Udrath Dimensional Statistics:
Pronunciation: Oo-Drath.
Type of Dimension: Infinite Dimension.
Primary Dimensional Medium: Clear, breathable atmosphere.
Secondary Dimensional Medium: Galaxies with billions of solar systems.
Density of Dimensional Fabric: Strong, those teleporting or rifting to or within this dimension suffer a -20% penalty.
Magic Level: No magic energy. Likewise, only 1% of the population display psychic abilities; psychics visiting the dimension double the I.S.P. cost of psionics and reduce their potency (range, damage, duration, etc.) by 1/10th. Note: Despite its low-magic, Udrath is a highly lethal Mega-Damage dimension.
Dimensional Energy Matrix: Positive; only technology from a universal or positive charged world will function here.
The Flow of Time: Slower time flow. Time flows at half the pace of Rifts Earth, one day in this dimension is the equivalent to two on Rifts Earth.
Dimensional Quirks: Linked dimension (random rifts have a 01-20% chance of opening to Menione during the full moon and a 01-60% chance of opening to Edhenest during the blood moon).

Udrath is highly advanced world inhabited by Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Humans and many of the lesser monster races (Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, etc.). Once long ago giants and dragons were said to once inhabit these lands, however they have long since vanished into obscurity and are now considered to be little more that folklore. Although there is intermingling between the many peoples of Udrath, most of the civilized races make their home in advanced floating cities with only most rugged, poverty-stricken or brutish making their home on the surface.

The surface of Udrath is relatively untouched for such an advanced world, consisting of grand sweeping forests and the occasional overgrown ruins with small populations of goblinoid scavengers scattered throughout. Some places exist within the hidden corners of the world (mysterious caves, the hollows of ancient tress, etc.) that are said to be haunted or inhabited by balloon-like creatures called the Delu that steal children away and drag them off to Menione (the Underworld). Similar legend tells of a mythical dimension of gleaming topaz known as Edhenest, an eerie realm said to be inhabited by a strange race of fairfolk that lure men into their cavernous realm and leave small gemstone statues in their place. Such stories are scoffed at by the city dwellers and considered little more than primitive superstition. However, those who dwell on the surface below take these stories much more seriously and tend to avoid these places just as their ancestors have for generations — better safe than sorry.

Udraths technological level is on par with Rifts Earth prior to the Coming of the Rifts. They have developed space travel and a number of satellites circle their world beaming information into peoples homes. They have a fully functioning internet and unsurprisingly cyber crime is very common. Their governments and militarizes of each city operate almost entirely independently of one another, with most contact occurring through trade, civilian trafficking and tourism. However, the world is far from peaceful. Resource conflicts are especially common and largely result from the nomadic rotation of the cities and shifting ownership of territory, with most war occurring over farmland and the current rightful ownership of precious metals or uranium at any given time of the year. Not all of the floating cities are mobile and some of the larger capitals hold a large territory and even small ground communities. However, these are a relatively new occurrence in Udrath’s long history, and many politicians and military leaders see this as unwise as it breaks against tradition and puts the city at greater risk from thermonuclear attack.

Thus far in the history of Udrath, there has only been one world war and it occurred over 300 years ago, resulting in massive loss of life and vast regions of the surface being scorched by nuclear weaponry. Although this is considered ancient history by many, there are a number of Elves still alive today that remember it like it was yesterday and have spent centuries taking a firm stance against the use of intercontinental nuclear ordinance and nuclear technology as a whole. This has resulted in a number of highly successful radical civilian-driven political movements that have stymied the development and distribution of nuclear-based technology. As such, the majority (but certainly not all) of the technology on Udrath is powered by electric or solar-powered alternatives. This has largely stunted the field of military robotics which is nowhere near as prolific as on Rifts Earth. Instead, most modern militarizes tend to focus on fighter jets, combat helicopters and more energy efficient aircraft-based war machines. The militias and land-based fighting forces of Udrath tend to be made up of small squads clad in mega-damage environmental body armor and armed with solar-powered energy weaponry. Although a number of the less ethical governments field augmented soldiers that are the equivalent of Juicers (MOM Technology never developed and there are no Udrath Crazies).

Although unknown to the people of Udrath who continue to remain ignorant of the existence of magic or alien dimensions, their world is currently claimed by the Splugorth known as Lathcryth and so protected from any other dimensional invaders. Why Lathcryth has not sent his forces to enslave the population of Udrath is unknown, but it is likely because the worlds resources, limited technology, mediocre populations and low-magic environment are more trouble than they’re worth and his resources are better spent on other more fruitful endeavors at this time.

Map of Udrath


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