Scarlet Cayce Aerihman

“I’m just a girl after all, don’t you go letting me out of your sight now…”

Scarlet Cayce Aerihman was born and trained to be a body-double for the daughter of an important member of the Sunaj. Alas, during the earliest years the Splugorth demanded her charge be handed over and trained as a gladiator as a test of her father’s loyalty. Outraged, her father quietly accepted and handed over his daughter, thus robbing Scarlet
of her life’s purpose. As a compromise, she would once again find value but this time as a candidate in the Zenith Day Project as test subject #19 where she would meet the man who would later become her betrothed.

Scarlet is an opportunistic social butterfly devoid of sympathy for those less fortunate than herself. She is also a trained Sunaj Assassin and a moderately skilled Burster. Though she acts daft behind the veil ignorance, she is a keen and vindictive mind whose only loyalties are to her own best interests and those of her beloved. If it were it not for her husband’s instance to the contrary, she would have betrayed Cygnus long ago.

NPC Statistics
Archetype: Temptress.
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil)
Motivation: Live a life of luxury and destroy all those who would stand in the way of her beloved.
Disposition: Selfish to a ruthless degree. She is capable of committing deeds of limitless evil or betraying anyone as long as it is what best serves her interests. Her only true allegiance is to that of her husband: Jason Parker
R.C.C.: True Atlantean
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Appearance: A true bombshell by any standards. She has long, vibrant red hair; and a slender, well-toned body with legs that seem to stretch to infinity. If one were to search for a flaw in this creature of near divine beauty, it would be her tattoos on each wrist, but let’s face it, you are kind of in to that too.
O.C.C.: Burster
Level of Experience: 5th Level Burster
Current Experience: 18,656
Affiliations/Factions: Children of Iméra, Tend All Truth
Attributes: I.Q. 18, M.E. 27, M.A. 16, P.S. 27, P.P. 12, P.E. 21, P.B. 21 (22 when dressed to impress), Spd. 28 (19 mph; 23 meters per action)
Attribute Bonuses: + 4% to all skills, Trust/Intimidate: 40%, Charm/Impress: 55%; 60% when dressed to impress, + 6 save vs psionics, + 10 save vs insanity, + 12 S.D.C. to damage, + 12% save vs coma/death, + 3 save vs disease, + 3 to save vs drugs, + 3 to save vs magic, + 3 to save vs pain, + 3 to save vs poison.
Hit Points: 44
S.D.C.: 59; Recovery: five times as fast as normal
M.D.C.: None, except by armor (36 M.D.C.) or by Burster aura.
Horror Factor: 12
P.P.E.: 22 Recovery: 10 per hour of rest or sleep, 15 per hour of meditation
I.S.P.: 97 Recovery: 2 per hour of activity, 12 per hour of meditation or sleep
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 6
Combat Bonuses: + 4 on initiative, + 3 to strike (+ 1 with a thrown weapon), + 5 to pull punch, + 16 to damage, + 1 to parry, + 1 to dodge, + 7 to roll with impact
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 1 perception, + 7 to save vs. Horror Factor, + 3 to save vs. disease, + 10 to save vs. insanity, + 5 to save vs. magic, + 3 to save vs. poison, + 6 to save vs. psionics, and + 12% to save vs. coma and death.
Natural Abilities:
● Increased S.D.C. from Magic Tattoos.
● Increased P.P.E. from Magic Tattoos.
● Increased P.P.E. Recovery.
● Impervious to Physical Transformation.
● Marks of Heritage.
● Multilingual. Language (Native): Atlantean (96%), Language (Other): Oceanic (96%) and Language (Other): Lemurian (96%).
● Operate Dimensional Pyramids.
● Recognize Vampire. Base Chance: 50%.
● Sense Ley Lines. Range: 50 miles. Base Chance: 50%.
● Sense Ley Line Nexus. Base Chance: 60%.
● Sense Vampires. Range: 1,000 feet.
Legacy Power: Impervious to Kinetic Attacks
Special O.C.C. Abilities: Burster
● Extinguish Fires. Range: 150 feet. Area of Effect: 1000 feet. I.S.P. Cost: 4.
● Fire Bolt. Range: 300 feet. Strike Bonus: + 4. Damage: 2D6 S.D.C., 4D6 S.D.C., or 2D6 M.D. I.S.P. Cost: 2 or 4
● Fire Eruption. Range: 200 feet. Duration: 10 minutes. Damage: Varies by size. Base Skill: 64%.
● Flame Burst. Range: Self. Duration: ten minutes. Damage: 6D6 S.D.C.; 1D6 M.D. if the Burster charges it for one melee. I.S.P. Cost: 4.
● Flame Burst Body Protection: Provides 60 M.D.C. regenerates 3D6 M.D. per melee round. Duration: 10 minutes. I.S.P. Cost: 4.
● Psychic Ley Line Augmentation. Range: 1 mile.
● Sense Fire. Range: 1,200 feet.
● Super Fuel Flame. Range: 500 feet. Area of Effect: 100 feet radius. Damage: Increases proportionately. I.S.P. Cost: 8.
● Impervious to Fire and Heat.
O.C.C. Skills
Language (Native): American 98%
Language (Other): Euro 96%
Athletics: General.
Land Navigation 64%
Mathematics: Basic 84%
Pilot: Motorcycles & Snowmobiles 90%
Pilot: Water Skiing & Surfing 70%
Streetwise 50%
W.P. Forked ( + 3 to strike, + 1 thrown, + 3 to entangle, + 2 to parry)
W.P. Flamethrower ( + 2 to strike)
Hand to Hand: Assassin.
Bonus Skill: W.P. Paired – Forked only
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Concealment 40%
Pick Pockets 49%
Swimming 79%
Combat Driving
Secondary Skills:
Sing at 69%; professional quality
Dance at64%; professional quality
Wardrobe & Grooming at 76%; professional quality
Magical Knowledge: : Sword Covered in Flames (10), Heart Pierced by a Wooden Stake (15).
Spell Strength: 12
Psionic Powers: Master Psionic (save vs. Psionics 10 or higher). Psi-Powers: Bio-Regenerate (6), Death Trance (1), Mind Block (4), and Telepathy (4)
Vulnerabilities: None
Armor: Atlantean leather corset (36 M.D.C.), one suit of sunaj body armor (unassembled)
●Two Vibro Sais: 1D6 M.D.; + 2 to disarm
●WI-NFT-1 Napalm-P Flame Thrower
●Napalm P-tank
Equipment:: Three sets of clothing, one sleeping bag, backpack, utility/ammo-belt, two canteens, one pair of sunglasses, food rations for a week, some personal items and a remodeled and fully armed CS jet ski.
Money: : 1,300 credits and 5,000 credits in black market goods (cosmetics)

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Scarlet Cayce Aerihman

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