The Corrupt

The Corrupt are among the most despicable servants of evil in the Megaverse. In many ways, they are worse than demons because the Corrupt were once humans (sometimes D-bees) who have willingly forsaken their humanity (perhaps their very souls) to become agents of chaos and evil. Like the Witch, these wicked and spiteful people have given themselves to the forces of evil. One of the big differences is that nobody seems to know exactly who or what that evil is. Presumably, it is a powerful alien intelligence or dark god (some have suggested the legendary Old Ones from the Palladium World), but whatever it is, it has neither a name or a face; The Corrupt have taken to calling their mysterious benefactor, the Liberator. Unfortunately, they are liberated in unleashing pain, sorrow, chaos and death into the world, for these are their only motivations in their new life.

Other differences are that those looking to become a member of The Corrupt must give their entire life (and soul?) to evil forever, are physically transformed (usually dramatically) and neither pray to or follow any master. Their one command is to go forth and reap sorrow, death and havoc. How they do so, to whom, and why doesn’t matter. They have no formal leader, although many gather in small groups or cults, and many join as the servant of other evil forces such as dark gods, cults and others ~ any power that helps to propagate suffering and destruction.

The Corrupt are greatly feared, and rightly so. They have sacrificed their humanity, becoming something powerful and demonic. They are ruthless and cruel on a level that harkens to something primordial. The Corrupt feed on death, specifically the P.P.E. released when something dies, but unlike the Psi-Stalkers, they can only feed by killing their prey.

The Corrupt is transformed from whatever mortal body he or she may have once had to become something outwardly inhuman. The character is reborn as an evil monster, stronger, faster, and more resilient than any human could hope to be. The Corrupt are physically larger, bulkier, with dark, scaly skin, glowing eyes, and wicked claws. Additionally, they are all equipped with sinister black armor, covered with spikes, leather straps, and belts that are actually parts of hide, like the plating of a dinosaur! Even the helmet-like head is a living part of them. The eerie, glowing orbs for eyes and whatever else that lies beneath the armor plates and scaly skin is what The Corrupt have become.

Of course, most adorn themselves with additional straps, belts and buckles to enhance their appearance further. They can tear through body armor with their bare hands, and even have some innate magical abilities. They heal at a phenomenal rate, have scaly M.D.C. bodies, are impervious to disease, and it is believed, they no longer age, although no one really knows. However, The Corrupt can be slain, and once killed, even they cannot return to the living.

As for their mind, The Corrupt becomes less intelligent and more savage, relying on predatory animal-like instincts and powerful emotions that drive them to hunt and kill. However, they remain sentient beings capable of following orders, and exhibit great cunning when it comes to stalking, hunting, trapping and killing. It is believed that the irreversible transformation shuts off any feelings of love, joy and tenderness. After the change, they only feel negative emotions like hate and anger, and joy comes only from inflicting pain, suffering and death. In combat, many succumb to an overwhelming blood-lust. Not a berserker rage, but a euphoric thrill from the excitement of combat, the wilder the better. During these periods of blood-lust, The Corrupt are likely to take no prisoners and slaughter everybody who cannot escape their clutches. This sometimes leads to periods of torture that can last days and see dozens to hundreds of innocent people killed in horrible ways.

Although they respect power and brutality, and some make excellent wamors and minions, they can never be completely busted and accept no being as their master. They are monsters without lasting loyalty or sense of respect (or lasting fear), even to the gods. They are creatures of chaos who ultimately do as they please. The Corrupt can be beaten into submission or enticed to serve for awhile, sometimes years (especially if they are enjoying themselves), but are too volatile, driven and crazed to accept any master, leader or even equal for a lifetime of service.
However, unless the tide turns in battle (in which case The Corrupt often turn with it to ravage their one time allies), most Corrupt will simply have vanished one day. This period will be preceded by growing agitation and disobedience.

The Elite Corrupt, also known as the Hidden Corrupt, are those who were evil to begin with and who possessed strong will power (M.E. 15 or higher). Such individuals may will that they retain their original, normal, outward appearance, but are corrupted inside, like a rotten apple with a beautiful exterior. They too are vile, mega-damage monsters driven to hurt and destroy, but they are much harder to identify. Some work as spies for their brother Corrupt, while others work as lone agents, spreading sorrow and chaos wherever they go. Note: Other than a seemingly normal outward appearance, the Elite Corrupt have half the usual M.D.C., and a moderately higher intelligence.

When angry or emotionally distressed, their body will change its appearance – becomes covered in scales, and the eyes glow dimly with energy.

The Corrupt O.C.C. appears on page 86 of Rifts® World Book 16: Federation of Magic (Revised & Updated)

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The Corrupt

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