Rob's thoughts

Session 13

Keeps talking and showing no results in this maze, his wasting his time in my opinion but i wont stop him it might prove useful later and nothing wrong with distracting the opposition

Extremely helpful D-bee seems to have a variety of useful skills that have kept him safe in this place so far has proven himself as a good person and has not shown any shifty actions yet. Maybe we hit the jackpot with him and got a new ally in this place lets just hope he lasts longer then the last couple.

What the hell is he? his essence wasn’t that of a demon, must be a experiment or a D-Bee that the mastermind threw in here to provide a random element maybe it acts violently but seems to be focusing its rage on the unstable people within this maze, this “being” is able to take a variety of forms perhaps it can control its body perfectly to be whatever it desires the only trait that remains is its pale/see-through skin.

Seeing Aya again
Is she a spy for the mastermind of this dungeon, best to keep enemies close. Hopefully my paranoia is unfounded.

Encountering the Spike-Haired Stranger
Are they getting stupider the further we go in?

This level seems there are different rules, the locals of this level seem to be able to use the high powered weaponry and armaments without worry of being declared a cheater, also Flight doesn’t seem to be banned this level.

Aya proves useful
Apparently while we were distracted by the idiots below she scrambled the drone and kept it at bay till our other situation was resolved later to hack it she may be able to prove useful. Still gotta keep a eye on her never know with the people down here

Giant Spring
Gobi got the brunt of it, looks like it hurt should avoid it the place down below screams trap.

Gobi cuts things unnecessarily could have asked someone probably could have found another way to check em. Seems to contain a noxious gas could be poisonous.

Shot some missiles at Gobi, threw some objects to see if it had any more all it used was a particle beam hope it only had 1 volley of missiles like the cyborg before. Probably one of the things we are not to destroy, informed others not to destroy it. Noticed a mine on the other side shot it and took it out.

Drone wasted
And there goes something extremely useful, and gonna cost someone something, hope they don’t lose something that will kill em. Gotta keep a closer eye on Aya she might have did that so we would have less tools to survive this place.

Plan Fails

Waking from Coma
what where am i, great they’re watching me again this time pretending to worry, its all just a act. I will survive by myself if i have too that’s why i trained.

Gobi wants me to help the strangers
Still foggy cant think straight. Gobi asked for help something about helping these others down, head clears a little think a rib just popped back in place sudden pain, head throbs a little, everyone’s eyes looking at me burns then feel like drowning, NO! back to the dark solitude … safety.

Boy at a machine
Obviously the one to control the robot, wait robot, something about the robot, sudden pain, some voice is telling me to kill the boy and i want to.

Boy Dies
Larz saved me a little i think, the urge was there and i was about to react on it.

They’re looking again (Gobi, Aya, Victor, Larz) judging me, entertaining themselves, observing enough i need solitude while their distracted i’ll cast a spell then they wont see me i can carry on alone just gotta get past them and that group of 4 ahead, but larz is gunho set them off made me trip on a pipe didnt know the chick was that fast right in my face i’ll take her out and then get away she seems like the boss.

She’s slippery, got away from my surprise grab like she has eyes in the back of her head her 3 buddies try to tag team me i’ll make sure they’ll never look at me again now i only have to worry about her, try to grab her again but she’s like a eel ends up behind me and cuffs me stupid women she’s gonna be distracted by thinking i’m incapacitated, larz finished her off wish he stayed outta it could have got her.

I can feel their eyes (Gobi, Aya, Victor, Larz), i move ahead let them get distracted by their looting gain some distance hopefully get away.

Why a barrier now of all times they’ll catch up… damn too late not strong enough to get through myself. Need to train harder get stronger.

god damn crazy, gotta finish him as fast as possible say something random i know his talking to Aya like she’s someone else i’ll just say Why did you betray me to confuse him alittle then kill him get his key and if i’m fast enough get out and away i remember theres a room past that door and i’ll be alone in it.

Spykes suicidal
He did everything himself fell of that platform and just let that forklift run over his head, well i got his key and the other guy seems useless just drives the fork… oh well doesnt matter his dead.

44hrs till the door opens!
Dammit i have the key why wont it just LET ME IN!

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Session 15

The Dark Room
I cast Globe of daylight to reveal the creature lurking behind me it’s a old partial cyborg missing his lower half goes by the name of Henry. He is repelled by the blinding light, must have been in this room for a very long time. He pleads to remove the light, hesitantly I do so expecting him to lounge at me like a maniac like most residents in this place. Only to be surprised at his plea and desire to help and offers me the strength I need to beat this hellhole in exchange of blood and to “kill the Woman”. Hesitant and realizing he is the only clue to at getting out of this room, I can only hope that “the Woman” is the stupid girl behind the smiley face that has been appearing on the display console. I accept his proposal, he then leads me to the exit of this room a duct hidden well within the dark at the corner of the room.

