The Sabellico Sisters

“Calling other people ugly doesn’t make you any prettier—”
“—It just shows how ugly you are on the inside.”

Sarah is descended from one of the few remaining ‘pure blood’ Lemurian families that were unwilling to expose themselves to genetic enhancement during ancient times. As a result over the years the once powerful Sabellico family have faded more and more into obscurity; outclassed by their genetically superior peers.

Alas, Sarah is no exception. In fact, of all her family no one embodies this ironic fate more than her. Other than a disciplined mind and considerable patience, Sarah is a shy and unremarkable person; mediocre by most conventional standards. So much so that if it were not for her ancestors compact with ancient Air Elementals she would not even possess her meager command over the winds.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Sarah is that during her childhood she was duplicated by the sinister magic of Black Peter. Neither of the twins are aware which of the two is the original, or if both are magical copies. However, they have never had difficulty working together. Nor felt compelled to harm one another and have managed to live a relatively symbiotic coexistence.

As someone who is often breezed over, Sarah has spent much of her life learning the skills of a den mother; taking quiet satisfaction in helping others wherever she can. Her secret desire is to earn the recognition and love of Lord Cygnus, who she has admired since he first rescued her during childhood. However, in recent years she has found herself questioning his ethics (though never openly). Even so, the Sarahs continue to bear a torch for him and would happily give up both her lives if he asked. Despite any questionable alliances, “Sarah” (both of them) is a kind and good person with an incredible sense of courage that drives her on even in the face of insurmountable odds.

The Sabellico Conspiracy.
Sarah is the third daughter of Ferro and Dora Sabellico. Realizing the decline of their family’s political power, Ferro sort out a rogue group of Lemurian Gene-techs and involved his youngest daughter in in the Zenith Day Project. As with the other children, Sarah was exposed to radical gene treatments and bombarded with cosmic energies from the Yalanji Nexus in an effort to awaken her true evolutionary potential and then had her memories erased.
However, an unforeseen disaster stranded Sarah on an island during her youth, and without her medical suppressants, her powers manifested prematurely. Unable to gestate within the crucible of the child’s soul for the allotted time, her powers were significantly weakened. Even so, her psychic abilities are formidable and Sarah remains the Sabellio Clan’s greatest hope for the future.

NPC Statistics
Archetype: Damsel(s) in Distress
Alignment: Principled (Good)
Motivation: Prove she is a value to those who would underestimate her
Disposition: She is a person of high moral quality marred only by her naivity. Naive by nature, she will associate with those that have less regard for morality in the hopes of changing them, or perhaps a blindness to their evil; seeing positive aspects that simply do not exist.
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Appearance: A blonde girl with light features. Relatively attractive by human standards but far overlooked due to living in a society dominated by could-be supermodels.
O.C.C.: Air Warlock
Level of Experience: 3rd level Warlock
Current Experience: 5,000
Affiliations/Factions: Children of Iméra
Attributes: I.Q. 8, M.E. 9, M.A. 11, P.S. 9, P.P. 11, P.E. 9, P.B. 13, Spd. 10 (7 mph; 12.5 meters per action)
Attribute Bonuses: None
Hit Points: 23
S.D.C.: 20
M.D.C.: None
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 74
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 4
Combat Bonuses: + 2 parry, + 2 dodge, + 2 to pull punch, + 2 to roll with impact
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 to save vs. Horror Factor (+ 6 vs. Elemental beings), + 1 to save vs. disease, + 1 to save vs. magic, + 1 to save vs. poison, + 1 to save vs. possession, + 10% to save vs. coma and death
Natural Abilities:
Legacy Power: Force Field Generation
Special O.C.C. Abilities (if any)
1. Astronomy & Navigation. Base Skill: 65%
2. Electronics: Basic. Base Skill: 50%
3. Elemental Etiquette.
4. Hold Breath. Duration. 10 minutes
5. Sense Wind Direction. Base Skill: 70%
6. Sense Time by Observing the Heavens. Base Skill: 70%
7. Sense Atmospheric Disturbances. Base Skill: 40%
8. Sense Atmospheric Impurities. Base Skill: 40%
9. Sense Elementals. Range: 120 foot radius; 240 foot radius if the Warlock concentrates (counts as one attack per melee) or strong elemental forces are at work. Base Skill: 35%; + 20% if the Warlock concentrates (counts as one attack per melee) or strong elemental forces are at work.
10. Speak Elemental. Base Skill: 98%.
11. Summon Air Elementals. Duration: 2D6 minutes. Base Skill: 15; + 10 on a Ley Line or + 20% at a Nexus.
O.C.C. Skills
Language Native: Lemurian at 98%
Language Other: Oceanic at 66%
Literacy Other: Lemurian at 50%
Lore: Demon & Monster at 45%
Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic at 37%
Land Navigation at 54%
Wilderness Survival at 55%
Pilot Boat: Paddle Types/Canoe/Kayak at 65%
W.P.: Targeting (+ 2 to strike)
W.P.: Harpoon & Speargun (+ 1 to strike)
Hand to Hand: Basic (3rd level).
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Animal Husbandry at 45%
Calligraphy at 55%
Cooking at 75%; professional quality
Dance at 50%
First-Aid at 45%
Lore: Animals at 45%
Rope Works at 50%
Pilot Boat: Sail-Types at 70%
Wardrobe & Grooming at 64%
Sing at 50%
Secondary Skills:
Housekeeping at 75%; professional quality
Sewing at 60%
Swimming at 60%
Magical Knowledge: Create Light (1), Cloud of Steam (4), Create Mild Wind (4), Silence (10), Levitate (7), Distant Voice (5), Northern Lights (12), Sheltering Force (10), Globe of True Sunlight (15)
Spell Strength: 13
Psionic Powers:
Vulnerabilities: None
● Speargun: 2D6 S.D.C
Equipment: One set of clothing, one white hooded robe, one set of traveling clothes and extra robe, first aid kit, flint and charcoal, wooden cross, elemental symbol, survival knife, small caravel (the Sparrow), a first aid kit, and 2 lesser healing potions (each; 4 total).
Money: 7,000 credits in savings and 6,000 in black market goods

The S.V. Sparrow
Class: Caravel
Crew: 12 craftsmen, 30 sailors and between 40 to 60 additional sailors, laborers, or soldiers, and can accommodate an additional 8 oarsmen.
M.D.C. by Location:
Front Mast (1) – 45.
Mid/Main Mast (1) – 40.
Main Sail (1) – 22.
Small Sails (7) – 15 each.
Front Section (1) – 375.
Mid-Ship (1) – 225.
Rear Section (1) – 250.
Hull (per 10 foot area) – 80.
Keel (per 10 foot area) – 120.
Rudder – 40.
Cruising: Not possible.
Flying: Not possible.
Water: 14 mph (22.4 km or 12 knots) sailing. 6 mph (9.6 km or 5 knots) when rowing.
Statistical Data:
Height: 27 feet (8.2 m) tall at the main sail.
Width: 30 feet (9 m) wide.
Length: 90 feet (27.4 m) long.
Weight: 50 tons; 230 tons fully loaded.
Cargo: 80 tons light to 180 tons heavy, with six tiny cabins, and two small cabins available for passengers.
Power System: Environmentally friendly. Man or Wind power only.
Market Value: 1,100,000 credits. However, The Sarahs consider this a priceless family heirloom and would never willingly part with it.

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The Sabellico Sisters

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