Rihanna Ternelle

Rhianna is the daughter of a Swahili King who was raised in Kanya. She was identified as a psychic by Witch Doctors early in her life and exposed to the occult from a young age. However, it was not long before Rhianna realized that she could create the very entities the Witch Doctors revered with her mind. Knowing she was not a creature with any measure of divinity, she realized they were misguided and turned away from their teachings.

The act of turning against the cultural traditions of the Witch Doctors was inspirational to Rhianna’s father who was wowed by her fantastic powers. Surprisingly, after seeing her abilities and hearing her explanations, her parents opted to stand behind their daughter rather than scold her for her defiance. Without the support of the King, the traditionalist teachings of Kanya suffered a devastating blow, with many practitioners of magic withdrawing their support from Kanya. Soon after began a new golden age of reason. However, the old traditions had long served mankind since The Coming of the Rifts and continued to hang over the heads of her people. Something that has greatly troubled her for years.

As with the other Children of Iméra Rihanna was conceived as part of an experiment, though unlike many her mother and father have come to deeply love her. Even so, they understand that she is a necessary sacrifice for the prosperity of Africa as a nation. They have trained her to the best of their abilities, though with the recent appearance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse they fear they must accelerate their agenda. Rihanna is intelligent and fiercely independent, but she is no warrior and certainly no killer. Consequently, her parents have been reluctant to inform her of her destiny, believing it is better she die ignorant of their transgressions against her than fight a futile battle that she cannot hope to win.