The Duct
This is weird… How long have we been moving its hard to keep track the world feels warped. Finally get to the end and it leads to an abandoned lab of some sort…

Abandoned Lab
Its been 4 maybe 5 hours, its hard to tell. He’s been screwing around on that computer but his finally done, I think. This collar I accept his proposal is suppose to make me Complete. What the hell is “complete”? I feel complete enough as it is!
Anyway he says this thing will allow me to “ignore the rules” so I am defiantly gonna put this on…
What the hell?! It is sticking stuff into my neck. The pain subsides and then suddenly I feel fantastic. Don’t know if its just the collar doing something or if knowing I can now cheat this stupid dungeon away is causing it but it feels good! He presses a button on the computer and I teleport back to the level.

Catching up to the Party
Don’t know how long I was gone but there is a trail of wreckage ahead. I hope they haven’t left me stuck on this level, though with what this place is like they very well might be dead. Well, if it is the worst it’ll mean they wont slow me down. I easily jump the spikes ahead and charge on forward seems they left nothing, hope they didn’t kill a few of the hostages by destroying everything.

The Troop
I finally get them in my sights and from how far I have traveled it seems they haven’t gotten too far. Maybe its only been 5 minutes or its been hours? I heard ley line storms can warp the feeling of time maybe this place has the same effect. Anyway I catch up they question were I was. I tell them then they question me about the collar while victor makes insulting remarks towards me cause I’m wearing it. Seems its all like “Rob is back lets bash on him now cause we can be irritating and childish again.” I’ll let it slide cause I’m feeling so great, but if it was yesterday I swear I would have just abandoned them. For now they can live with not knowing anything about it. Turns out Gobi’s Bio-Armor has taken quite a beating so its apparently regenerating.

Lightning Rod #1
I offer to block the lightning with my Sword of Light spell, knowing it has the ability to stop those blasts dead so others can safely get past and they are all willing to trust me. I get struck once doing so it burns but isn’t anything a minute of rest wont cure.

Spike Trap #1
These things are easy to pass, I’ll be asleep by the time Aya gets through these.

Spike Trap #2 & #3
These ones seem to be triggered by weight need something heavy to sit on it maybe? Unfortunately, I can’t see anything. Wait! I can check how this collar works supposedly allows me to avoid cheating here. Gobi just ripped a spike off and he got a frowning face thing above his head. Sweet! Seems I can cheat this level, time to demolish and use these spears…. Another trap in front that’s on a level above. I simply demolish this trap as well. Have something like 20 javelins now should be useful later.

Chain #1, Lighting Rod #2 and Platform #1
Gobi’s impatient and demolishes the lightning rod. Victor seems to think somethings weird is coming out of it and says its “hot”, whatever that means. I don’t even bother listening and walk past. I mean if it could kill us, why the hell was it used in the lightning rod in the first place? They could have just had the level filled with that. Just reached the platform ahead of us seems to be traveling fast, have to time my jump just right!
While I’m timing it they catch up, I try timing it so I catch the lift mid-trip up, but I mistimed it and took a fall. The exit off it looks a lot more fatal if I mess this one up…
I tried jamming it with a dozen spears, it held it for a little while but they were quickly demolished and it doesn’t give any when I try to manually pull the lift down, weird… Close call too, almost lost some digits, hate when that happens. Aya jumps down and dives through the exit without caution for her life. I think she was lucky, if she was caught in that she would have died. The rest end up on the platform and Gobi and Viktor fuck up the timing. Lucky for Viktor Gobi fucked it up too and his Bio-Armor gets stuck in the gap holding it open so Viktor can escape. So then Viktor throws his shield into the gap between the elevator and platform to hold it and Gobi instantly retracts his armor to get himself out. Like I’ll let a chance like this slide! I get out while the goings good and so does Larz.

Robot Crab
A robot crab, seriously? They think this will stop us? Its an annoyance at most, only thing is we cant destroy it. One of those box’s should contain it. Everyone’s paranoid about these boxes like they contain a bomb or something. Anyway, I throw the box over the crab, a simple solution.

Platform #2
Let everyone get on it and they try to tell me when to stop but I’m too good for that. I stop ‘em right at the bottom. They say they found a weird room full of boxes on the trip down. So now I have to let em off there so they can check it out. Apparently they’re heavy boxes. After their little box collection is over I let em get off and take the trip down the hard way.

The Nine Boxes
Weird they have a person in them. I think I recognize him, but don’t know where from. Oh well, he obviously doesn’t need them anymore and I can use these sealing the lighting rod ahead.

Lightning Rod #3
Completely nullified by yours truly. Gobi’s skeptical and wants to take some of the boxes with us. That is just stupid. I’m not lugging around half a ton just in case it might be useful. The first thing we would have to do is get across the treadmill thing avoiding the lightning blasts from the exposed rod just to get one to the other side.

