Paige Refshauge

“Hi! I’m Paige and I am 5-years old!”

Paige was born to a small coastal community on the Australian continent north of New Brisbane to Greg and Myria Refshauge. She was handpicked for Project: Zenith Day in its earliest stages by Doctor Bastardstro because of her distant genetic ties to Jack Ryder.
As one of the earlier candidates Paige suffered terribly at the hands of the Doctor, causing her parents to threaten removing her from the project. This sowed the seeds of discord early in the program and was one of the major factors in the overseers agreeing to remove Doctor Bastardstro from the project. However, even after Doctor Bastardstro’s expulsion and her mandatory memory wipes, Paige was a very sickly and frail girl.

Paige finally perished from exhaustion after receiving a magically charged order from Gobi to “keep moving”. Although Gobi had not intended for his order to lead to her death, Black Peter had ensured that his gift would only give Gobi the ability to make people take action, not prevent or cease it. Paige is currently burried in an unmarked grave on the south west region of Hrrac Island.

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Paige Refshauge

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