Rules Clarifications

Attribute Clarifications

Physical Prowess (P.P.): The strike bonus from P.P. applies to ALL strikes, including disarm, entangle, and pulled punch (restrained attacks).
Physical Endurance (P.E.): The saving throw bonus to save vs poison from P.E. also applies to saving throws vs pain, disease, drugs, and any other effect that induces physical suffering or illness.

Psychics & Psionic Powers

The following is a list of Psychic Powers from Beyond the Supernatural that are available for use in my game and their respective category.

Biofeedback (8)
Coma Consciousness (3)
Medical Hypnosis (2+)

Alter Air Temperature (8)
Bend Metal (3 or 8)
Burnt Message (4 or 8)
Burst of Light (4) – Standard Save vs Psionics
Create Fire (6)
Draw Fire (8)
Energy Conduit (10)
Extinguish Fire (5)
Fuel Flame (3)
Impervious to Smoke (4)
Incinerate Paper (5)
Leidenfrost Effect (2)
Living Battery (12+)
Resist Pain (6)
Rope Trick (4)
Shed Light (4)
Smoke Signal (4)
Snatch Fire (2)
Spontaneous Combustion (4)
Steam Blast (5)
Telekinetic Bullets (20)
Thermal Imaging Vision (6)
Thoughtography (6)

Fire Omen (7)
Mental Electronic Messaging (8)
Open Locks (6)
P.P.E. Shield (10)
Psychic Literacy (7)

Super Psionic
Bio-Stasis Trance or Tumo Mastery (5)
Demon Punch (6)
Desiccation Touch (20)
Dispel Spirits (10)
Fire Bolt (10)
Part Fire (8)
Self-Combustion (12)
Telepathic Projection (4 or 12)

Occupational Character Classes

Adventurer/Scholar O.C.C. Bonuses: If an Adventurer or Scholar O.C.C. has no bonuses listed, they gain the following bonuses: + 2D6 S.D.C., + 3 on Perception Rolls, and + 2 to I.Q., M.E., M.A., or P.B. attribute (pick one!).
Men at Arms O.C.C. Bonuses: If a Man at Arms O.C.C. has no bonuses listed, they gain the following bonuses: + 2D6+6 S.D.C., + 2 on initiative, + 3 to pull punch, + 2 to roll with impact, and + 1 to save vs Horror Factor; + 1 at levels 2, 4, 7, 9, 12 and 15.

Spells and Magic

Walk the Waves: Walk the Waves is normally a first level Elemental Water Spell, however it may also be learned by other Practitioners of Magic as a third level invocation. Otherwise the spell is unchanged.

Rifts World Book 31: Triax 2

Vehicular Boost Jump System: This modification can only launch two feet per mile of speed, rather than the listed five feet per mile.

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Rules Clarifications

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