Flame Jets
Great giant jets of flame and Gobi wants to go back for those god damn bricks. Nope not gonna happen. Instead, I enchant the soon to be pieces of toast Aya, Larz and Victor and save ‘em again. Gobi refuses due to skepticism about my magic armor being “environmentally sealed” and chooses to opt for his Bio-Armor. We get past the first two jets of flames then after the third there’s a weird old guy in a green partial exoskeleton staring. They said he was a enemy so I started aiming up a shot but they’re all to eager for blood and started to blast him themselves. Aya walked into the flames while they were up and moved to striking distance while on fire and Viktor soon followed when he saw Aya. Alright, after Gobi finished him off Aya got hit by the barrel he produced and now she’s a glowing green inferno running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Gobi tries to tackle her. I think to smother the flames but she’s too random for him to get a hold off she runs off into the distance.

Baby in ’Bot
OKAY what the fuck?! Seriously, its a infant in a power armor and its got M.O.M. implants! This mastermind is sick and twisted, whats worse is its the boss off this level…

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Session 16

1 hour of waiting for the timer
We have finally subdued the infant, and now the wait again this is going to be a test … my jaw hurts, dont remember getting hit in the jaw.

First Sign of Radiation Poisoning – Feeling Sick
What is this feeling its the most awful feeling, my heads hot and hurts, my stomach is upset and my whole body aches and it feels like its just getting worse and worse.

Second Sign Sign of Radiation Poisoning
Ouch, whats with my mouth – reaches in and feels that another tooth is growing through the old one – this has never happened before fuck i feel like shit maybe if i rip out my old tooth the pain will subside, i heard people usually pull out bad teeth so the pain goes away.

Third Sign of Radiation Poisoning
Weird a large infected blistered scab has appeared on my forearm, maybe it’ll go away if i rip it off and let my arm regenerate that part.

After Rob Awakes
So apparently the guy i said i was going to help took control of me in my sleep and tried to talk to them and now they want me to rip it off the collar and void my promise to the guy to help him out. Nah this guy hasn’t done anything to merit throwing him away his a victim of this maze just like the rest of us and his just using whatever his got available to get him out.

The Removal of the Muscle
Ok time to do this gotta be ready… – few moments pass – SHIT that hurts ok got a hold of it now to …. AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ………… – long silence heavy breathing – FUCK THAT HURTS, i think i woke Gobi up, Victor couldn’t stand the sight and is puking in the corner. This reallllllllllllllllly hurts ouch, ouch, ouch. This is probably the most painful thing i have ever felt i god damn hope it works.
-A few minutes later the muscle has regrown and the blisters and scabs start to form again – Fuck

After Victor tells Rob his Sick
This is SICK!, no wonder people die cause their sick this is god damn awful. Apparently what i have is like a flu it spreads if I’m close to someone too long so they told me to sit in the shower hope it works the water helps me think clearer. I think i have a new respect for people especially if they have to live through this on a regular basis.

Waking the Baby
the baby hasn’t had anything for a almost a day now he just sits there dormant with his pacifier, we need to get it some food and water into his stomach so he doesn’t die, we try a few things but he just keeps going berserk at the person holding the pacifier, and doesn’t gain any real food or water, if he doesn’t at least get something he will die and all the trouble we did to save the infant will be for naught. We finally got him to talk Gobi’s doing his talking thing seems to kid has lost track of time has differing memories and other things blood weird don’t know how its been done but they messed this person up real good, then Gobi calls over victor and the kid goes berserk again, at least we got him some water.

4th Sign of Radiation Poisoning
the water helped for a bit, but it just feels worse and worse now my hair has fallen out my fingernails have washed off and bunch of wounds have opened up. Seems my regeneration is at least stopping me from bleeding to death.

Argument About our Options
Gobi wants to leave this kid hear to be consumed by the goo when this area resets and is certain that this infant isnt a real person, me and Victor have tried to explain to him about cyborgs and technology a bit but even after that his assuming because we saw the people before getting rebuilt while the level reset that they are objects instead of people. He just refuses to understand technology so what if someone has a metal skeleton or their flesh is replace by fibers as long as they have a mind and a soul his a person.
-looks into the child’s eyes to see if it has a soul – Wow this infant actually has 3 souls within it i think this is insane, I tell Gobi but unless its all done by his Bio magic stuff its not real to him. Bloody Lemurians.

