Alfonse Frank

Wayward Ley Line Walker


Archetype: Outsider
Alignment: Anarchist (Selfish). Alfonse is extremely unpredictable and his behavior shifts wildly between Anarchist and Scrupulous
Motivation: Advance Alfonse’s station in life
Disposition: Mildly bipolar but with a good nature
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Height: 5.8 feet
Weight: 169 pounds
Home Dimension: Rifts Earth
O.C.C.: Ley Line Walker
Level of Experience: 4th level Roof Rat and 4th level Ley Line Walker (current)
Current Experience: 8,961/17,420
Affiliation/Faction: Formerly El Oculta.
Attributes: I.Q. 11, M.E. 24, M.A. 6, P.S. 13, P.P. 14, P.E. 29, P.B. 13, Spd. 14
Hit Points: 30
S.D.C.: 45
M.D.C.: None; except for Ceremonial Ley Line Walker Armor (62 M.D.C.). Additionally, whenever on a ley line Alfonse is sheathed in a magical force field (28 M.D.C.). Finally, by expending 30 P.P.E. Alfonse may conjure a magical force field of blue fire (140 M.D.C.)
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 228. Supplemental P.P.E: 0/40.
I.S.P. None
Attacks/Actions per Melee: 5
Combat Bonuses: + 2 to pull punch, + 3 to dodge, + 4 to roll with impact
Resistance/Saving Throw Bonuses: + 2 on perception rolls; + 1 at levels 5, 7, 10, and 13 (double on ley lines), + 4 to save vs. Horror Factor, + 30% to save vs. coma & death, + 3 to save vs. curses, + 7 vs. disease, + 7 to save vs. insanity, + 10 to save vs. magic; + 1 at levels, 6, 9, 11, and 14, + 2 to save vs. mind control, + 7 vs. poison, + 2 to save vs. possession, + 5 to save vs. psionics.
Natural Abilities: None
Special O.C.C. Abilities – Ley Line Walker
1. Affinity with Rift & Ley Line Magic.
2. Ley Line Transmission.
3. Ley Line Phasing.
4. Ley Line Walking.
5. Ley Line Rejuvenation.
6. Ley Line Observation Ball. Range: 4,000 feet.
7. Ley Line Force Field. M.D.C.: 28.
8. Ley Line Augmentation: Magic. Range: 1 mile.
9. Read Ley Lines.
10. See Magic Energy. Range: 1,000 feet.
11. Sense Ley Lines. Base Skill: 45%
12. Sense Ley Line Nexus. Base Skill: 55%
13. Sense Magic in Use. Range: 400 feet.
14. Sense Rift. Range: 90 miles.
Black Market Abilities:
● B&E Man.
● Read Market Operations. Base Skill: 72%
● Slippery.
O.C.C. Skills:
Language Native: Spanish at 98%
× Sense of Balance at 42%-
× Walk Tightrope or Highwire at 42%-
× Backflip at 42%-
× Prowl at 20%-
Climbing at 80%
–Repelling at 70%
Computer Operation at 37%
Computer Programing at 25%
Disguise at 30%
Electronics: Basic at 32%
Escape Artist at 60%
Land Navigation at 62%
Locksmith at 60%
Lore: Conspiracy at 55%
Lore: D-Bees at 55%
Lore: Demons & Monsters at 55%
Lore: Juicers at 54%
Lore: Vampires at 50%
Mathematics: Basic at 80%
Performance at 25%
Pilot: Jetpack at 54%
Radio: Basic at 37%
Surveillance Systems at 40%
× Tailing at 40%; + 5% with a successful Black Market operation roll-
Streetwise at 50%; + 5% with a successful Black Market operation roll
W.P. Knife (+ 2 to strike; + 1 at levels 7, 10 and 13, + 2 to throw; + 1 at levels 6, 9, 12 and 15, + 2 to parry; + 1 at levels 6, 9 and 12)
W.P. Shield (+ 1 to strike; + 1 at levels 8 and 12, + 2 to parry; + 1 at 7, 10 and 13)
W.P. Submachine Gun (+ 2 to strike; + 1 at levels 6, 9, 12 and 15)
W.P. Targeting (+ 2 to strike; + 1 at levels 7 and 10, and Critical Strike on an unmodified roll of 19 or 20)
Wilderness Survival at 60%
Hand to Hand: Basic (4th)
O.C.C. Related Skills:
Language Other: American at 69%
Brewing: Medicinal at 25%
× Brew Quality at 27%
Chemistry at 55%
Chemistry: Pharmaceutical at 55%
Computer Hacking at 25%
Cyberjacking at 69%
Juicer Technology at 45%
Lore: Juicers (Upgraded to O.C.C. Skill)
Pilot: Automobile at 33%
Radio: Scrambling at 40%
Streetwise: Drugs at 30%; + 5% with a successful Black Market operation roll
Secondary Skills:
Electronic Countermeasures at 45%
Literacy Native: Spanish at 55%
