“You called me here because deep inside you know there is nothing left for you in this world. So, why resist me now? You need only ask and I shall grant your wish.”

Ephras The Grey Race is a Faerie Lord that is brother to Black Peter and Aptomkin. Like the others in the Triumvirate of Evil, Ephras is an Essence Fragment born from the mad dreams of a god-like 4th Dimensional Alien Intelligence. Ephras (as his name suggests) is an embodiment of death, depression, and surrender. Though he sees these things as victories for his victims rather than tragedies and considers himself to be a benevolent being.

Emphras often appears as a Grey or White “Water Horse” and lures children and unwitting men to drowning. His preferred form of attack is turning the surface of a river into a one way force force, trapping a victim so once submerged those within can do nothing but give themselves up to the depths. He is a slow talking being and the most unimaginative and dull of the Triumvirate but this matters little where his duties are concerned.

When he is not appearing as a Water Horse (Kelpie), he takes the form of a greying old wizard with wild hair. weary eyes, and long lines on his bland leathery face. Unlike his siblings, Ephras is not fond of wagers and will only ever really consider the most cerebral of games worthy of his time. He will always honor his word and will not twist or distort reality or facts to trap a victim. Instead, he will make their imprisonment within the contract clear right from the get go and refuse to compromise on his terms, as unreasonable as they might be.

Ephras is a wizened soul and a master sorcerer with magical powers that easily surpass those of either of his siblings. However, the rules that govern his actions combined with his limited imagination means he is far more restricted on when exactly he can use them. In addition to bringing others into death’s sweet embrace, he can raise the dead, ferry souls safely too and from the land of dead, and trade a life of equal or greater value for any other without regard of how long they have been dead. However, such wagers are always in Ephras’s favor and those that return are forever changed.

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