Wakes up
What was with that bizarre dream, me and Gobi were arguing and he ripped the kid in half in front of meee… why is the baby in half and WHY DOES GOBI HAVE MY KEYS!, he says something about me being possessed again and to teach him a lesson i apparently ripped the child in half, i’m so confused i i have to think about this seriously.
- 10 minutes of bewilderment -
I have come to a conclusion, Until it is proven that either of us killed the child i will let us slide, my dream was just a dream and Gobi is a life long friend who i don’t believe was capable of killing the child, he did say some heated things in the argument yesterday but that was just anger and i cant take him for his word completely anymore because HE STOLE MY KEYS!

Confronts Gobi for his keys
-Wakes up a few minutes later -
how long was i out why is one eye like a damage monitor all fuzzy looking, Gobi said he tried to take the collar while i was out and damaged it, he still bloody wants the thing fine have it as long as i get my keys.
- rips the collar off tearing through the pain -

Rob after the Collar is Gone
I’ve never has so much pressure off me as i have now, its so relaxing i think. Gobi just offered me the keys why did i want them so bad why was i such a arse man this feels so good i think I’ll just ride it a little and try to forget about my body. Why did i hate all fey so much, they cant help but what they are they were made that way. I was taught and trained to kill the bad ones but the good ones i was ready to destroy on a whim as well, my mind has never been so clear.

Pink Safety Room
this is crap we have to wait 4 days in here in a cramped space i think i saw Victor almost faint when he saw that timer he seems the worst of us at just sitting have to keep a eye on him try to keep him distracted maybe the computer can help him pass the time. Gobi loots the safe private room of the supplies like they have been this whole level. Then we find out what we can spend our points on i hope one is medicine, i dont think i can survive the wait in this room.
10 Points Ammo (dammit)
20 Points Armor (Shit)
30 Points Food (Crap)
40 Points Water (Fuck, next one please don’t be safety)
… 50 Points Treatment (Thank god the mastermind actually wanted people to beat this level)
Gobi starts trying to persuade me not to take the treatment yet what is wrong with him i feel like i could die any second and he wants me to go back get more irradiated whatever that means then get treated after that? he finally gives when i refuse to die cause of his whim and the treatment starts.
- immediately Robs stuffed in a medical tube and bombarded by blue balls of energy -
This blue stuff is doing a good job taking awhile but wait… maybe i should try that thing master taught me something like a rapid heal that only works on a Ley line maybe this is one its blue and these lights kinda look like the lights it produces.
-Rob enters his meditative state to activate the Ley line Rejuvenation skill that is taught to all slayers -
this has never did anything for me before but at least it verified one of my suspicions this place is also powered by a ley line, I think Gobi may have made this place even more crazy then it originally have when he requested Tritonia to move over a Ley line so his people could do whatever they were doing better. I think i have to apologize to those government guys, i shouldn’t have done what i did back then man what was i thinking.
- Rob Completes his Treatment and exits the tube -
I feel so refreshed now hopefully i can help victor with his boredom, I load up the help screen and try to find out why this room has a the green key and the pink key door nothing to avail on that part but we have heard a few terms we might try to redefine, the computer women doesn’t give us any information on the overseer not surprised there that would have been a stupid mistake on their part, but it has given us getting a game over so we can reselect a princess apparently Gobi has to “expire” i don’t like that word couldn’t they have just said die or lose i tried to see if any loss will get him a game over but the rock scissors paper match didn’t work and I’m at a dead end on that so we have to wait for a opportunity i really don’t want that guy as our princess why did Gobi choose him anyway, sometimes he tests things too much.

2nd Day of Waiting in the Pink safety room
Victor is about to snap the wait its like torture to his kind, we start to discuss if use of a single point to view if there is a green key holder that will enter when the green door time is up, Gobi doesn’t want to waste the point because it will make the remaining 9 of 10 points we have spare practically useless except for camera viewing i don’t mind but i think he was thinking if someone needs armor it’ll be a backup but if we can get a camera moving and control it maybe that can help Victor stop from wasting away and more information about the next area is very important if no one is on the other side it pretty much means we have to go back through that, i really don’t wanna go back through that i don’t want to be sick again and we don’t have the 50 points to heal me again. We finally decided to use the camera to view the next level … what only a giant gorilla and barrels wait … there’s no guy with a green key no oh no that means …
- Rob sees himself melting away from radiation poisoning -
Oh no I am not going back through there I’ll break this door down if i have too.
- Rob winds up and pounds the door with his fists -
God damn Electricity isn’t gonna stop me
- Rob winds up and pounds the door again -
ARR G blacks outs
- Wakes up a few minutes later -
what the door repairs itself … no why this place is so cruel.

Victor and Gobi’s Ideas
- Victor and Gobi says my Armor of Itian Spell stopped the radiation before on Aya so maybe that can stop me from getting sick again
- Gobi believes the green key is down that ladder we passed earlier this level or the actual path is allllll the way back were we had to choose left or down on the blue level. If we go back we’ll have to fight through everything all over again is this a punishment from our past lives?

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