Mathematics: Advanced at 60%
Salvage at 25%
Sensory Equipment at 45%
Swimming at 65%
Magical Knowledge: Aura of Undeath (12), Blue Flameshield (30), Death Trance (1), Charismatic Aura (10), Cleanse (6), Cloak of Darkness (4), Dimensional Portal (1,000), Eyes of the Blue Flame (6), Fist of the Blue Flame (4), Fuel Flame (5), Globe of Daylight (2), Healing Flame (6), Levitation (5), Lightning Arc (30), Magic Shield (6), Magical-Adrenal Rush (45), Sense Blue Flame (2), Targeted Deflection (15), and Sorcerous Fury (70)
Spell Strength: 13; + 1 at levels 7, 10, and 13
Psionic Powers: None
Vulnerabilities: Low Mental Affinity (- 10% to Barter, – 10% to Find Contraband, – 10% to Intelligence, – 10% to Performance, – 10% to Public Speaking, – 10% to Seduction, – 10% to Sing, – 20% to Interrogation. + 5% to Gambling, + 5% to Undercover Ops, and + 5% to Surveillance Systems) and often often suffers from drug addiction
Weapons: Typically employs blue flame/electrical magic to dispatch his enemies but is not above using energy pistols and other such weapons (even if he is not proficient in their use)
Equipment: One suit of ceremonial ley line walker armor, gaudy jewelry, three E-Clips, a flashlight, a satchel, one canteen (1 liter of Tequila Con Gusano), one small flask (Pre-Rifts Sierra Silver Tequila), digital disk player and recorder, portable wrist mounted computer, binoculars, short-range radio and scrambler, and a Wilk’s Jetpack (see below).
Drugs: Two questionable baggies: Atomix Powder (1/1), one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Bing-go (3/30), one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Block-Out (1/30), one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Crash (2/30), one 115ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Dragon Hormone (4/40), 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Dream (14/30), one 170ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Elementum, Air (1/45), two 170ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Elementum, Earth (1/45), one 170ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Elementum, Fire (4/45), one 170ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Elementum, Water (1/45), one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Faerie Flight (2/30), one 16ml vial: Juice (1/1), one 115ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Mega (1/30), one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: No Doze (4/30), one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Pick-Up pills (30/30), one 90ml Pill Bottle Securitainer: Powercide (2/30), four 60g ointment tins: Qwik-Heal (1/1), three 16ml vials: Rush (1/1), three 60g ointment tins: Sorcerin (1/1)
Cybernetics: Universal Headjack. This is a special connector or “jack” that is built into the back of the skull above the neck. A tiny receiver is then inserted into the ear and linked to the Headjack. The combination enables characters to plug into audio, sensory, robot, and computer equipment, including most communications equipment, radios, video systems, radar, detection/warning devices, microphones, surveillance systems, and more conventional items like CD players, television, disc recorders, and so on. The Headjack receives transmissions from the device that is plugged into it and transmits them to the tiny receiver inside the ear. The audio sounds are clear and distinct to the listener, but being implanted in the inner ear, they are so quiet that only the character can hear the message. Even creatures and devices with enhanced hearing are unable to hear the sounds inside the ear. The Headjack is easily concealed by hair or by folds of skin. The receiver is so tiny that it is attached on or near the eardrum and can only be seen by carefully studying the back of the head with a light.