NPC Statistics
Archetype: The Seer.
Alignment: Unprincipled (Selfish).
Motivation: Find a man worthy of her and help bring about a new and enlightened Golden Age of Humanity.
Disposition: Rihanna finds willful ignorance and those she considers to be unintelligent (I.Q. 9 or lower) frustrating and difficult to be around. This is true of both mortals and spirits alike. Otherwise, she is polite with a gentle and kindly demeanor.
Race: Human (Imperfect Zenith Day Mutant).
Sex: Female.
Age: 19.
Height: 5.2 feet.
Weight: 135lbs.
Appearance: An attractive dark skinned woman that typically wears a aquamarine sleeveless ensemble or robe with loose fitting golden bangles around each wrist. As is the tradition of her people, Rihanna rarely dons footwear of any kind, except in special occasions and even then only sandals.
O.C.C.: Ghost Maker (as per Noro Psychic)
Level of Experience: 5th level Ghost-Maker.
Current Experience: 20,000/30,000
Affiliations/Factions: The Children of Iméra and has managed to earn some measure political clout throughout the Kenyan and Tanzanian governments.
Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 14, M.A. 15, P.S. 12, P.P. 13, P.E. 14, P.B. 13. Spd. 40 (28 mph, 40 meters per action).
Attribute Bonuses/Penalties: + 7% to all skills.
Hit Points: 34
S.D.C.: 26.
M.D.C.: None, except by armor.
Horror Factor: None.
P.P.E.: 6.
I.S.P.: 150.
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 5
Combat Bonuses: + 1 to strike, + 2 to parry, + 2 to dodge, + 1 to disarm, + 2 to pull punch, + 2 to roll with punch.
Saving Throw Bonuses: + 1 on Perception rolls, + 3 to save vs Horror Factor, + 3 to save vs mind control, + 2 to save vs psionics.
Natural Abilities – Human
1. Insatiable Desire to Learn. Loves to experience and learn new things. Gains one new Secondary Skill at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.
Special O.C.C. Abilities – Ghost-Maker
1. Summon & Control Entities. Can summon (or perhaps create) energy entities. Tectonic and Possessing Entities will always resist the summons and control and may attempt to make a saving throw vs psionics to break free every minute after it was summoned. The Psychic can spend 1 I.S.P. to reduce their saving throw by 1 per point expended in this manner. Cost: 10 I.S.P. for a Haunting Entity, 20 I.S.P. for a Syphon Entity, 30 I.S.P. for a Tectonic Entity, or 40 I.S.P. for a possessing entity.
Legacy Power: Teleporter.
O.C.C. Skills
Language Native: Swahili at 111% (98%)
Language Native: American at 111% (98%)
Literacy: American at 82%
Mathematics: Basic at 92%
Mathematics: Advanced at 92%
Radio: Basic at 87%
Computer Operation at 82%
Biology at 67%
Chemistry at 67%
Chemistry: Analytical at 62%
Pathology at 67%
Medical Doctor at 97%
Forensics at 82%
Crime Scene Investigation at 77%
O.C.C. Related Skills: Add two at level 6, and 1 at levels 9 and 12.
Research at 82%
Philosophy at 72%
Anthropology at 62%
Archaeology at 62%
Astrophysics at 62%
Botany at 57%
Xenology at 82%
Zoology at 62%
Lore: Demons and Monsters at 79%
Lore: Faeries at 74%
Lore: Religion (3) at 69%
Lore: D-Bee (3) at 64%
Mythology (3) at 62%
Secondary Skills: Select Six Secondary skills. Plus two at levels 6 and 12 and one at levels 8, 10 and 14.
Literacy: Swahili at 67%
Lore: Magic at 64%
Public Speaking at 57%
Astronomy & Navigation at 67%
Wardrobe and Grooming at 73%
Hand to Hand: Basic
W.P.: Energy Pistol (2) ( + 3 to strike)
Running (4)
Magical Knowledge: None.
Spell Strength: Not applicable.
Psionic Powers: Counts as a Master Psychic (save vs Psionics 10 or higher).
Psi-Powers: Bio-Regenerate (6), Healing Touch (6), Empathy (4), Object Read (6), See Aura (6), Telepathy (4), Mind Block (4), Exorcism (10), Induce Sleep (4), Psychic Diagnosis (4), Suppress Fear (8), Lust for Life (10), Commune with Spirits (6), Mask I.S.P. & Psionics (7), Nightvision (4), Impervious to Fire (4), Impervious to Poison (4), Resist Fatigue (4), Clairvoyance (4).
Super Psionics: Empathic Transmission (6), Hypnotic Suggestion (6), Mind Block Auto-Defense (Special), Electrokinesis (varies), Pyrokinesis (varies), Hydrokinesis (varies), Cure Insanity (30), Psionic Invisibility (10), Psychic Omni-Sight (15).
Vulnerabilities: None.
Armor: Typically none, but when expecting combat wears a suit of Urban Warrior (50 M.D.C.)
Weapons: Normally wields a TX-26 Particle Beam Pistol. Avoids weapons and combat where possible, when she does battle she typically creates psychic entities to fight on her behalf.
Equipment: Rhianna’s mutant ability to teleport means that she typically travels very light. When she is away from home she typically carries 1D4 IRMSS “Internal Robot Medical Surgeon Systems”, 1D4 RAU Robot Antiseptic Units, one RMK Robot Medical Kit or “Knitter”, a digital camera, binoculars, a notepad and pencil, one high-power laptop, a portable Bio-Scan & Bio-Lab, 1D6 FSE-Clips, and a couple of sets of traveling clothes and personal items. All are kept neatly packed within a modest backpack.
Money: 26,000 credits.

TX-26 Particle Beam Pistol.
The TX-26 comes standard with a forward sliding energy clip, but can also use a short clip fitted into its handle. The amount of energy used by each particle beam charge limits the payload more than for any other weapon.
Weight: 5 Ibs (2.25 kg).
Total Strike Bonus: + 3 to strike or + 5 to strike on an Aimed Shot.
Range: 400 feet (122 m).
Damage: 5D6 M.D. per shot.
Rate of Fire: Standard.
Payload: 15 shots from an FSE-Clip or 6 from a short clip.
Cost: 35,000 credits. Fair availability in Europe.

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Rihanna Ternelle

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