Hrrac Island

Hrrac Dimension Statistics
Type: Pocket Dimension
Size: 40,000,000 square miles.
Primary Dimensional Medium: Clear breathable atmosphere.
Secondary Dimensional Medium: Slabs; a single giant ocean with scattered islands.
Density of Dimensional Fabric: Permeable.
Magic Level: High Magic Energy.
Dimensional Energy Matrix: Positive. Only technology with a universal or positive energy flow will work. Technologies from negative or neutral dimensions will not work.
Flow of Time: Faster. For every two days spent here it counts as one day on Rifts Earth.
Dimensional Quirks: None.

Hrrac Island is a popular nesting ground for Dragons. Hrrac (meaning Hatchery in Dragonese) it is an ideal location for nesting because 90% of the dimension is made up of vast seas speckled with a number of deserve and remote (even by dragon standards!) islands, each possessing its own rich biome, from arid wastes to tropical paradises and everything in-between.

Its exact dimensional location is a closely guarded secret, known only to the Dragons who were born there and their parents. Were its precise dimensional coordinates to ever fall into the hands of mortals the guilty party would have hell to pay!

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Hrrac Island

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