Alfonse grew up in Mexico (“Where the Vampires run free!”) in a remote village called El Chico that had managed to survive the vampiric menace thanks to an emergency citywide sprinkler system and the presence of a nearby Lardhold Barbarian tribe. Alfonse was an obnoxious child and a troublemaker that quickly fell into the wrong crowd, eking out a living (if you could call it that) as a roof rat, and then later cutting designer drugs for the El Oculta. However, after causing the overdose of two of his childhood ‘friends’ the people of El Chico were tired of Alfonse and the trouble and grief he bought upon them and exiled him to the wilderness surrounding their encampment. Stoned out of his mind and struggling to survive in the wilderness, Alfonse met Mago a young Larhold Shaman that had been exiled to the same remote woodlands to complete the spiritual conditioning that would prepare him for manhood. Both Alfonse and Mago shared a mutual hated of their parents and their people and quickly became friends, bonding over hallucinogenic mushrooms. During the years that followed Alfonse was taught a smattering of magic by Mago, and the two vowed to forsake their people and live a carefree life in the wilderness. Unfortunately, for Alfonse as soon as Mago’s family returned for him he abandoned Alfonse without a word and returned to his people as a revered practitioner of magic. This bred a deep contempt for people in Alfonse. Though after more than a year of living away from El Chico and his family, and having learned the basic principles behind blue flame magic, Alfonse believed that he too might have a chance of returning home with a warm welcome as a hero. Trekking back through the wilds he returned to El Chico, but not to the warm welcome he had quietly hoped for. However, a mishap involving his new (and highly unstable) control over blue flame magic resulted in the destruction of public property. Following which, Alfonse was beaten savagely and then thrown out and once again forced to fend for himself. Realizing that alone he was prey for roaming vampires, Alfonse headed north along the coast, bouncing from settlement to settlement until he was at last driven far from reasonable society and ended up living in a small hut near the edge of Madhaven, far from reach of the El Oculta and the vengeful parents of the children who had gotten hooked. Making a vow to himself that he would never again be responsible for getting a child hooked, Alfonse attempted to turn around his life. However, the crippling depression caused by his past and self-imposed isolation pushed him back into using regularly. By this point, Alfonse’s body had already started to take on its trademark blue tint, though at this stage he assumed it was an unpredicted byproduct of his regular substance abuse and made no connection to the blue flame. As time went by, Alfonse would irregularly go to Paradise City, a dimensional market controlled by the Splogorth within the bounds of Madhaven. While there he would stock up on supplies and sell his product. However, during a misunderstanding he sold volatile narcotics to a would-be apprentice and was then mistaken for said apprentice, and dragged into a wild conspiracy orchestrated a cabal of sorcerers who called themselves T.A.T. (Tell all Truth). Though unable to complete his training in the occult, Alfonse learned how to command ley lines and utilize some basic spells before his mentors finally realized he was not who they thought he was. Fleeing, Alfonse returned once more to his shanty hut in Madhaven where he continued to polish his magical talents and kept an eye out for someone he might be able to sucker into being his bodyguard. Eventually, Alfonse happened upon a young wandering ronin and forced himself into the foreigner’s life, in exchange for showing him around Paradise and keeping away the criminal element, or so he said. However, it was not until months later when Alfonse met Jack Ryder, that would he find someone that he truly cared about or could call friend. Together the two, with the assistant of Alfonse’s accidental child bride Lee Hyun Jung, would face countless challenges and obstacles, even defeating the dreaded Splynn City Killer Rasma, and the T.A.T. and their apocalyptic Bennu Conspiracy that threatened to unravel the very fabric of the megaverse!
Yet, tragically during the events of the Bennu Conspiracy, Alfonse would learn that his dear friend Jack Ryder was not a “real person” at all, but a magical construct created by the Book of Heroes, so that Alfonse might reach his true potential. This discovery came at very inopportune time and created a rift between the two characters, but rather accepting his role as a hero of the megaverse, Alfonse struck Jack in an emotional scene and fled from his responsibilities via a dimensional portal. Finding himself on a strange world with a green sky, Alfonse encountered an arcane gathering of Larhold Sharman that welcomed him in accordance with their ancient prophecy. Given one last chance at redemption and realizing that his recklessness may well have resulted in the death of his only friend, Alfonse Frank willingly allowed himself to be consumed in a blue flame ritual and reborn as an avatar of flames will. Likewise, realizing that all existence was being incinerated and recreated as per the diabolic will of Pegasus, Jack Ryder managed to maintain his fading existence long enough to free Claire Parker, wound the madman, and stall for time long enough to see Alfonse return once more through the rift. Wielding his newfound mastery of Blue Flame magic, Alfonse severed Claire’s connection that linked her to it, upsetting the ritual. Immediately following which, the enraged ley line walker unleashed his sorcerous fury upon Pegasus, Desperate and enraged, the ancient Atlantean turned the powers of the pyramid against Alfonse, though Lee intercepted the blast and was transported to distant and unknown location never to be seen again. This however, bought Alfonse the time he needed to redirect the fading power of the ritual against Pegasus and catch him in a wave of all-consuming blue flame, killing him and forever erasing his soul from existence. Alas upon turning to reunite with his friend, Alfonse found that Jack had faded. Alone in Atlantis and his only friends gone forever, Alfonse Frank activated the pyramid and transported himself back to shanty hut on the edge of Madhaven. Though, now, if nothing else, he would never again be a slave to his addictions.

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Alfonse Frank

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