Paradise City

Paradise City was a hidden Amana settlement that had existed in peace and isolation for nearly 150 years within the bounds of Madhaven, but far from the debris piles of old New York City. Protective shields and powerful healing magics kept the area and its people serene warded against madness. However, the city and its royalty would eventually be discovered by the Splugorth in early September of 102 P.A. and over 98% of its Amana population enslaved by Splynncryth and sold on the Splynn Dimensional Market as slaves. Those who remained (most of which were human) would henceforth be part of a Splugorth social experiment and governed only be a single rule, known as The Law of Paradise.

“The former Amana city Paradise will be spared” it said, though these words offered no assurance to any who listened. “However…” rumbled the voice the again. “This city will henceforth be governed by one commandment, an ancient tradition of my people… The Law of Paradise. Each of you shall do as is your will in all its totality, let nothing stay your hand or ambitions. Live as you think and let no mercy cloud your judgement. Let all your desires rule your days. Do these things; continue to serve Paradise and you will continue to live. Defy my will and know my wrath.”

After many battles and the heroic daring and great personal sacrifices of Alfonse Frank, Claire Parker, and Jack Ryder, Paradise City is now free of Splugorth rule and is free to rebuild under the guidance of “Little God”. The shields and wards that protect inhabitants from the specters and contagious insanity of Madhaven remain in place and the Amana population is once again slowly increasing as the old government is reestablished.

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Paradise City

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