs. Then, The Seven Tears of Xy shall be cast out across all of infinity and whosoever should collect all seven and bring them before the Throne of Runes shall be given absolute power over all magic in the Megaverse.
Furthermore should the our forces triumph and bring the crystals together, then in accordance ancient promises and pacts we shall rise once more and set right our former mistakes such as the Forge.
However, should The Forces of Light somehow manage to collect all seven crystals first, then the power of the Throne shall be theirs to do with as they see fit.

Simple enough Piglets? Good!
Well then, the crystals have been cast and agents chosen… LET THE GAME BEGIN!

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Let the Game Begin

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